• API ALGAEFIX Algae Control Solution 16-Ounce Bottle

    Treat and control algae growth and reduce your freshwater aquarium maintenance with API ALGAEFIX Algae Control Solution. This revolutionary product is specially developed to control many types of algae, including "green water" algal blooms and string or hair algae, and it will not harm fish or plants when used as directed. Weekly doses of API ALGAEFIX Algae Control Solution will control algae growth and reduce aquarium maintenance. To treat algae, add 1 ml per 10 gallons of water and repeat every three days until algae is controlled. Use this aquarium treatment weekly to keep freshwater aquariums clean and clear. API ALGAEFIX Algae Control Solution is not for use with freshwater crustaceans including shrimp, crabs and lobsters.

    • Brand: API
    • ASIN: B003SNDNQ4
    • UPC: 317163050873

  • Nualgi Aquarium - Nutrition for Happier Aquariums (16oz) (Freshwater, 16oz)

    Nualgi Aquarium is the result of over 15 years of extensive research which has now made it possible to clean the freshwater aquarium water of nuisance algae naturally. It is the fourth generation of patented nano-silica based micronutrient that was experimented for 9 years in the laboratory and for 8 years in the field and is now clinically proven as an excellent alternative to harmful algaecides that were used to remove the nuisance algae. Nualgi Aquarium works at the microscopic level and stimulates the growth of diatom algae in freshwater aquariums. The diatom algae grow exponentially and vie for nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium. Being stronger, diatom algae survives by stealing more nutrients for its growth and starves the nuisance algae to death. This natural process clears the freshwater aquarium of the nuisance algae, without using any chemical or harmful substance. It also increases the levels of dissolved oxygen in water and replenishes the water with essential nutrients required by fishes. Nualgi Aquarium comprises special formulation of the following nutrients: 1.Iron 2.Manganese 3.Cobalt 4.Copper 5.Zinc 6.Molybdenum 7.Boron 8.Silica 9.Calcium 10.Magnesium 11.Sulfur 12.Phosphorus 13.Potassium These nutrients, being micro in size, remain suspended in ...

    • Color: white
    • Brand: Nualgi Aquarium
    • ASIN: B015CY4WNY
    • UPC: 864653000028

  • Tetra No More Algae Tablets For Up To 80 Gallon Tank, 8-Count

    For 50 year, fishkeeping enthusiasts have looked to the Tetra name for products and solutions that add ease and beauty to their home. Whether you're an experienced hobbyist or just starting out, Tetra has everything you need–-from a large variety of quality fish food and innovative equipment to test kits and decor. Tetra No More Algae Tablets use the fizz tab system to release into your aquarium water. Tetra No More Algae Tablets leaves aquarium water crystal clear, and work great in glass or acrylic aquariums. Tetra No More Algae Tablets remove existing algae from aquarium water and work to control the formation of new algae. This pack contains 8 tablets and treats up to 80 gallon aquariums. Control algae growth within your aquarium environment with Tetra No More Algae Fizzing Tablets. Tetra No More Algae Tablets are not for use with live plants and not recommended for turtle tanks.

    • Brand: Tetra
    • ASIN: B003I6S528
    • UPC: 046798773443

  • Tetra Pond Algae Control Treatment For Use With Fish & Plants

    For 50 years, fishkeeping enthusiasts have looked to the Tetra name for products and solutions that add ease and beauty to their home. Whether you're an experienced hobbyist or just starting out, Tetra has everything you need–-from a large variety of quality fish food and innovative equipment to test kits and decor. TetraPond AlgaeControl removes green algae in pond water fast. Tetra AlgaeControl effectively combats algae blooms (green water), string and hair algae (Spirogyra) and blanket weed (Oedogonium). This product can be used in fountains and ornamental ponds with plants and ornamental fish when used as directed. Apply the dosage in the morning. Dislodge string algae off stones with high pressure nozzle and scoop out with a fine mesh net or pond vacuum. Figure out the correct dosage according to product label. Dedicate use of measuring cup to algaecide applications only. Dilute the proper dosage in a bucket of pond water. Pour diluted mixture into the pond evenly along the edges. Do not overdose. Repeat if needed every three days up to three total doses. Remove dead algae from pond and do a partial water change. Do not use in ponds established for less than three months.

    • Brand: Tetra Pond
    • ASIN: B000HHSD4G
    • UPC: 886827780123

  • Jungle TB620W Tank Buddies No More Algae Water Clarifier Tablets, 8-Count

    Jungle No More Algae Tank Buddies control algae growth and leave your aquarium water crystal clear. These tank buddies help to inhibit growth of many types of algae in freshwater aquariums, including suspended algae blooms and algaa which grows on the side of glass and acrylic tanks. Use one tablet for each ten gallons of aquarium water. This pack treats up to 80 gallons with 8 tablets included. Repeat treatment when algae growth begins to appear. Keep a beautiful aquarium environment with these algae controling tablets. Do not use these tablets in tanks with live plants, snails or other invertebrates.

    • Brand: Jungle
    • ASIN: B0002APVQ6
    • UPC: 700580005593

  • API Stress Zyme Freshwater and Saltwater Aquarium Cleaning Solution 32-Ounce Bottle

    Reduce aquarium maintenance by creating a naturally balanced aquarium with API stress zyme freshwater and saltwater aquarium cleaning solution. Fish waste, sludge, uneaten food and other organic compounds can cause harmful water conditions including ammonia and nitrite poisoning and breathing difficulty. They can also be difficult and time-consuming to remove especially from rock, coral and gravel. API stress zyme freshwater and saltwater aquarium cleaning solution contains over 300 million live bacteria per teaspoonful to consume sludge and organic debris, keeping gravel and Glass clean naturally and boosting the natural aquarium cycle, reducing aquarium maintenance over time. Use it weekly in freshwater and saltwater aquariums to maintain a strong biological filter and a healthy, clean aquarium. With API aquarium products, it’s easy to keep a beautiful saltwater, freshwater or reef aquarium. For over 50 years, API has been creating innovative, research-driven solutions that make it easier to care for your fish and aquarium. API aquarium treatment supplies are designed to work in conjunction with each other to provide best results to control algae, promote healthy bacterial growth and help control and cure fish diseases and conditions such as itch and Fin rot. They work to pro...

    • Brand: API
    • ASIN: B07CDGMY5X
    • UPC: 317163170564

  • KEDSUM Magnetic Aquarium Fish Tank Cleaner, Fish Tank Glass Cleaner, Algae Scraper Floating Clean Brush with Handle Design

    KEDSUM Floating Aquarium Algae Magnet Cleaner This is a revolutionary magnetic aquarium cleaner, unique because it floats. Its buoyancy makes it easy to operate and is easily guided around corners without sinking. The cleaning brush stays free of sand or gravel, preventing scratching and the strong attracting magnets easily remove algae. Open Method: to rotate magnetic cleaner in the horizontal direction as the picture [because the Magnet is too strong, please do not pull up and down to open it ]Correct using method: Please correctly use the cleaner as shown in below: Cleaning according to this direction of back and forth as show in the picture; Cleaning according to this direction of up and down as show in the picture Please Note: (1) When the scraper arrive the bottom of fish tank, be careful not to carry with sand to avoid scratching the glass. (2) Please keep the algae scraper away from the high temperature place, as you know high temperature will eliminate the magnetism. (3) This product is not suitable for those who installed a pacemaker as its strong magnetic force, and 10-year-old children as well, to prevent pinch hands. (4) Please stay away from all kinds of fear of magnetic products, like monitors, televisions, watches, magnetic cards, etc.(5) Please do not put the cle...

    • Color: Green
    • Brand: KEDSUM
    • ASIN: B01J3RDTDU

  • ATLANTIS AQUATICS 5 in 1 Aquarium Cleaning Tools w/Telescopic Handle - 4 Inch Fish Net Algae Scraper Aquascaping Tool Gravel Cleaner Rake Algae Scrubber (Sponge Brush) - Long Handle Fish Tank Cleaner

    100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: If missing any parts or have any problems at all, please email [email protected] and we'll get you taken care of ASAP. STORAGE: The Fish Net is able to hold the four other attachments and the two poles detach to go into the box.AQUASCAPING FORK: is one of the most valuable tools in the set. We recommend putting the fork over the roots of the plant and then doing a corkscrew motion into the gravel until the roots are all covered. Remove by moving the backside of the fork away from the plant. [Example in product video] ALGAE SCRUBBER: can be rotated 360 degrees to reach every corner of the aquarium. Feel free to press firmly without worry of scratching walls. Also great for cleaning walls from any dirt/debris.ALGAE SCRAPER (WARNING): Works great on glass tank walls, be cautious with acrylic tanks as it can possibly scratch if you push too hard.FISH NET: 4" in width, this net can catch small fish, shrimp, crayfish, snails, and small aquarium frogs. This product is best suited for aquariums that are over 1.5 feet tall. In general, tanks between 30 - 85 gallons will be a perfect match for it.

    • Color: Black
    • UPC: 689355245450


    Full 250gram (.55 lb.) Jar of original GFO Bayoxide E33. In Aquariums, the phosphate level in the water plays an important role. Excessive phosphate causes increased algae growth in freshwater aquariums and serious harm to fish and corals in saltwater aquariums. GFO Bayoxide E33 has been developed specially to remove phosphates from aquarium water, and on account of its large specific surface achieves rapid and long-lasting phosphate bonding. Compared to conventional adsorption media, the high iron content of the product also significantly increases absorption capacity, which in turn extends filter life.

    • Brand: KOLAR LABS
    • ASIN: B06XBF8LLJ
    • UPC: 851794007054