• Under Angel Wings: The True Story of a Young Girl and Her Guardian Angel

    UNDER ANGEL WINGS is the true story of a young girl in Brazil who saw and heard her Guardian Angel during most of her life. The book is filled with real-life anecdotes which are edifying, moving and often humorous. Cecy (See-see) Cony (1900-1937) tells story after story of how her Guardian Angel-whom she calls her "New Friend"-kept her from lying, stealing, revenge, immodesty, and from watching certain movies. She also describes how he protected her in moral dangers which she did not even understand, and how he aided her when she got into trouble because she was a "simpleton," as she puts it. Most beautiful of all, she relates how her Guardian Angel taught her to make sacrifices for Jesus and guided her in practicing acts of charity. Cecy describes many incidents of temptation from her youth. In each one, we see the beautiful way in which her Guardian Angel led his little charge to perfect contrition for her faults and turned all these difficult situations to good. Under Angel Winds reveals God\'s great love and care for His children on earth. It reminds us that He has also given each of us our own "New Friend" who has a similar, even if less visible, love and care for us."My sisters read a lot. This book, they say, is undoubtedly the best....I think this book is awesome....I thi...

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  • 50 Nude Angels Wings Spread Free Lance Photography & Erotic Fat Free Angel Food Recipes

    This is an enticing and titillating e-book intended to explore the realm of nude angel women & men with wings. There are more than 20 photos of naked women with angelic feathered wings. There are also several recipes that are healthy and fat free. They used to say ambrosia was food for the god. Devils food cake and angel food cake is too tempting for mortal mouths. This is not just food for angels; this is food for thought, a feast for the eye and a pleasure to the body.

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  • Birthday Surprise (Angel Wings)

    Join angel-in-training Ella and her friends on another magical adventure up in the clouds in the second book of the whimsical new Angel Wings series!It’s Jess’s birthday, but instead of feeling festive, she is especially homesick. She waits eagerly for a birthday present to arrive from her family, but nothing comes in the mail. Ella and her other friends want to cheer Jess up, so they plan to make a magical glitter bomb as a birthday surprise! But the surprise doesn’t go quite according to plan, and when Ella over-packs the package with glitter it makes such an explosion that it destroys a priceless statue at school! Will Ella’s glitter-tastic accident get her expelled from Angel Academy?

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  • Best Fiction Sampler Ever 2016 - Howard Books: A Free Sample of Fiction Titles

    Complete with excitement, new beginnings, and the promise of happy endings, the Howard Books 2016 Fiction e-sampler has a great mix of debut authors and bestselling favorites for you to try out and enjoy—for FREE! Step back in time with our historical fiction, fall in love with our inspirational romance, and enjoy our contemporary stories. If you would like to learn more about any of our authors or the titles featured, please visit us at HowardBooksOnline.com, like us at Facebook.com/HowardBooks, follow us @Howard_Books, and sign up to receive our quarterly e-newsletters to stay informed of all of Howard’s new releases. With chapter excerpts from the following Spring 2016 new releases: Eve by WM. Paul Young Promise to Keep by Elizabeth Byler Younts Esther by Rebecca Kanner Come to the Garden by Jennifer Wilder Morgan The Cairo Code by Glenn Meade Bride of a Distant Isle by Sandra Byrd Brush of Wings by Karen Kingsbury Close To You by Kara Isaac Broken Ground by Karen Halvorsen Schreck Almost Like Falling in Love by Beth K. Vogt The Progeny by Tosca Lee

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  • Only Angels Can Wing It The Rest Of Us Have To Practice

    Only Angels can Wing it is a book not about how to do more, do it better or do it faster. Full of laughter, stories, and insights offered via surveys completed by eight hundred women from all over the country, Only Angels Can Wing it is best read when at the end of a had-to-do-it-all day.

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  • Angel Wing Game

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  • The Lady Had Wings

    Did you ever find an angel lying dead in the snow? Few people have, so that's what made Logans experience unique. Then other "angels" equipped with blasters, arrived on the scene. That made it interesting. Until Logan couldn't figure out where his loyalty belonged — with his friends or his enemies.ExcerptLogan found the corpse about a mile from the spaceship. It was the body of a young woman with wings, great pinions folded slackly in death now, dead eyes staring sightlessly, the whites covered with snow — the mouth opened and filled with snow also. The body was quite naked and had been beautiful. It was hard and cold now with winter in the world. There was ice in the folds of the dead wings. The snow fell softly, steadily, slow windless flakes shrouding the world with white from the flat rock- strewn plain where Logan and Taggart had brought their spaceship down to the high mountains which Logan could no longer see because of the snow. Logan prodded the corpse and turned it over. It was stiff as wood. The winged girl had not surprised Logan, for Taggart, who had been here before and who had brought Logan with him across interstellar space, had told him of the womenlike eagles. What surprised Logan was the dead girl's back. She had been shot from behind with a blaster: her en...

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  • Waiting for Wings, Angel's Journey from Shelter Dog to Therapy Dog

    "Waiting for Wings" is based upon the true story of Angel Rae's journey from shelter dog to therapy dog. As a therapy dog, Angel is content to lay still while school children use her as a pillow and read books to her. While doing her job, she notices a little boy sitting alone in the corner. Why is he waiting? Angel eventually learns why Timmy is waiting, and her story inspires all of us to find our wings and take flight.

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  • Mothers Have Angel Wings: A Tribute to the Tears and Triumphs of Being a Mom

    Being a mom means being there for your kids when they need you, listening to hurts and triumphs, and providing a safe haven when the world gets too rough. This collection of stories tenderly remind us just how important mothers are.Written by Cynthia Heald, Dee Brestin, and Carol Kent, these stories will inspire and encourage you to face the challenges of motherhood.

    • ASIN: 1576830012