• RTB's Organic Remineralizing Toothpaste: Extra-Strength Herbal Formula (1.5oz, 2oz, or 4oz in glass jar) (Fennel, Peppermint & Clove) (1.5OZ)

    RTB's Remineralizing Toothpaste is a simple but highly effective blend of pure organic herbs, oils, and mineral-rich clay. With carefully selected botanical ingredients, this remineralizing toothpaste can heal & strengthen teeth, mend cavities, and reverse bleeding or receding gums. Ingredients: Coconut oil*, Bentonite clay, White Oak bark*, Licorice root*, Echinacea angustifolia root*, Myrrh resin**, Equisetum*, Turmeric root*, Essential oil of Clove*, Peppermint* and Fennel*. (*=organic, **=wildharvested) Each ingredient is carefully selected for unique healing properties: Evidence shows that Coconut oil is beneficial in improving gums and removing harmful bacteria in the mouth! .Myrrh is an especially powerful herb for oral hygiene. It has strong anti-bacterial properties. White Oak bark is a powerful astringent. It helps to tone and strengthen the gums. Bentonite clay is full of minerals that help to restore enamel. It binds to and draws out toxins in the mouth, and it's alkalinizing, too. Licorice root has been scientifically proven to inhibit the specific strains of bacteria responsible for tooth decay, gingivitis and periodontal disease. Equisetum is an herb with a very high silica content, which aids in remineralization. Echinacea helps to activate the immune response...

    • ASIN: B00LJBY0G4
    • UPC: 680569067456

  • Herbal Tooth Remineralizing Paste with Comfrey & White Oak (1.5 or 4oz glass jar) (4oz)

    This paste is handmade in small batches with 100% certified Organic herbs and oils. This recipe includes an array of especially therapeutic herbs, many of which have been used traditionally for oral hygiene and many of which have traditional healing uses. Full list of Ingredients: Extra-virgin cold-pressed Coconut oil, Comfrey root, White oak bark, Myrrh resin, Bentonite clay, Horsetail, Turmeric root, Echinacea angustifolia root, Essential Oils of Clove, Fennel, & Peppermint. This paste is almost identical to Rowan Tree Botanicals "extra-strength remineralizing herbal toothpaste," the only difference being that this paste contains comfrey root, meaning that it is exclusively for external use. Comfrey root has some *absolutely amazing* traditional uses. It has been used for healing tissue, and has even been used traditionally to regrow bone and tooth tissue! Comfrey is a potent healing plant. WARNING: This paste contains Comfrey root. Comfrey is known to contain alkaloids that may be toxic to the liver. Not for use on open wounds. For external use only. Do not use if pregnant or breastfeeding. Not for infants or children.

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    • UPC: 680569067609

  • Oral Essentials Original Travel Size Toothpaste Pack of 4 (.8 Oz.)

    Oral Essentials Original Formula toothpaste is now THE gold standard in oral care. This truly addicting herbal toothpaste leaves your teeth feeling so smooth, and your breath so fresh we're sure you'll never be able to use any other toothpaste again. Our invigorating blend of wintergreen, peppermint, spearmint and clove essential oils work to break up plaque and fight bad breath, while our Non-GMO xylitol reduces the risk of cavities, and gingivitis. Dead Sea salt helps remineralize teeth with minerals like calcium, magnesium, and potassium, and our Organic aloe vera soothes tissues. All of this without fluoride, harsh chemicals or artificial dyes. We also use food grade carrageenan (made from algae) and vegetable glycerin, instead of the industry standard petroleum based glycerin, which leaves a film on your teeth that attracts plaque! Oral Essentials Original Formula toothpaste is gluten free, vegan, dentist formulated & recommended, and comes with a 30-day money back guarantee! Try it today and prepare to be wowed.

    • Brand: Oral Essentials
    • ASIN: B01IWM45JE
    • UPC: 863705000221

  • Dr.Smile Cream Toothpaste Whitening Plaque Care Natural Ingredients (12.3oz x 2ea)

    * Key feature- whitening effect- restrains the propagation of germs- prevent tooth-decay- aesthetic effect- prevent presence of plaque- anti-bacterial effect- 29 natural ingredients

    • Brand: Dr.Smile
    • ASIN: B06WP2XT8C
    • UPC: 787756069238

  • Natural Tea Tree Oil Mint Toothpaste - 6.25 oz

    Desert Essence Tea Tree Oil Toothpaste is flavored with pure essential oil of peppermint for a pleasant taste and minty, fresh breath. The antiseptic properties of the eco-harvest tea tree oil help in fighting the plaque buildup. While the combination of baking soda, sea salt and tea tree oil deep cleans the teeth and gums. This vegan tea tree oil toothpaste is free of fluoride, gluten, sweeteners, parabens, harsh abrasives, phthalates, and artificial fragrances or dyes. 

    • Brand: Desert Essence
    • ASIN: B004GW64K8
    • UPC: 718334220550

  • Biorepair Fast Sensitive Repair Toothpaste 75ml (Pack of Two) Repairs Damaged Tooth Enamel and Prevents Plaque and Tartar From Forming – Help with Sensitivity

    teeth with Biorepair®, microRepair® microparticles of hydroxyapatite are released. Hydroxyapatite is virtually identical to enamel and that's what makes Biorepair® such an effective enamel repairing toothpaste. These microRepair® microparticles are so small, they can get into the tiny cracks and crevices on the surface of your teeth often caused by acid erosion. They then fill in the cracks and bind to the enamel - actively repairing tooth enamel.Repairing tooth enamel The microRepair® microparticles act on tooth enamel by filling in microscopic fissures, scratches and surface enamel lesions, smoothing out any roughness and repairing the surface, making the tooth look more radiant. Preventing decay By filling in the tiny holes to repair the damaged enamel surface, the microRepair® microparticles help to prevent plaque and bacteria from forming and leading to more serious damage such as tooth decay. Reducing sensitivity The microRepair® microparticles strongly bind to the tooth enamel and fill in the tiny holes, forming a protective layer over any exposed nerve endings. This gives effective long-term relief from dental sensitivity.

    • Brand: biorepair
    • ASIN: B00XH5Q6IK

  • Red Seal Natural Kids / Children's SLS Free Toothpaste Bubble Gum Flavor

    Red Seal Natural Kids Toothpaste is a natural toothpaste that's safer for young children to swallow when they brush. It is free from sodium lauryl sulphate, fluoride, parabens, and other harsh chemicals. Kid's toothpaste has a fresh, peach and banana 'bubblegum' flavor and naturally flavored and sweetened. Has no added fluoride. Natural antibacterial action. Color and Paraben free! Has NO tricoslan, peroxide, potassium nitrates, or strontium chloride. Gluten free! Ingredients: Calcium carbonate: Mild abrasive and polisher. Purified water. Sorbitol: Sweetener and moistener. Glycerin: Vegetable-based sweetener and moistener. Lauryl glucoside Silica: Mild abrasive and thickener. Cellulose gum: Gumming agent sourced from plant fiber. Stevia rebaudiana extract: Sweetener. Spearmint oil. Peppermint oil. Eucalyptus oil. Menthol Natural fruit flavors (peach, banana). Totarol: Antibacterial action. Pack size: 75 grams / 2.6 ounces

    • Brand: Red Seal
    • ASIN: B018IU0TAY
    • UPC: 640843192878

  • 2pcs Biorepair Total Protection Toothpaste 75ml Protect Enamel & Repair From Acid Erosion and Plaque NON Flouride

    BioRepair® is a total protection toothpaste for daily use Your teeth may look and feel healthy, but a closer look would reveal hundreds of microscopic cracks and flaws - daily wear caused by acid in plaque, food and drink. Normal brushing cannot reach these flaws, and over time can develop into more serious damage like cavities and tooth decay. The revolutionary Microrepair(TM) microcrystals of BioRepair(R) can get into these flaws, where they bind to the surface of the enamel and dentine, to remineralise and repair your teeth surface, therefore preventing decay before it can start. In addition to repairing enamel, BioRepair(R), like regular toothpaste, effectively cleans teeth, fights plaque, protects gums, and freshens breath, making it suitable for the whole family to use every day. Note - This tooth paste is Mint Flavored.

    • Brand: biorepair
    • ASIN: B00RI0SOVW

  • Herbal Choice Mari Natural Toothgel, Cinnamon & Baking Soda; 3.4floz Glass

    A non-conventional toothpaste that uses safe and natural ingredients that works effectively without the use of chemicals, such as Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (a synthetic foaming agent) or artificial sweeteners or any other chemicals that may pose health risks. This natural cinnamon flavored toothpaste contains pure antibacterial herbs along with cinnamon extract to fight bacteria and bad odor while helping prevent cavities. Contains the natural whitener baking soda which easily dissolves in water and gently whitens your teeth. It is a no fluoride toothpaste as this is a chemical known to be a by-product from manufacturing plants and considered potentially dangerous due to its side effects. The consistency is between a tooth gel and a toothpaste.

    • Color: Cinnamon & Baking Soda
    • Brand: Nature's Brands
    • ASIN: B0098MLBAO
    • UPC: 802948032170