• Sanford Ink Corporation Products - Design Kneaded Rubber Eraser, X-Large, Gray - Sold as 1 EA - Eraser is excellent for removing and highlighting chalks, charcoals and pastels. Kneads into any shape and leaves surfaces smooth and bright.

    Sanford Ink Corporation Products - Design Kneaded Rubber Eraser, X-Large, Gray - Sold as 1 EAEraser is excellent for removing and highlighting chalks, charcoals and pastels. Kneads into any shape and leaves surfaces smooth and bright.Sold as 1 EAManufacturer: Sanford Ink CorporationTotal percentage of recycled content: 0Post Consumer Waste: 0Country of origin: MY

    • Brand: Sanford Ink Corporation - Products
    • ASIN: B004E3JXPW
    • UPC: 844998204305

  • Best Buttocks Diets and Exercises: Get your butt in an excellent shape by healthy diets and proper exercises

    Are you getting a ‘headache’ for thinking too much of achieving an excellent butt shape? So why don’t read take your time to read this “best buttocks diets & exercises” and immediately KILL your struggling matter? We are sure this book would definitely function as your butt-saver. It not only guides you foods making your buttocks bigger naturally, the right type of healthy foods, but also the right healthy mixture of carbs/fat/proteins to ensure your most butt growth possible. As for protein typically known as a great source of eating a diet to make your butt bigger, we would like to change your mind forever about misconception related to the fact “how terrible it is when consuming a large amount of protein”. Also, this book allows you to find out exactly healthy sources of good protein for a bigger buttock like eggs, skinless chicken breast, protein powder, carbohydrates (namely: quinoa, sweet potatoes, etc). Furthermore, we did explore kinds of vegetables containing tons of anti-oxidants, nutrients that are essential for a growing booty, especially healthy sources of good fats to actually lose weight or achieve better body consumption like fish oil pills, salmon fat, etc. Last but not least, this book is included in an entire week meal plan to help you on strongly...

    • ASIN: B075ZW57X5

  • Drawing Stencil Kit for Kids Large 54-Piece| Fun Travel Activity Set, Organizer Case with More 280 Shapes, Art Craft Girls and Boys, Creativity Educational Toy Ages 3 to Teen | Excellent Gift for Kid

    Why Choose ART WITH SMILE? Children always have fun painting and creating beautiful artwork. Every parent wants to help their children express their creativity. Our stencil kit lets kids draw and color beautiful crafts- without the mess of paints and markers! ART WITH SMILE created the perfect stencil kit with kids in mind! Children will experience the joy of creating art with creative stencil shapes, vivid colors and high quality paper. Everything is organized and arranged so children can have fun right away!  Why is our kid’s art kit so special? Our storage case is sturdy and will last for years!The storage bag opens to display all of the stencils, supplies and colored pencils. No more missing supplies!All of the coloring pencils are neatly displayed for easy selection.There are over 280 individual stencils for boys and girls – Animals, flowers, boat, cars,  dinosaurs, alphabet, numbers, shapes and more!The stencil sheets are washable and reusable. ART WITH SMILE designed this stencil kit for use in the home or when traveling. This fun, compact and complete kit can go wherever you go. The hard case acts as a portable work surface. Keeps children happy and entertained when traveling, dining out and visiting family members. The stencil kit contains all the accessories you n...

    • Brand: Art with smile
    • ASIN: B01K8F1QS6
    • UPC: 634746858627

  • Carnelian Ring 925 Sterling Silver Ring Tiny Ring Stacking Ring Artisan Design Ring Waw Amazing Ring Awesome Commitment Jewelry Rock Crystal Ring Delicate Round Shape Excellent Ring Charm & Style Ring

    Beautiful Handmade Carnelian Gemstone Ring in 925 Sterling Silver Handmade Ring proudly 925 Stamped Nickle Free Silver Ring

    • Color: orange
    • Brand: Handmadejewelry
    • ASIN: B07HH2KSNW

  • Naveya Fitness Pu Erh Tea Nest’s Shape 60 Grams--natural Medicine--weight to Go--excellent Alternative to Coffee-- Increase Metabolism--powerful Antioxidant & Natural Detoxifier

    *******WHY WE SHOULD DRINK PU ERH TEA???******* Pu-erh tea has been touted for many years as a great weight loss tea because of its ability to help us burn fat and shed pounds, as well as having a deliciously mellow and deeply earthy flavor. ******THE BENEFITS OF PU ERH TEA****** Pu-erh tea is well-known and commonly used by the Chinese to aid in weight loss. Increasingly, people from all over the world are catching onto its benefits and beginning to use pu-erh for weight loss. 2.Stimulates the metabolism and respiratory system, as well as the heart and the kidneys. *****Free healthy tips e-book!!!***** After purchase ,We will email our e-book for free(a lot of secrets inside)

    • Brand: Naveya
    • ASIN: B0135693SK
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  • Superfeet GREEN Full Length Insole, Green, Small C: 6.5 - 8 US Womens / 5.5 - 7 US Mens

    Superfeet GREEN insoles offer affordable, professional-grade orthotic arch support and comfort for anyone who wants their footwear to fit and feel better. Stay active and comfortably with the Premium Insole for maximum support. Super feet's biomechanical shape and design supports and aligns the bones of the foot, helping to prevent heel and ankle pain, plantar fasciitis, knee stress and hip pain.

    • Color: Green
    • Brand: Superfeet
    • ASIN: B001CD9ULY
    • UPC: 442100399606

  • Baby Einstein - Discovering Shapes

    ASIN: B000PDZISQ DESCRIPTION: A playful introduction to five basic shapes!-- Introduces circles, ovals, triangles, squares and rectangles-- Presents shapes within the context of your baby's worldAs babies develop, their understanding of the world, and how its pieces "fit" together, continues to progress. DISCOVERING SHAPES playfully introduces five basic forms circle, oval, triangle, square and rectangle as each appears in the context of toys, nature and everyday objects. We've added adorable puppet shows; silly sound effects; happy, busy babies and captivating real-world imagery accompanied by beautiful classical music to provide a delightful sensory experience. So whether your baby plays along by bouncing a ball, watching eggs hatch, building with blocks, or tracing the outline of a checkerboard, you'll enjoy sharing in that fresh sense of wonder that takes shape as your child greets each new discovery! ENDDVD Features-- Repeat play-- Language tracks (Spanish, French and English)-- Discovery cards-- Story time with See And Spy Shapes-- Locate the shape-- Puppet shows-- Toy chest-- About Little Einsteins (Available in French and English only)

    • Brand: Buena Vista Home Video
    • ASIN: B000PDZISQ
    • UPC: 786936737943

  • PicassoTiles 100 Piece Set 100pcs Magnet Building Tiles Clear Magnetic 3D Building Blocks Construction Playboards, Creativity beyond Imagination, Inspirational, Recreational, Educational Conventional

    Creativity Beyond Imagination! Learning by Playing! Inspirational: Fun and entertaining, perfect educational presents for school age children that will never go out of style. Recreational: Entertaining for single or multiple parties, great for parent-to-child bonding with hours of fun quality time. Easy to construct and easy to put away for storage. Educational: Learning is Fun! It's never too early to start developing kids creativity at a young age, PicassoTiles inspire youngsters learning by playing, children will acquire a strong sense of colors, geometrical shapes including 3D forms, number counts, magnetic polarity, architectural design as well as creativity which is the key factor to success in today's ever-changing environment. Give the youngsters a head start. Unconventional: Unlike typical toys, each piece of tiles can be replaced and more tiles can always be added to build objects as big as desired. Dream Big and Build Big! No limitations, scalable to build as big as desired by adding more pieces and various shapes. PicassoTiles in colossol styles. Encourage creativity which is the key factor to success in today's ever changing environments. In The Box -8 x large squares (6" x 6") -46 x small squares (3" x 3") -20 x small triangles (3" x 3") -12 x medium (righ...

    • Brand: PicassoTiles
    • ASIN: B00AU56C5W
    • UPC: 617629992564