• Dogit Go Slow Anti-Gulping Dog Bowl, White, X-Small

    The specially designed Dogit Go Slow Anti-Gulping Dog Dish encourages your pet to eat or drink at a slower pace. This slower pace helps reduce excess air intake, leading to improved digestion and reducing the risk of bloat. The Dogit Anti-Gulping Dog Dish can be used as either a water or food dish, and is suitable for wet or dry food. The dish is dishwasher safe and comes in a variety of sizes and colors to fit the need of every type of dog.

    • Color: White
    • Brand: Dogit
    • ASIN: B0032GG5W6
    • UPC: 022517737040

  • Hard Clear Plastic Dessert Bowls 6 Ounce, (Bulk 100 Pack) Premium Quality By Bedwima

    6 Oz Round Bowls 100 count Comes In 2 Packs Of 50---Made Of Premium Quality Unbreakable Extra Heavy Plastic, BPA Free--- Great For Desserts, Catering, Party's, Weddings, Buffets, Etc..Buy Bulk And Save!! 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTIED Or Full Money Back

    • Brand: Bedwina
    • ASIN: B07BR7N5YS
    • UPC: 617566245433

  • Signature Housewares Dual Pet Bowl Stand, Extra Small

    This sturdy, black metal stand holds your pet's food and water bowls, elevating them for more comfortable feeding and keeping them from wandering when your pet is really digging in. Lifting pet bowls off the floor also makes for easier cleaning under and around the feeding area. Designed for cats and small dogs, the stand accommodates two 5-inch bowls, also available from Signature in a range of fun and colorful designs. These stands are specifically made for Signature Housewares bowls and for other manufacturers be sure to measure carefully

    • Color: Black Steel
    • Brand: Signature Housewares
    • ASIN: B000W7KIPS
    • UPC: 020211107619

  • Internet's Best Bone Dog Bowl Set | Double Stainless Steel Pet Food Water Bowls | No Spill Silicone Stand | Toy Breeds | Black

    Internet's Best Bone Dog Bowl Set is the perfect bowl for your family household pet. The flexible 100% food grade silicone tray has been uniquely designed to catch spills and splashes keeping your feeding space neat and clean from puddles or food clutter. Thanks to the silicone tray this feeder also stabilizes the bowls preventing flipping or sliding across the floor when bumped into. Uniquely designed bone shaped tray offers a fun and stylish look to your feeding area. Outfitted in multiple colors, simply pick which color fits your style. Double food bowls are equipped with two stainless steel bowls that may be removed for easy cleaning. Keep your house, patio or dog home clean and tidy with this stylish new dog bowl.

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Internet's Best
    • ASIN: B01K577NO8
    • UPC: 667031413287

  • OurPets Premium Durapet Blue Dog Bowl Extra Small

    OurPets Durapet Bowls are made of high quality, heavy-duty stainless steel with a patented, permanently bonded rubber ring on the base that prevents the bowl from sliding and creating undesirable noise. OurPets Durapet Bowls have been a top sells at retail for over 10 years! Our bowls are dishwasher safe. Don't be fooled by imitations our products are patent protected.

    • Color: Blue
    • Brand: Our Pets
    • ASIN: B00EAT5BVA
    • UPC: 780824123771

  • Signature Housewares Reactive Glaze Stoneware Pet Bowls (Stripes, Extra Small)

    Signature Housewares Pet Bowls brings incredible quality and beautiful design to your pet's mealtime. These durable bowls are made of glazed stoneware, a dense ceramic material that stands up to constant use and frequent cleanings. And they're dishwasher safe, making cleanup a breeze. Great for use with food or water - grab one for each!

    • Brand: Signature Housewares
    • ASIN: B077K9GKJF
    • UPC: 020211023100

  • Coastal Wood Hand Carved Root Artworks Extra Small Wooden Bowl-BW00

    The essence and prime characteristic root artworks is the combination of practicality and aesthetics, which can meet people's living needs and culture-art appreciation need. When people pay attention to aesthetics of root artworks, the more important point is to realize its practicality. Root artworks has to be practical first, then beautiful. All arts can not be created without material. Only after roots of exotic shapes are founded can root artists create a perfect root artworks with their wisdom, imagination and original creation. The process of finding root is that root artists rely on life experience and artistic cultivation as well as acute and unique insight to discover all kinds of strange roots in nature. The making process of root artwork can be generally divided into six procedures: barking, creating, anti-bacterial treatment, anti-inset treatment, drying, polishing, painting, and waxing. The root wood of modern root carving creation mainly are rosewood, chicken wing wood, camphor wood, fir, boxwood, etc. all those hard, smooth, delicate roots of clear grain are in natural exotic shapes due to diversified climates. They are suitable for root enthusiasts to reshape them. After combination of strange nature and artful carving skill, those root woods exert integration of ...

    • Color: Wooden
    • Brand: Coastal Wood
    • UPC: 741812991000

  • Dog Bowl Slow Feeder and Water Bowl Anti-Slip Bloating stop for Small Medium dog Cat Pet (pink)

    The best lovely and useful bowls for your little puppies! 1, Cute and stop bloating! This lovely bowl is perfectly designed to slow down dog's eating and helps improving your puppy's digestion. Preventing bloating and avoiding canine obesity which are real serious issue for pets. It's cute too, fish-shaped, a visual enjoyment for both you and your pets! If your dog is a feeder and loves to inhale it's food, it's time to change his/her bowl now! 2,Non-skid. The bottom of the bowl has 4 small rubber grips to keeping the bowl in place. 3,Safe It is made of human-grade polypropylene. Does not contain BPA or BHT. You can easily clean it by your dishwasher, just make sure to put it in the top rack. 4,Size The food bowl has roughly 1 cup of dry dog food in them. 5, Water and food bowl as a set! When the puppy is thirsty, they can always find water next their food to drink. The stainless steel bowls is completely removable. Specifications & Details: Color:Green or Pink Material: PP & Stainless Steel Length: 11.6inches (29.5cm) Depth (Feeder):1.5 inches (4cm) Diameter (Steel Bowl): 4.3inches (11cm) Depth(Steel Bowl): 1.18inches (3cm) Shipping Weight:12.6 ounce (360g) Package: 1 x Dog bowls set, 1 x Stainless steel bowl

    • Color: pink
    • Brand: Topto
    • ASIN: B07CN1LM4N
    • UPC: 652054015297

  • Stainless Steel Dog and Cat Bowls - Neater Feeder Deluxe or Express Extra Replacement Bowl - Neater Pet Brands - (Metal Food and Water Dish) (7 Cup)

    Sizing Guide: Deluxe Model /Food Bowl Size / Water Bowl Size Cat Deluxe Neater Feeder / 1 Cup / 1.5 Cup Shallow Small Deluxe Neater Feeder / 1.5 Cup Deep / 2.2 Cup Medium Deluxe Neater Feeder / 3.5 Cup / 5 Cup Large Deluxe Neater Feeder / 7 Cup / 9 Cup Express Model / Food Bowl Size / Water Bowl Size Cat / 1 Cup / 1 Cup Small Dog / 1.5 Cup Deep / 1.5 Cup Deep Medium/Large Dog / 7 Cup / 7 Cup

    • ASIN: B072NBGPFC
    • UPC: 814516020960