• The Cunning Man's Handbook: The Practice of English Folk Magic, 1550-1900

    "The desire to understand magic in any specific cultural context is an intellectual puzzle not only for scholars but believers." - Jim Baker The Cunning Man's Handbook is a monumental work of phenomenal scope and scholarship,a comprehensive and challenging exploration of the practices and beliefs of Cunning Folk in Britain and America between 1550-1900, their heyday. Exploring the social and theological milieu of the period, the author demonstrates the essentially Christian nature of Cunning practices, presenting an illuminating discourse on the concept of magic and its perceived methodologies. Operating at the boundaries of the law and society, between medicine and magic, Cunning men and women occupied a liminal role as healers, charmers and magicians. Drawing from a huge range of sources, the range of services offered by Cunning Folk is thoroughly expounded, from divination through astrology and geomancy to dream interpretation, from charms, spells and curses to conjurations and treasure hunting. As author Jim Baker states, "The focus here is on the practice of folk magic and divination for access to the preternatural". The evolution of Cunning practices as a living tradition over a three hundred and fifty year span is explored in depth, illustrating their practical and contemp...

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  • New Order: A Decluttering Handbook for Creative Folks (and Everyone Else)

    For readers of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and The Power of Habit comes a revelatory, witty guide to a clearer home and a more creative mind.   Can a decluttered space fuel a creative mind? Heck yes, says organizing expert Fay Wolf, who has helped everyone from Hollywood celebrities to schoolteachers to work-from-home parents achieve a simpler, more fulfilling life. Here, Wolf outlines her basic rules for saying goodbye to the stuff crowding up your space and hello to new habits that free you up for the things you’re passionate about. And it can all be done in as little as a few minutes a day. Learn how to   create productive to-do lists • stem the flood of paper • downsize digital clutter and social media • arrange your space to spark creative juices • curb your desire to accumulate • collaborate and connect with others for support • embrace imperfection • keep up the momentum   Wolf also shares her favorite productivity apps and resources for donating your many, many items. From the outer clutter of your home to the inner clutter of your chatty mind, this handbook will help you make room for artistic inspiration and invite you to treat yourself to less.   Praise for New Order   “Clarity, control, peace and quiet: All of these ‘nebulous golde...

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  • The Folk Handbook: Working with Songs from the English Tradition

    (Book). by David Atkinson, Vic Gammon, Rikky Rooksby, Mark Brend, John Morrish, Martin Carthy, and Nigel Williamson Words & melodies for 80+ traditional songs, plus detailed explorations of their history & meaning and their value to writers & performers. With a CD of 20 songs recorded in the field.

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  • Heathen Handbook

    This book is an introduction to Heathenry, the ancient folk religion or Troth of Northern Europe. It will help you understand the gods, their mythology, and the psychological and sociological processes that accompany them so that you will be able to have a deeper understanding of the myths and lore. This book provides a solid foundation for anyone who wishes to lead a fulfilling life in accordance with the ways of our ancestors. Sections on the historical background of our ancestors, their myths and ways, the runes, and ritual will give you a clearer understanding of our faith. This book is for anyone interested in the Heathen religion of Northern Europe, whether known as Asatru, Odinism, Forn Sed, Troth, Theodism, the Northern Tradition, or Norse Paganism.

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  • A Handbook of Irish Folklore (Scríbhinní Béaloidis/ Folklore Studies 22)

    The National Folklore Collection University College Dublin owes its structure and organisation to A Handbook of Irish Folklore. This was first published in 1942 and is regarded as the essential vade mecum for field collectors in Irish Folklore. Its compiler, Seán Ó Súilleabháin, was archivist with the former Irish Folklore Commission from 1935. Seán Ó Súilleabháin undertook his archival training in Sweden and he based his Handbook on the Swedish system. The breadth of material covers all aspects of life from material culture to custom and belief and oral narrative. This is the first e-publication of Comhairle Bhéaloideas Éireann: The Folklore of Ireland Council and it is proud to offer this book, which has long been out of print. Explore the richness of Ireland from a traditional aspect and experience the variety that contributes to the world of folklore.

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  • Slavic Folklore: A Handbook (Greenwood Folklore Handbooks)

    Slavic folklore has great cultural significance and international influence. Written for students and general readers, this book offers a brief but thorough introduction to Slavic folklore. Included are explanations of the different types of Slavic folklore, the role of Slavic folklore in literature and popular culture, and the state of criticism and scholarship on this field of interest. The volume provides numerous examples and cites print and electronic sources for further reading.The people of Eastern Europe have a long and rich cultural history. Central to that history are the folktales, traditions, and customs of the region. Some elements of Slavic folklore, such as vampire legends and Easter eggs, are well known, while others are more obscure. And when the Slavs came to America, they brought much of their folklore to the new world, where it continues to flourish today. This book is a short but thorough introduction to Slavic folklore.Written expressly for students and general readers, it systematically overviews Slavic folklore. It discusses the many different types of folklore and summarizes scholarship and research on the subject. It provides a wide range of texts and examples from the Slavic folk tradition and explores the role of Slavic folklore in literature and popul...

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  • City Folk - Miniatures Pawns compatible with Pathfinder

    Bring your medieval RPG to life without breaking the bank. Stop using pennies, tokens, and other generic, bland placeholders. Even if you use traditional minis for your adventuring party, what do you use to populate your party's cities, towns, and other destinations? The high quality City Folk printed miniatures is the perfect solution. The City Folk miniature set contains over 140 heavy miniatures encased in a flexible protective coating consisting of an assortment of over 70 unique units! Each unit is eight-color printed on heavy card stock for maximum durability. They also have rounded corners to prevent the units from bending and fraying around the edges. Each package contains 20 plastic bases. Characters include: Males: Bartender, Barber, Butcher, Carpenter, Fisherman, Smithy, Farmer, Logger, Tailor, Miner, Banker, Regent, Official, Child, Gambler, Bowyer, Hunter, Candle Maker, Weaponsmith, Juggler, Fire Breather, Inventor, Beggar, Executioner, Mime, Bowyer, Hunter Females: 4 different bar maids, Baker, Farmer, Provisioner, Milkmaid, Tailor, Banker, Regent, Child, Gambler, Cobbler, Herbalist/Alchemist, Healer, Jester, Fortune Teller, Herald (twin), Town Crier (twin), Beggar Plus 25 male and 10 female characters outside of their occupational roles!

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