• Fly


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  • Jar Of Flies

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  • Boppin' By The Bayou - Flip, Flop & Fly

    This is the 20th in compiler Ian Saddler's 'By The Bayou' series, and the seventh of the 'Boppin'' variety. The recipe is very much the same as the previous six volumes - 28 rare or unissued rockers from the vaults of JD Miller, Eddie Shuler, Sam Montel, Pappy Daily, Luke Thompson or the artists themselves. 14 tracks are previously unreleased.

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  • Fly By Night (Remastered)

    Lyrics laced with sci-fi and fantasy and the precision drumming of Peart arrived on this early Rush gem ('75). Includes the storming opener Anthem ; the epic By-Tor and the Snow Dog ; the ballad In the End ; the classic title track, and more!

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  • Fly: Songs Inspired By The Film Eddie The Eagle

    'Fly' (Songs Inspired By The Film Eddie The Eagle), is the brainchild of Take That's Gary Barlow and is the ultimate 80's homage - featuring some of the decade's biggest stars performing new studio recordings of original songs.Also include is a duet by the stars of the film Hugh Jackman and Taron Egerton called 'Thrill Me.' 'Eddie The Eagle,' which follows the real life story of Michael 'Eddie the Eagle' Edwards on his quest to compete at the 1988 Winter Olympics, hits movie theatres on 2/26.

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  • The Fly

    U2 The Fly French CD single

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  • Fly (2CD)

    What you hear on Fly is Yoko Ono's disarming combination of opacity and visceral, personal transparency in full bloom. It's one of the most unbridled, most captivating soul albums ever made. And that's right where she wants you: vulnerable, wide open to any-and-everything, ready to have your world tipped onto its head. She's a master of spinning your head around. First, you get the Bar Band from Hell of "Midsummer New York" to kick things off. It's about the last thing you'd expect from Ono coming off Plastic Ono Band. But here you are, listening to Ono channeling Elvis. Why am I all of a sudden bopping along to it? At 16-minute-plus, the tranced-out, motorik-inspired boogie "Mind Train" is rough-and-ready for your next basement get down. Movement and perspiration required. Then, we have the absolutely gutting blues of “Don’t Worry, Kyoko (Mummy's Only Looking For Her Hand in The Snow)." Full of ache and raw emotion, the song is a love note, a plea for forgiveness, to her estranged daughter Kyoko shot across the universe on a flaming arrow. Ono follows this stampede of emotion with the self-referential torch song "Mrs. Lennon," a wounded song that gets right into the Universal Loneliness. And so here you are. You're devastated. You're exhausted. You're exhilarated. And you're...

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  • SUPERFLY (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

    From visionary filmmaker Director X and the producer of The Matrix Trilogy Joel Silver, comes SUPERFLY with the original soundtrack produced by Future following in the footsteps of legendary songwriter and musician Curtis Mayfield. Based on the original blaxploitation crime drama, which was helmed by Gordon Parks Jr. and starred Ron O'Neal as Priest, the re-make written by Alex Tse follows an African American cocaine dealer who tries to secure one more deal before getting out of the business. Trevor Jackson, Jason Mitchell, Rick Ross, Big Boi and more star in Sony's SUPERFLY hitting theaters June 13th. Redefine the hustle.

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  • Fly

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