• BodyGlide Original Anti-Chafe Balm, 1.5oz

    Apply before you get dressed, on thighs, neck, arms, and anywhere skin is rubbed. Stop trouble before it startsĀ®Made with allergen free, plant-derived ingredients. Vegan approved, never tested on animals. Child safe.The preferred choice over messy, wet creams, gels and powders. No petroleum, lanolin or mineral oils.Effective and longlasting. Use daily in humid and dry conditions for a pain free active life.Keeps pores clog free. Sweat escapes and lets skin breathe. Clothing, footware and wetsuit safe.

    • Color: Mixed
    • Brand: BodyGlide
    • ASIN: B00288L2N6
    • UPC: 605296222749

  • TheraTears Eye Drops for Dry Eyes, Extra Dry Eye Therapy Lubricant Eyedrops, 0.5 Fl oz, 15 mL

    TheraTears EXTRA Dry Eye Therapy's extra moisturizing formula provides extraordinary relief of dry eye symptoms. The unique hypotonic and electrolyte balanced formula rehydrates dry eyes, protects from further irritation and supports the natural tear pH level. TheraTears is doctor created and doctor recommended and available in a convenient, multi-use bottle.

    • Brand: Thera Tears
    • ASIN: B076YRWWR1
    • UPC: 358790007151

  • Star Brite Premium Teak Oil 16 oz

    Premium Teak oil is made with an advanced Tung oil polymer formula providing extra long lasting protection for Teak while giving Teak a natural warm Golden color. The easy to use oil features fast drying, ultraviolet Absorbers to resist suns drying effects and weathering lasting 4 to 6 times longer then similar products. Contains ultra-refined oil, polymers and UV inhibitors penetrating deep and delivering optimal beauty to enhance the natural wood grain and color of Teak while bringing out the natural beauty of all fine woods. Acts as a sealer, Preserver and finish for marine Teak and ideal for use on Teak furniture and other fine woods. Available in a 16Oz size.

    • Color: gold
    • Brand: Star Brite
    • ASIN: B0014432K6
    • UPC: 071247851168

  • Finish Line No Drip Chain Luber Kit with 4-Ounce DRY Lube and Applicator, 2-Ounce

    Fill the 2oz size bottle No Drip Chain Luber with your lube of choice - Kit includes our most popular lube; 4oz of Finish Line DRY Teflon Lube. Place applicator head on chain and gently squeeze Luber to flow lube into applicator head and onto the wicking pad to distribute lube evenly onto the chain. You'll lube your chain evenly, perfectly with no waste, drips or mess.

    • Brand: Finish Line
    • ASIN: B00G50X9PM
    • UPC: 036121710191

  • Extra Fine Dry Graphite Lubricant 6 Gram Tube - 6-Pack

    All-purpose dry powder lubricant for metal rubber, wood or plastic. Non-toxic. Applications include locks, hinges, sliding doors, tools, guns, fishing reels, bicycles, office machines, mowers, cameras

    • Brand: Southwest MRO
    • ASIN: B00IRHLV6K

  • Seavenger 3mm Neoprene Wetsuit with Stretch Panels for Snorkeling, Scuba Diving, Surfing (Scuba Black, Men's Large)

    Durability That Lasts Super-stretch panels around your knees and armpits make sure your wetsuit flexes where it should and doesn't lose its elasticity. Special knee pads and shoulder pads have anti-abrasion technology, making it perfect for water sports that require extra gear, like scuba diving and snorkeling. Whether you're an experienced diver or a beginner to wearing a wetsuit, this one lasts through the wear and tear. Comfortable for All-Day Wear Go right from snorkeling at the surface to diving in the deep; this 3mm neoprene full-body wetsuit forms to your body for maximum comfort and doesn't irritate your skin. Easy Donning & Doffing An extra long leash and #10 YKK zipper makes it easy to slip into your wetsuit just before your dive or layer under other gear for cold-water activities. SIZING DISCLAIMER: For best performance, Seavenger wetsuits are designed to fit very tightly to provide maximum insulation. A well-fitted wetsuit should allow the wearer to breathe normally and move with some effort but may feel slightly constricting.

    • Color: Scuba Black
    • Brand: Seavenger
    • ASIN: B00N9J76R4
    • UPC: 814632020776

  • WD-40 300052 Specialist Dirt and Dust Resistant Dry Lube PTFE Spray 10 OZ (Pack of 1)

    Looking for a better solution to keep equipment running smoothly, dirt and dust free? Oil based lubricants attract dirt, dust and form grime. And that makes for some time-consuming, extra cleanup. But with the WD-40 Specialist Dirt and Dust Resistant Dry Lube PTFE Spray, you can use the Smart Straw to spray two ways. Simply flip it up for a precision stream and down for a regular spray action -- keeping your power tools running smoothly & with less friction.

    • Color: Multicolored
    • Brand: WD-40
    • ASIN: B00AF0ODGM
    • UPC: 079567300052

  • Prolix Dry Lubricant Technology Solvent with Spout Applicator, 1.25 oz

    Extra-t Lube takes the place of Grease, yet will provide a dry hi-tech compatible addition to your cleaning solvent product. Extra-t is a highly refined natural product with Inert additives. Multi-use extra-t Lube is thicker than most cleaning solvent.

    • Brand: Prolix
    • UPC: 659096200001

  • Fractionated Coconut Oil USA Premium Therapeutic Grade 16 Ounce Liquid Carrier Oil For Aromatherapy Relaxing Massage and Diluting Essential Oils With Pump and eBook

    Fractionated Coconut OilOur fractionated coconut oil Includes a lifetime manufacturer's warranty and satisfaction guarantee . Safe for adults kids baby dogs cats and children, this large 16oz bottle of base oil starts out as cold pressed coconut oil and is then steam distilled and refined to be a tool for aroma therapy. Used with essential oils in a solution for a diffuser for soothing couples massage increasing the shelf life of valuable organic essential oils moisturizing hair in the shower making soap or simply finding serenity in relieving dry winter hands and skin . Made from the whole nut of the coconut tree, the meat is dried and the essence squeezed into a extra virgin raw oil . Now the oil is exposed to heat and steam to separate the fatty acid chains . The completely saturated chains the MCTs are collected . These are soft to the touch and carry nutrients deep into the layers of the skin like our body did when we were young . More than just a high quality oil at a low price with an adorable label Invivo Essential is about value quality integrity and caring . We believe in harvesting what nature has made living peacefully on earth and giving back . You're going to love this oil in a glass roller bottle . Just dilute your favorite essential oil roll it on your skin to ...

    • Brand: Invivo Essential
    • UPC: 096962489267