• LZLRUN INPA K+CAN K+DCAN Car Diagnostic Tool Cable OBD USB Interface for BMW R56 E87 E93 E70

    Features: - read and delete errors - adaptations - driver programming - applu coding - and others Supports protocols: 1. Fast magistral D-CAN and PT-CAN (500 kbit/s) 2. Slow magistral K-CAN (100 kbit/s) 3. Standard BMW protocol (BMW OBD interface). D-CAN for: - E60, E61 od 03/2007 - E83 od 09/2006 - E81, E87 od 03/2007 - E90, E91, E92, E93 od 03/2007 - E90, E91, E92, E93 od 03/2007 - E70 (new model X5) - R55 R56 (new model MINI) Protocol "BMW OBD interface" for older cars: - from 1995 to 1998 (don't need K-line). - from 1998 to 03/2008 (all models) Package lists: 1x BMW INPA Interface 1x CD

    • Color: white
    • Brand: LZLRUN
    • ASIN: B017IG81SQ
    • UPC: 889123083233

  • Lowrance Yamaha Engine Interface Cable

    The Lowrance Yamaha Engine Interface Cable connects directly to the NMEA 2000 connector under the engine's cowling.

    • Brand: Lowrance
    • ASIN: B0012R2PHG
    • UPC: 042194529820

  • 9 Pin To OBD2 Interface truck Y-cable Adapter OBDII Y Splitter Truck GPS 16Pin Male to Female SAE J1939

    9 Pin Truck Y Adapter. Simply remove the existing Type 2 GREEN Deutsch 9 pin connector from its mounting location and install the Y adapter using the existing mounting hole. Plug the other 9 pin Female end of this adapter into the existing 9 Pin Male connector, and then the OBD2 Female end to a Tracking device or other OBD2 reporting or blue tooth accessory. Great for hiding tracking and mobile electronics, while leaving the access to the vehicles computer for downloading and accessing vehicle codes. Accessory may need to be unplugged to read service codes.

    • Brand: Ocstar
    • ASIN: B07BK3NZ9X
    • UPC: 661083934318

  • Dolity Truck 9 Pin to 16 Pin OBD2 Interface Scanner Code Reader Diagnostic Adapter Cable

    Description: - OBD2 16 pin female to J1939 9 Pin Adapter Cable. - It has integrated the basic diagnostic functions of J1939 heavy duty truck standard communication protocols. - 9 pin female connector can be found in a range of diesel-powered applications: vehicles, marine propulsion, power generation and industrial pum ping. - Length: Approx. 30cm/11.8 InchSpecification: - Pins Definition: - Pin A: Ground - Pin B: Power, 12V or 24V which depends on your trucks/vehicles output. - Pin C: CAN1/J1939+ - Pin D: CAN1/J1939- - Pin E: CAN1/J1939 Shield - Pin F: J1708/J1587 High - Pin G: J1708/J1587 Low - Pin H: Null - Pin I: Null which is for Port J on trucks/vehicles'socket. - Applications: - J1939 CAN BUS diagnostic unit (for trucks); - J1939 body builder CAN bus monitor (for trucks); - J1939 interface industrial engine display unit; - ISOBUS-control devices; - CAN bus Universal Controller; - CAN gateway and bus simulator; - Truck diagnostic tool/equipment/scanner,code reader...Package Includes:1 Piece OBD2 Adapter

    • Brand: Dolity
    • ASIN: B075Z5V58D
    • UPC: 051716826804

  • Lowrance Evinrude Engine Interface Cable

    Lowrance NMEA 2000 Evinrude engine interface, manufacturer's part number 000-0120-62, between an Evinrude engine and NMEA 2000 network to display engine data. Lowrance Red connectors.

    • Brand: Lowrance
    • ASIN: B0017SHX4U
    • UPC: 042194530390

  • AntiBreak INPA K+ CAN Ediabas cable with switch DCAN Interface coding Support E serials Interface for BMW R56 E87 E93 E70

    INPA/EDIABAS K+DCAN DIAGNOSTIC INTERFACE from BMW 1998 to 2008 BMW INPA Specification: 1.INPA Supports protocols 1) INPA Fast magistral D-CAN and PT-CAN (500 kbit/s) 2) INPA Slow magistral K-CAN (100 kbit/s) 3) INPA Standard BMW protocol (BMW OBD interface). 2.INPA D-CAN for: 1) E60, E61 od 03/2007 2) E83 od 09/2006 3) E81, E87 od 03/2007 4) E90, E91, E92, E93 od 03/2007 5) E70 (new model X5) 6) R56 (new model MINI) INPA PT-CAN, K-CAN-fully switchable speed of magistral CAN - ou can diagnose driver without any car. 3. INPA Protocol "BMW OBD interface" for older cars: 1)INPA  From 1995 to 1998 (don't need K-line). 2) INPA From 1998 to 03/2008 (all models) Package List: 1pc x for BMW INPA K+CAN With Switch Cable 1pc x CD Driver Key word: bmw cable bmw coding bmw coding cable bmw coding k+ bmw coding software bmw coding tool bmw d can bmw d-can bmw dcan bmw dcan cable bmw e60 coding cable bmw e93 bmw ediabas bmw inpa bmw inpa / ediabas k+dcan usb interface bmw k can coding cable bmw k dcan cable bmw k+can cable bmw obd usb d can cable d-can cable dcan cable dcan cable bmw dcan switch inpa bmw inpa cable bmw e46 inpa cable bmw inpa cable bmw inpa cable switch inpa cable bmw inpa cable bmw e46 inpa c...

    • Color: White-inpa
    • Brand: AntiBreak
    • ASIN: B079KC43WG
    • UPC: 664111653908

  • Yueku BMW INPA Ediabas K+DCAN USB Interface Cable with FT232RL Chip, BMW INPA cable for R56, E70, E60,E61, E90, E81

    Note: some phone don't support OTG, we suggest you use the cable on laptop.This cable don't support F chassis BMW Features: - Connects to USB (built in 59in long USB Cable, creates virtual comport) - Double K-Line support - High Speed D-CAN and PT-CAN support (500 kbit/s) - Low Speed PT-CAN support (100 kbit/s) - Battery voltage detection by control line - Ignition voltage detection by control line Models that require D-CAN: - E60, E61 after 3/2007 - E83 after 9/2006 - E81, E87 after 3/2007 - E90, E91, E92, E93 after 3/2007 - E70 (New X5) - R56 R55 (New Mini) - And others... Package contains: INPA / Ediabas K+DCAN USB Interface -1 USB OTG cable-1 CD software disk -1`

    • Brand: Yueku
    • ASIN: B079YHWNLY

  • BMW INPA K+DCAN Interface Diagnostic OBD II Cable Work with ISTA SSS NCS Coding Winkfp Programing Support E serials(with Switch) Support E39 E46

    INPA v 5.0.6 & NCSExpert 4.0.1 (advanced text-based diagnostic and coding) used on BMW factory BMW 1 Series: E81/82/87/88 BMW 3 Series: E46 - E90/91/92/93 BMW 5 Series: E39 - E60/61 BMW 6 Series: E63/64 BMW 7 Series: E38/65/66 BMW X1: E84 BMW X3: E83 BMW X5: E53/70 (only support engine module) BMW X6: E71/72 BMW Z4: E85/86/89 BMW Mini: R50/52/53 - R55/56/57/60/61 Diagnostic covers all F, G and I series until 04/2017: F01, F02, F03, F04, F06, F07, F10, F11, F12, F13, F15, F16, F18, F20, F21, F22, F23, F25,F26 F30, F31, F32, F33, F34, F35, F36, F45, F46, F48, F49, F52, F54, F55, F56, F57, F60, F80, F82, F83, F85, F86, F87. G11, G12, G30, G31, G38. I01, I12 Functions: Error code reading and resetting - individually or complete car Adjust vehicle height (air suspension) & much more. Power up and check individual modules Service light reset - SII & CBS service intervals Read and reset airbag / EML faults Diagnostics - individual modules or complete car Program new ASC/DSC unit to your car Activate ABS pump for bleeding Test wheel speed sensors Resetting adaptations Force DPF regeneration Checking last regeneration stats DDE/DME to CAS alignment Resetting electronic steering lock errors Programming new injector values after replacement ISTA/D (Integrated Service Information Display) u...

    • Brand: Generic

  • AntiBreak Ethernet ENET RJ45 OBD OBDII OBD2 interface coding f-series cable use for BMW- Compaitble with BMW INPA E-SYS

    Ethernet to OBD Interface Cable E-SYS Coding F-series for BMW ENETSpecifications: Material: plastic Cable Length: 2 meters  Color: yellow Package included: 1 x E-SYS Cable  All BMW F & G models ().: 1 (F20), Pack of 2 °F22, F23) 3 Series (F30) 4 (F32) Pack of 5 °F07, F10, F11, F18) Pack of 6 °F12/F13) 7 Series (F01, F02, F04) X Series (F15, F16, F25, F26, F48) I3, i8 Features are possible with this interface and the appropriate software: Control devices codieren (car & Key Memory, settings) Error memory read & erase (access to all control devices possible) Comfort features. Engine Monitoring, value with whilst on the move (Live) And many more... Software: If you have no need to install any software, please contact us. In addition, you'll find a link to download our instructions (cannot guarantee instructions are in English) Package (including installation and code cannot guarantee instructions are in English), USB device driver) System Requirements: Laptop/PC with network connection (Ethernet/LAN) Windows XP, Vista, 7,8,10 (32/64bit)  Notes: 1.Due to the difference between different monitors,the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item. We guarantee the style is the same as shown in the pictures. 2.Due to the manual measurement and different measurement...

    • Brand: AntiBreak
    • ASIN: B07BH3PTGK
    • UPC: 664111654042