• General Mills All Trumps High Gluten Flour - Bleached, Bromated, Enriched - 7 Pound Repack

    The premium high gluten spring wheat flour, All Trumps® is a true legend in the baking industry and continues to be the standard against which all high gluten flours are measured. Use for thin crust pizza, bagels, rolls A high quality spring wheat high gluten flour milled from a selected blend of hard wheat.

    • Brand: All Trumps
    • ASIN: B06Y2G77B5
    • UPC: 608766893418

  • Hodgson Mill Organic All-Purpose White Flour, Unbleached, 2 LB (Pack of 6). Unbromated & Unenriched Naturally White Wheat Flour (Packaging May Vary)

    Perfectly milled and delicately flavored, nothing competes with the premium quality of Hodgson Mill’s Organic Naturally White Flour. Our organic, unbleached flour is never bleached, bromated, or enriched, and contains no chemical additives or preservatives; an excellent choice for your culinary and baking adventures! Hodgson Mill’s Organic Naturally White Flour is made from freshly harvested grains, and is expertly and sustainably milled to ensure the best, most consistent baking results. We take great care to ensure this product is certified organic and produced on dedicated equipment. Additionally our flour is Kosher and Non-GMO Project Verified. Ideal for baking, sauces, and soups, Hodgson Mill’s Naturally White flour is simply the best for baking your favorite recipes and is a must-have staple in your kitchen pantry. Look to Hodgson Mill for trusted excellent quality products that you, your family, and friends will enjoy. Hodgson Mill has been producing the highest quality baking and meal products, including organic foods, with pride for over 125 years. Hodgson Mill only uses only premium grains to produce tasty and better for you flours, mixes, cereals, pastas and sides, all quality-made in the USA.

    • Brand: Hodgson Mill
    • ASIN: B004IN43SU
    • UPC: 773821593258

  • Wheat Montana All Purpose White Flour (Pack of Four – 10 Lb. Bags)

    From the heart of the upper great American Plains comes this super All Natural white flour - and in a bulk amount, at that! Here's what the producers of Wheat Montana Natural White All Purpose Flour say about its attributes. "This is the highest protein unbleached white flour available. You will find it to be the best white baking flour you've ever used. Carefully milled to exact specifications and enriched with B-vitamins, niacin and iron, we also add a small amount of malted barley flour to this blend for further enhancement of final product consistency. Whether you are baking at sea level or high altitude, this flour will perform to your highest expectations." We may not have case lots of all items in stock for immediate shipment. These typically ship on the Wednesday after your order is placed.

    • Brand: Wheat Montana
    • ASIN: B00MAP6IWM
    • UPC: 766204644210

  • Five Roses All Purpose Enriched Flour 5.5 Lb / 2.49 Kg

    Five Roses All Purpose Enriched Flour 5.5 Lb / 2.49 Kg

    • Brand: Five Roses
    • ASIN: B01G9FAR0M

  • General Mills Harvest King European Artisan Bread Flour, Enriched Unbleached - 7 lbs REPACK

    Use what the professionals use - Harvest King. In recent years, there has been a market trend toward Italian Type 00 flours. Bakery and Pizza operators believe this flour is needed to create the best Neapolitan-style pizza crust, artisan breads and European bakery goods. Fortunately, this is not the case. General Mills has a proven flour that will meet the needs of this style of baking. Popular in the baking community for the past 15 years, Harvest King® is milled from 100% domestically sourced winter wheat. It has the strength and tolerance necessary for the slow fermentation that defines artisan baking, providing the desired crumb structure and crust texture. When top chefs and bakers compare Harvest King® to Italian Type 00, they agree it's a great option for those who wish to duplicate Italian style crusts, artisan breads or European bakery goods by using flour proudly grown and milled in the USA. Harvest King® offers the benefits of proven quality with the price-efficiencies of a domestically sourced product. European Patent Blend Flour milled from a select blend of hard winter wheat. This premium wheat is milled to a maximum ash of 0.54% with a protein level between 11.7 and 12.3%. Commonly used to produce artisan breads and Neapolitan style pizzas.

    • Brand: M&M Foods
    • ASIN: B00ES44U46
    • UPC: 640213353687

  • Bob's Red Mill Semolina Pasta Flour, 24-ounce (Pack of 4)

    Bob's Red Mill Semolina Pasta Flour is the ideal solution for homemade Italian-style pasta. Our basic pasta recipe is on the back of the bag - anyone can make it with or without a pasta machine! Only a few additional ingredients from the kitchen are needed: salt, water, eggs, and olive oil. This flour is made from premium durum wheat which has been enriched with vitamins. Each serving contains 5g of protein to keep you satisfied. Semolina flour can also be used for breads, pizza doughs, and couscous.

    • Color: Multi
    • Brand: Bob's Red Mill
    • ASIN: B004VLVG0C
    • UPC: 722512915640

  • Bob's Red Mill Organic White Flour - Unbleached - 5 lb

    Bob's Red Mill Organic White Flour - Unbleached - 5 lb

    • Brand: Bob's Red Mill
    • ASIN: B008234BMU
    • UPC: 039978029911

  • Hodgson Mill Wheat Bran, Unprocessed Millers Bran, 12-Ounce (Pack of 6)

    Unprocessed wheat bran (Millers Bran) is the outer covering of the kernel that contains large amounts of necessary vitamins, minerals and protein. One of Nature's richest sources of food fiber, wheat bran can be incorporated into enriched pie crusts, delicious muffins, or simply sprinkled over creamy yogurt or cereals.

    • Brand: Hodgson Mill
    • ASIN: B004IN28IC

  • Softasilk Enriched & Bleached Cake Flour, 32 Ounce (Pack of 6)

    Enriched and bleached cake flour.

    • Brand: Softasilk
    • ASIN: B01MU4T5VY
    • UPC: 051500080184