• The Trouble Is the Banks: Letters to Wall Street (N+1 Research Branch Small Books)

    As seen in the New York Times Week in Review, Harper's Magazine, and discussed on NPR's Marketplace.The Trouble is the Banks collects 150 letters that Americans (and one Canadian) wrote directly to executives and directors of five big banks in fall 2011, at a time when protests were emerging in Occupy Wall Street camps across the United States. These writers speak as citizens to citizens, making an unprecedented portrait of ordinary Americans' experiences of the financial crisis since 2007. Here is the speech of the People, not any authority above them. From the letters:"I read today . . . that the average bank executive makes 225 times what the average teacher makes. I ask you, Barbara: How many of me do you really think you are worth to the world?""Just wanted to give you a pat on the back for collecting over $4,000 from a friend of mine on a Chase credit card with a $500 limit. It was a great example of the innovation in your industry!" "We're not disaffected hippies. We're the disaffected middle class. And we're huge."

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  • Write A Letter: Cancel Your Timeshare And Get A Refund!: A Step-by-Step Guide To Writing A Cancellation Letter That Works!

    Timeshare owners are paying out thousands to companies promising a "100% Money Back Guarantee" to cancel their timeshare contracts. But well-informed timeshare owners are doing everything these companies are doing and keeping the money in their pockets! This book will help you, the unhappy timeshare owner, to write the kind of complaint letter that will get results--cancellation of a timeshare contract that was signed because the company used deception in the sales process. This book is a tool-kit giving the timeshare owner a practical step-by-step plan to follow to get out of an unwanted timeshare. Here's what's inside: --Stop automatic payments --Stop collection calls --Dispute credit card charges and negative credit reports --Protect your credit score --Spotting and reporting timeshare scams --How to write a complaint letter that results in cancellation and a refund. --Fourteen actual letters that resulted in cancellation and refunds. --What to expect in response to a complaint letter --Dealing with timeshare company representatives on the phone --Why details are important when writing about the sales presentation --Using an attorney in a timeshare dispute --How to work with other owners to achieve the common goal of timeshare cancellation. Scores of owners have used the plan ...

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  • How To Write Words That Sell: Create Your Own Money Making Ads, Sales Letters, Email and Social Media Hacks

    Get the Sales You Want...Right Now! Want to learn how to rack up huge profits creating money making ads, flyers, websites, email or social media? Now you can because this new book makes it EASY! How to Write Words That Sell shows you every tip, trick and edge you need to jump-start your sales now. You'll discover the how to skyrocket your income right away without having to increase your marketing budget by one single penny! There is an amazing power available to you in this book… It’s almost like printing money when you learn how to write words that sell! With How to Write Words That Sell you will quickly and easily learn to create your own super effective sales materials. You’ll soon be copy writing like a pro and growing revenues like weeds! Imagine bringing in tons of new customers, like turning on a switch somewhere! How much would that be worth to your business? And knowing these insider secrets will help you to: - How to capture tons of new customers who want to BUY NOW - How to grab a bigger, more profitable market share - How to pull in loads of cash so you can spend more with your family, reinvest your business or just get out of the office more often No Boring Theory… Get Step-by-Step Help How to Write Words That Sell reveals loads of creative secrets and pract...

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  • How to Write Sales Letters That Sell

    ""The ultimate how-to book of direct mail letter writing."" -- Victor Ross, former Chairman, Reader's Digest

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  • BRAND is a four letter word: Positioning and The Real Art of Marketing

    In this breakthrough book, marketing expert Austin McGhie urges readers to set aside their obsession with “branding” and instead focus on the real work of marketing: positioning. In fact, McGhie believes there’s no marketing problem or opportunity that can’t be framed as a positioning exercise. He argues that brands are a marketplace response, not a marketer’s stimulus; if that response from the audience is simple, clear and on strategy, marketers can build a brand.Drawing on his 30-year career working with some of world’s best-known brands, including Disney, ESPN, Nike, Google, Visa, Expedia, Best Buy, Microsoft, Anheuser-Busch, Abbott and YouTube, McGhie tackles the strategic essence of positioning and creating differentiated advantage. He deftly weaves the positioning discussion throughout the book with a series of real-life anecdotes to deliver a crisp, clear view of what it means to build a brand. McGhie has written a practical book that will guide and inspire marketers and in turn help them guide and inspire their audiences.

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  • The Sociology of Organizations: An Anthology of Contemporary Theory and Research

    Wharton's anthology provides an overview of contemporary theory and research in the sociology of organizations. Three features of this book are particularly distinctive:* An emphasis on sociological content: Although the readings reflect the multidisciplinarity and breadth of the organizations area, this anthology gives primary emphasis to selections with sociological content. Hence, the book should have strong appeal to instructors and students seeking a sociological understanding of organizations.* Attention to contemporary theory and research: A unique feature of this anthology is its attention to contemporary theory and research on organizations. At the same time, Wharton grounds the book in the "modern classics." The readings reveal how organizational sociology contributes to our understanding of key social and economic issues, such as diversity, globalization, and the environment.* Comprehensive, research-based, and methodologically diverse: The book is comprehensive in its coverage of topics, levels of analysis, and methodological approaches.Topics covered include:* Conceptions of organizations* Organizational structure* Historical development of the capitalist firm* Nonprofits and alternative organizational forms* Organizational culture* Organizational demography and soci...

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  • How to Open & Operate a Financially Successful Collection Agency Business (How to Open and Operate a Financially Successful. . .)

    With the current economic downturn, it is becoming increasingly difficult to land the career of your dreams while maintaining a stable personal life. To combat this, many individuals are beginning to open their own businesses, so as to fulfill a professional need to be successful. Although, opening a collection agency may not be at the top of your list of businesses to start, the U.S. Department of Labor reports that the median annual income for someone in the collection industry is $29,000 yearly and, as a business owner, the earning potential increases.This manual delivers innovative ways to streamline your business and presents new ways to make your operation run smoother and increase performance. Whether you will be operating out of your home or you are looking to buy or rent office space, this comprehensive guide can help you with a wealth of startup information. In addition, you will learn about basic cost control methods, copyright and trademark issues, branding, management, sales and marketing techniques, and pricing formulas.How to Open & Operate a Financially Successful Collection Agency Business will teach you how to build your business by using low- to no-cost ways of satisfying clients, as well as ways to increase sales, and thousands of great tips and useful guideli...

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