• LectraLock - Baby Safety Electrical Outlet Cover - Large Plug Cover - Deep Babyproof Socket Cover, White

    Lectralock - Baby Safety Electrical Outlet Cover The quickest and easiest way to child proof electrical outlets that are in regular use, LectraLock baby safety plug protectors prevent your little ones from tampering with any plug or electrical outlet. Child proof but adult friendly, the duplex outlet cover's large case is also used extensively to prevent plugs from falling out. As well as preventing harm to baby, electrical plug covers also prevent crushing of plugs behind doors and furniture. Providing two outlet covers, large plugs stay protected with these quick and easy to install child resistant outlet covers, which simply snap into place. While the receptacle safety covers are easy for adults to remove, they are also highly tamper resistant, making it ideal for child safety. Outlet covers are modern, impact resistant and high quality. Duplex or Decorator-GFI outlet cover: make your power outlet baby proof Our child safety electrical outlet covers are available in many colors and models to fit most types of plug. Child proof outlet covers (made in the USA) should be located indoors only. The plug cover (large) comes with a lifetime guarantee - just call us with any questions. Electrical safety cover's dimensions: This LectraLock outlet cover fits both standard duplex and dec...

    • Color: White
    • Brand: LectraLock
    • ASIN: B07C76FRMC
    • UPC: 812031010640

  • Mommy's Helper Outlet Plugs, 36 Count

    Mommys Helper 36 Pack Outlet Plugs help protect children from potentially dangerous open electrical outlets. Our extra tight child protecting fit makes sure the caps stay where you put them.

    • Color: White
    • Brand: Mommy's Helper
    • ASIN: B00081J3N6
    • UPC: 601547351251

  • Outlet Plug Covers (32 Pack) Clear Child Proof Electrical Protector Safety Caps by Jool Baby Products

    Outlets outlet cover covers protector protectors safety safe safer caps cap clear electrical electric safety safe safer Jool cabinet locks baby safety products babies plug plugs product kid hazard ultra clear secure baby products magnetic adjustable sliding cabinet lock socket sealer socket sealers draft cold stop prevent winter selling best proof child childproof childproof proofing babyproofing

    • Color: Clear
    • Brand: Jool Baby Products
    • ASIN: B072N9XQHM
    • UPC: 731525052594

  • Universal Self-Closing Electrical Outlet Covers ,Extra Safe Retardant Child Safety Guards Socket Plugs Protector, BPA Free, Hardware Included (8 Pack)

    PREVENT RISKS FROM ELECTRICAL INJURIES WITH SAFETY OUTLET COVERS Cover Up When you have kids in the house, it's tough to stop them from exploring every nook and cranny they can get into. So, it's practical for parents to be several notches ahead of their wandering tots by child-proofing potential causes of injuries such as electrical outlets. With these safety outlet covers, your little ones are safe from hazards associated with electrical shocks. Simply cover the exposed outlets with these plates, and there's no way for your curious explorers to take these out. It's snug and tight, and you're sure that only you can remove these covers when necessary. Smart Design The best thing about these country outlet covers is the design these come with. There is an energy-saving thermoseal gasket that closes automatically once you unplug the power cord. Plus, it's easy to set these up without any intricate instructions to follow. It also works with different types of standard outlets whether it is the square or round-shaped ones. As long as you have electrical outlets in the bedroom, living, room, kitchen, or elsewhere, just seal them with these covers. It should take your worries off potential electrical dangers to your precious child! Here are some of the other features you'll l...

    • Color: 8-pack
    • Brand: ModaBebis
    • ASIN: B0757CPF76
    • UPC: 763383805531

  • Safety 1st Power Strip Cover

    The restyled Safety 1st Power Strip Cover conveniently covers the entire power strip, including the on/off switch, preventing children from pulling out the plugs. The collapsible design provides a secure fit for large or small power strips and surge protectors.

    • Color: White
    • Brand: Safety 1st
    • ASIN: B000046S3W
    • UPC: 799891725825

  • Twin Door Outlet Box

    The Safety Innovations Twin Door Outlet Cover keeps electrical plugs and AC adapters tucked away and out of your child's reach. The Twin Door Outlet Cover has side-by-side doors with a two-button release that tots can't open but adults can. The outlet cove fits Standard (Single Center Screw) and Decora (2 Screw, 1 Top and 1 Bottom) outlets. Inside dimensions measure 5.61L" x 3.28W" x 2.84D".

    • Brand: Safety Innovations
    • ASIN: B007IUOG5A
    • UPC: 795569802607

  • Wittle Self Closing Outlet Covers (6 White) Plus 12 Clear Plug Cover Outlet Protectors | Baby Proofing Outlets with Electrical Child Safety Kit!

    WITTLE - BABY SAFETY PRODUCTS PARENTS TRUST At Wittle, we take the safety, security, and protection of our customers' little ones as serious as we take the safety, security, and protection of our own little ones. We are family owned, guided by honest American values, and committed to providing outstanding customer service. We strive for Wittle to be a brand of baby safety products that parents can trust. Our mission is a simple one. Create premium quality baby safety products that are easy to use, conveniently tackle the problem, and provide parents with peace of mind. Wittle Self Closing Outlet Covers and Plugs Make Outlet Covers Baby Proofing Simple! Small children, toddlers, and crawling babies love to explore and their curiosity often lead them to objects, places, and rooms where they can get hurt. The electrical outlets in our homes are one of those objects that kids often navigate to. The Wittle Self Closing Outlet Covers and Plug Protectors is one of those baby necessities that will allow you to quickly and conveniently secure all the frequently and non-frequently used outlets in your home to keep your little one safe from dangerous electrical hazards. Product Basics - White Self Closing Outlet Cover - 6 count Materials - Fire Resistant ABS Plastic - BPA Free Size - 4.75 x...

    • Brand: Wittle
    • ASIN: B0787X5B83