• Fog Island

    "Top 10 Children’s Book 2013 – New York Times Book Review A Publishers Weekly Best Children’s Book of 2013A New York Times Best Illustrated Children’s Book of 2013"Tomi Ungerer has created another masterpiece." – Eric CarleIn this imaginative tale from master storyteller Tomi Ungerer, two young siblings find themselves cast away on mysterious Fog Island. No one has ever returned from the island’s murky shores, but when the children begin to explore, they discover things are not quite as they expected.Ungerer’s captivating drawings evoke the eerie beauty and magic surrounding this timeless adventure. Selected by both The New York Times and Publishers Weekly as one of the year’s best children’s books, Fog Island is destined to become a modern classic."

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  • Fog Island: A Nick Holt Adventure

    An uninhabited island off the coast of Maine is an unlikely place to discover a plot to blow up a nuclear power plant, and Nick Holt is an unlikely man to try to thwart it. But chance and the nagging pain of earlier disappointments send Nick down a path that will lead either to self-fulfillment, or failure, or something much more sinister. Nick is a Wall Street lawyer and former SEAL corpsman who at midlife is riddled with angst about his marriage, the direction of his country and its misguided efforts at foreign nation-building, and whether he’ll ever make a mark in this life. Desperate to be a hero in the eyes of his much younger wife — and himself — he takes off in a reckless pursuit, going against every principle of his profession and common sense. As his quest builds to a point of no return, so too does the mission of Suleiman Kel, a senior officer in the Pakistani CIA.A fast-moving thriller, Fog Island weaves together the story of two men from similar times in dissimilar circumstances, but who follow the same arc — one that inevitably leads to their confrontations with their purpose in life . . . and with each other.

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  • Fog Island (1945)

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  • Island of Fog (Book 1)

    A lonely, foggy island is home to eight families. Twelve-year-old Hal and his friends have always wondered what happened all those years ago on the mainland, that unseen place Out There beyond the fog, and after an astonishing discovery in the woods the children are more determined than ever to find out what their parents are hiding. But their lives are turned upside down when Abigail reveals her closely guarded secret. According to her, the children are slowly changing into monsters! Are they freaks of nature, or subjects of a sinister experiment? Each child reacts differently to his or her unique monstrous transformation; after all, one may feel proud to be a dragon, faerie, or centaur, but who in their right mind wants to be a sadistic manticore or cowardly harpy? ISLAND OF FOG is a story of intrigue and conspiracy. The reader follows Hal Franklin as he struggles to accept that he and his friends are something more than ordinary children, and that their parents have been covering up the truth the whole time. With their trust shaken and the unexpected arrival of a strange woman from Out There, the children hide their frightening shapeshifting abilities and pretend nothing is wrong.

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  • Fog Island

    George Zucco and Lionel Atwill star in this story of deceit and revenge. Leo Granger (Zucco) is wrongfully imprisoned for embezzlement. He suspects his colleagues framed him and upon his release he invites them to a secluded island where he has set up an elaborate treasure hunt in order to expose and destroy the betrayers. In their pursuit of the treasure they uncover perilous traps and countless dangers. Genre veterans George Zucco and Lionel Atwill play an intriguing game of cat-and-mouse in this classic PRC thriller.

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  • Island Fog

    This thematic, novel-length collection of stories, is set on Nantucket Island, Massachusetts. Nantucket as we know it began as an English settlement relatively early in the colonial period of the United States. In the heyday of its nineteenth century success as a whaling center, the island, for being as small as it is, was quite the cosmopolitan center. Sailors from across the globe mingled with the mixed local population of descendents of the original English settlers, black Americans, and native Americans. Today too Nantucket is known as being especially open to visitors from around the world. When one travels there, one feels that one is no longer in the United States but in a culturally indistinct, in-between land, somehow equidistant from North America, the Caribbean, and Northern Europe.

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  • Sinister Roots (Island of Fog Legacies #2)

    Shapeshifter Travis Franklin has a new mission: to deliver a mysterious package to the Grim Reaper.Traveling with his best friend Rez, the boys set off on an overnight journey to a blank spot on the map where Death is thought to reside. This time Travis is going as a three-headed fireball-shooting chimera, and he's fairly sure nothing will stand in his way. Not even the annoying trolls who demand payment at every turn.Yet something else lurks in the woods. Something far more sinister even than the Grim Reaper...SINISTER ROOTS is the second installment in the Island of Fog Legacies series.

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  • Lake of Spirits (Island of Fog, Book 4)

    "So that's it for her?" Simone said, unable to contain the wave of bitterness. "She's one of the lost?" Jolie was just a one-year-old baby, part of an experimental shapeshifter program in Simone's world, when she turned into a jengu (one of the miengu water spirits) and stuck in that form. Faced with raising a creature they knew little about, the scientists had no choice but to hand Jolie over to others of her kind, the mysterious people of the lake. Sixteen years later, Simone is busy introducing the next generation of shapeshifters to their new home. Hal and his friends are settling in at school when it occurs to Simone that, with the help of Abigail's little glass faerie ball and its ability to unlock deep-seated memories and abilities, she might be able to bring Jolie back into the human world. It's said that the miengu can heal the sick, and Jolie would be an invaluable asset to have around - that is, if her enchanting beauty and mischievous ways don't escalate into disaster. This is a tale of paranoia, betrayal, and impending doom. Like sirens luring ships onto rocks, Jolie seems sweet-natured at first... but Hal and his friends slowly discover that there's more to her than meets the eye. Can they figure her out before the proverbial ship smashes itself to bits?

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  • Labyrinth of Fire (Island of Fog, Book 2)

    Hal Franklin and his friends have made it safely into Miss Simone's world. As shapeshifters, some of them are looking forward to meeting their alternate kind. But others dread the prospect.Dewey, for instance, quickly feels the pressure of being a centaur. Meanwhile, Lauren and Hal are quaking in their shoes. The village in the north is under constant attack from harpies and dragons, and these vicious creatures must somehow be reasoned with and persuaded not to plunder and steal, and most importantly, not to eat humans! The trouble is, neither harpies nor dragons are interested in negotiating.Hal and his friends join forces to deal with these serious issues. They end up in the heart of dragon country, down in the Labyrinth of Fire beneath an oozing volcano. Somehow they must make the dragons see the error of their ways. Their quest forces them to question the extent of their shapeshifting abilities... and this leads to a shocking discovery that is likely to start a war.The ISLAND OF FOG series#1 Island of Fog#2 Labyrinth of Fire#3 Mountain of Whispers#4 Lake of Spirits#5 Roads of Madness#6 Chamber of Ghosts#7 Valley of Monsters#8 and #9 - coming in 2014

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