• CANDLOVE Gardenia Scented Candle 16 Oz Mason Jar - 100% Soy - Made In The USA

    To create a fresh scent, help you relax or to give as a gift, the Candlove Scented 100% Soy Candle will make a great addition in any home. Each nitro musk- and vanillin-free candle in this luxurious-smelling candle line is up to par with the highest standards, created with natural materials to burn cleanly and slowly. Eco-friendly and completely renewable, this candle is manufactured using only 100% soy wax. Soy candles have a slower burning time than parafin candles and work well for holding onto the scent. Rather than emitting an immediate wave of strong fragrance, the scent is gradually released. Furthermore, each candle is made with a cotton wick that won't release any toxins into the air and are safe to use. Before relighting your candle, the wick must be trimmed down to ¼ inch to ensure a longer-lasting burn time. Appropriate for every season, these skin-safe candles are made in almost every scent you can imagine – floral, food, aromatic, novelty, fruity and funny scents – to accommodate your taste. Gather around the fireplace as the love and warmth of the candle spreads throughout your home in winter and welcome in the spring season with some amazing, floral-scented candles. With summer around the corner, you can unwind after a long, hot day by the glow of a heavenly ...

    • Color: Gardenia
    • Brand: CANDLOVE
    • ASIN: B018F25RWA
    • UPC: 718088874009

  • Chesapeake Bay Candle Heritage Coffee Table Scented Candle, White Gardenia

    The Chesapeake Bay Candle Heritage collection coffee table glass jar candle with lid embraces the natural, rustic charm of the Chesapeake Bay. The white gardenia fragrance provides the opulent scents of tiara petals and coconut milk to transport us to blooming flower Gardens at dusk - filled with jasmine, orange flower, and gardenia. The fragrance rests on sensual and romantic notes of frankincense, spices, amber, vanilla, and patchouli and includes essential oil of orange. The 17-ounce candle comes with a wood lid with twine embellishment. This line contains fragrances inspired by local botanicals and fruits including sea grass, Magnolia, bergamot, rosemary, sage, and more. The fragrances provide Peace and serenity emanating from the open shoreline of the Chesapeake Bay - a calmness at the sight of open water, and a peaceful tranquility that brings perspective and relaxation to your home. Discover the finely-fragranced Heritage collection, embracing the natural, rustic charm of the Chesapeake Bay and providing an array of soothing, energizing, and refreshing scents.

    • Color: White Gardenia
    • Brand: Chesapeake Bay Candle
    • ASIN: B01KGCN75Q
    • UPC: 754870184598

  • Paddywax Relish Collection Scented Soy Wax Jar Candle, 9.5-Ounce, Gardenia & Tuberose

    Our Relish Collection honors our favorite vintage storage icon-reusable jars. This vessel is no longer just grandma's go-to, but a favorite for home décor, craters and Makers. Filled with delicious fragrance and offered in 7 striking colors. Now offered in vintage bottle diffusers as well. Up cycle Paddywax Relish jars and bottles to store all of life's treasures. Paddywax, an artisan candle company, is known for its innovative fragrances and fresh style. All of our Candles are proudly made in the U.S.A. Every candle is hand treated from start to finish, giving each piece a personal touch. Paddywax boasts a variety of candle collections satisfying any candle need from décor to gifting to just indulgence and isn't that what candles are really about. The process of making Paddywax candles is artisan in every sense, closely resembling techniques used to make candles hundreds of years ago. From fragrance throw to burn time, each custom recipe is made to deliver the best experience. Our fragrance blends are developed to distribute the most natural aroma through the use of all natural ingredients. We take pride in never offering a synthetic fragrance; instead we constantly push ourselves to create something natural and unique. It begins when every candle is hand poured and ends when ...

    • Color: Gardenia & Tuberose
    • Brand: Paddywax Candles
    • UPC: 647658111551

  • Scentsational Soaps & Candles "Jungle Gardenia" Natural Soy Candle w/Lid 19 Oz

    Jungle Gardenia candle is a delicate yet glorious floral fragrance. This 100% natural soy candle is reminiscent of a gardenia floating in pure clean crisp water that fills your home with its superb scent.

    • Color: Ivory
    • Brand: Scentsational
    • ASIN: B01A69L8DW
    • UPC: 728044440100

  • Nika's Home Gardenia Soy Candle - 12oz Mason Jar

    100% Soy Candle - Highly scented and hand-made in the USA. Our 12oz Mason Jar candles are made with high quality soy wax and glass sourced from the USA.

    • Color: White
    • Brand: Nika's Home
    • ASIN: B01H1TFNK4
    • UPC: 616348657747

  • LAFCO New York House & Home Candle, Living Room Fresh Cut Gardenia

    LAFCO candles—in their fragrance, performance, and aesthetics—are designed to enhance the mood of a familiar, beloved space, and not overpower or interfere with it. Our candles are hand poured in the USA and optimized to yield a 90-hour burn. Formulated with a specialty high soy content wax which burns cleaner than paraffin, and with natural essential oil-based fragrances which burn richly and evenly fills the space with fragrance. Each candle is made in a hand-blown art glass vessel whose sophisticated lines and vibrant colors will compliment any space, long after the wax has burned.

    • Color: Fresh Cut Gardenia
    • Brand: LAFCO
    • ASIN: B002LJXXF2
    • UPC: 727080002280

  • Illume - Luxury Soy Candle Gardenia Vanity Tin

    With character that can't be denied, our new tins with playful patterns inside are designed for pure enjoyment. Inspired by a retro cake tin and filled with our soy wax blended with essential oils and an all cotton-wick.

    • Color: Gardenia
    • Brand: Illume
    • ASIN: B00TYZ8F36
    • UPC: 644911386374

  • Scented Candles Jasmine,Lotus,Lilac Blossoms & White Gardenia,Natural Soy Wax Portable Travel Tin Candle,Set Gift of 4

    CAUTION: Burning it no longer than two hours each time. Take care not to let these goods be burned on! Place it on a heat resistant surface only. NEVER near anything that can catch fire. Special Gift Set Stuck on gift ideas for your special one? Need something for the folks?Packaged in an immaculately designed box, this four candle set is the ideal present for birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, Mother's & Father's Days, or other holidays. Hours of Flickering Light Strike a match and light the candle to enjoy 12-15 hours of inviting aromas and a soft, welcoming glow.Each candle measures a generous 2.6 x 1.8 inches for use wherever you like. What's in the package: 1 x Lotus Candle 1 x Jasmine Candle 1 x Lilac Blossoms Candle 1 x White Gardenia Candle

    • Color: White
    • Brand: AIMASI
    • ASIN: B076LF8N8X
    • UPC: 783761201908

  • PITAYA Scented Candles Gift Set, Lavender Rose Mint Gardenia 100% Soy Wax for Stress Relief and Aromatherapy Travel Jar Candles Gift - 4 Pack

    What¡¯s in the package: 1 x Mint Candle 1 x Gardenia Candle 1 x Lavender Candle 1 x Rose Candle

    • Color: Pink
    • Brand: PITAYA
    • ASIN: B07DJ77T5Z