• Women's 3-Pull Side-Lace Lumbosacral Lower Back Brace Corset Chronic Back Pain Support (38")

    The Women's Lumbosacral Chronic Back Pain Support features a 6" development, for curvy figures. This back brace covers a broad area of the back. The three pull-side lace is designed to allow the wearer to get the right fit and compression their body needs. This brace has a hook-and-eye closer to the left. The fabric is white brocade. For additional comfort and to allow for more mobility, elastic releases at the top and bottom of this back brace. For more rigid support, two removable pre-shaped steels are included, these stays measure 13" in length. Flexible stays are installed in the front, back and sides to help the brace keep from rolling. This support comes in a range of even hip sizes 32-52. Made in Michigan Please Note: Hose supporters do not come with the brace. To order leg straps, please see Model HS1. Adjustment: Three-pull side lace. Front Closure: Left front hook-and-eye. Materials: White brocade. Elastic Releases: At top and bottom. Preshaped Steels: One pair 13". Flexible Stays: Front, side and back. Even Hip Sizes: 32-52 For best fit, size according to hip measurement. If measurement is in between sizes, order larger size for comfort.

    • Brand: Freeman Manufacturing Co.
    • ASIN: B009ZYLMOA
    • UPC: 712632010516

  • Freeman Women's Elastic Lumbar Lower Back Brace Lumbosacral Wraparound with Steel Support Stays (Large)

    This Elastic Lumbosacral Wraparound was designed with women in mind. It is made of two-way stretch for extra comfort and styled with a rose pattern stretch lace overlay. This wraparound is equipped with an easy hook 'n pile closure. For additional support there are two pre-bent steels which can also be removed for a less rigid support. The front and back does feature flexible stays. Made in Michigan Front Closure: hook 'n pile Material: 2-way stretch, stretch lace Stays: flexible Support: 2 pre-bent steels Development: 6" For best fit, size according to hip measurement.

    • Brand: Freeman Manufacturing Co.
    • ASIN: B00AY4ESQO
    • UPC: 712632008063

  • Ankle Foot Orthosis AFO Drop Foot Leg Brace (Left Medium)

    Ankle Foot Orthosis (AFO). This lightweight AFO design holds the ankle and foot in a predetermined position for greater mediolateral stability. This AFO is vacuum formed with ribbing for added strength. Total thickness is 3/16". Sized according to shoe size. All AFO & LSO Models are designed to provide varying degrees of mediolateral stability at the ankle during the stance phase and toe pickup during the swing phase. When week dorsiflexion results in toe drag or drop foot, these braces provide the needed assistant to prevent a stumble or fall. Position is maintained by patient's shoe and hook 'n pile closure straps at the calf. Generous back length gives greater leverage for toe lift and prevents undue pressure on posterior leg muscles. Fabricated from vacuum formed polypropylene for strength and rigidity with limited bulk and minimal weight. Although stock sizes are offered to permit immediate fitting for early ambulation, you may need to seek the help of your healthcare provider to modify the orthosis with a heat gun and/or cast saw. Use is indicated as an aid for drop foot or drop foot with mild spasticity by assisting dorsiflexion and limiting plantar flexion. AFO's & LSO's also afford support for weak arches of the foot. MODEL 8682: Right MODEL 8683: Left Sizes (Shoe Size):...

    • Brand: Freeman Manufacturing Co.
    • ASIN: B0085EX17W
    • UPC: 712632036417

  • Closed Toe Post-Op Shoe L

    Closed Toe Post-Op Shoe LA.P.B.™ Hi (All Purpose Boot). This closed toe boot has a straplessforefoot hook ''n pile closure. Square toe design acts as a bumperwhen k-wires are present. High top design and adjustable anklestrap keeps heel held firmly against insole to completely eliminateheel slippage. The A.P.B. opens wide to accommodate bulkydressings and fiberglass casts. Sized according to shoe size.Sizes are available in: X-Small: Men's Shoe 3-4½ ; Women's Shoe 3-6½ Small: Men's Shoe 5-6½ ; Women's Shoe 7-9½ Medium: Men's Shoe 7-8½ ; Women's Shoe 10-12½ Large: Men's Shoe 9-11; Women's Shoe 13+X-Large: Men's Shoe 11½ -14 Product photo may not exactly match the product offered for sale. Please refer to the product description.

    • Brand: Freeman
    • ASIN: B0040NTOHS

  • Freeman Men's Back Lace Lumbosacral Sacral Corset Lower Back Brace with Back Support Panel Pinched Nerve Compression Support Relief (36")

    Men's Lumbosacral Support w/Back Pad Lcode Certification L0625 Back supports implement stability during activity and for the treatment and recovery of lower back pain. Statistics from the previous data showed that back pain affects millions of people each year. That's why an adequate support for lower back is important. The most common cause of lower back pain can often be traced to the lumbosacral joint of the fifth lumber vertebrae and the sacrum. Lumbosacral supports are the most common support garments used to relieve lower back pain. These garments are specially designed to relieve muscle strain and to supplement the abdominal musculature when it becomes stretched or weakened. This is accomplished by a concurrent upward and backward lift to the abdomen with supporting counter pressure applied to the spine. It also keeps the back warm and hence gives relief to the pain as well. The Men`s Lumbosacral Support is specially designed to provide relief from lower back pain and discomfort by destabilization of muscles, tendons and ligaments of the lower back. Please Note: Leg straps do not come with the brace. Adjustment: One-pull back lace. Front Closure: Strap and truss-hook. Materials: White herringbone twill. Elastic Releases: At groin. Preshaped Steels: None. Flexible Stays: Fr...

    • Color: P713-65
    • Brand: Freeman Manufacturing Co.
    • ASIN: B00BYF07PI
    • UPC: 712632007813

  • Big Red Dairy Barn. A fine art photograph of a pretty red dairy barn with a Gambrel roof. Wonderful double-X brace doors!

    "Big Red Dairy Barn" is a digital color photograph that has been slightly manipulated with software to highlight certain characteristics of the image. Big Red Dairy Barn is a meticulously restored dairy barn now a residence. Its outstanding features are the two sets of double X brace sliding hay doors and wide Gambrel roof. Beautiful! This barn makes a magnificent home. I can't imagine what it took to restore it! The barn sits on a sloping lot, exposing a lovely old foundation. You can see where openings were filled in. The ribbon pointing was probably redone during the renovation, as well. The siding is painted a bright red and the trim a bright white. All of the windows are sixteen-pane, eight over eight double hung windows. The two sets of sliding barn doors are done in the double double-X style, meaning that there are double X braces on the top and bottom of each door. The doors are hung on metal sliders with oblong hangers with a pointed tip at the bottom. This barn had three working floors. The stone foundation includes multi-colored stone most likely from the area, that include some large slabs of rusty color. A touch of copper green appears around the window vent in the foundation. The sky is a robin's egg blue that fades to white at to horizon, with white clouds near the...

    • Color: Barn Red, Sky Blue
    • Brand: Anne Freeman Images
    • ASIN: B01634JZHA