• Latent Epicure Battery Operated Salt and Pepper Grinder Set (Pack of 2 Mills) - Complimentary Mill Rest | LED Light | Adjustable Coarseness |

    Battery Operated Salt & Pepper Mill Set by Latent Epicure Each set includes: 2 x battery operated salt & pepper mills, 1 complimentary acrylic mill rest , 2 x PVC mill lids , 1 set of instructions. Recap of the main features: Complimentary acrylic mill rest - help keep those kitchen surfaces clean and tidy by letting the mill rest catch that frustrating surplus salt & pepper debris. One touch button operation - Ever get caught up in the kitchen with only one hand spare? With just the push of a button, this grinder makes a simplistic choice when cooking in the kitchen. Adjustable fine & coarseness - with the easily adjustable coarseness knob located underneath enabling a greater assortment of dishes with a varied choice of coarseness on offer. LED light - struggling to see where exactly your spice is going on the plate? Are you dining in dimly lit conditions? The LED light guides you with precision exactly where and how much seasoning is being used, to prevent over flavoring. Ceramic grinding mechanism - not only are you likely to have a better working, longer-lasting grinder compared with metal grinders. Also when grinding more humid spices such as Himalayan pink salt or wet sea salt, a ceramic mechanism is recommended. Note: Salt, peppercorns and batteries not included in set, ...

    • Color: Stainless Steel
    • Brand: Latent Epicure
    • ASIN: B01A39TKLW
    • UPC: 642554959801

  • Cuisinart SP-2 Stainless Steel Rechargeable Salt and Pepper Mills

    Cuisinart presents an easy and elegant way to serve freshly ground salt and pepper. Our stainless Rechargeable Salt & Pepper Mills sit in a sleek power base to ensure mills are always fully charged and ready to grind. Adjust for fine to coarse grinds, and light up food as it's being seasoned for perfect results. Bon appétit!

    • Color: Stainless
    • Brand: Cuisinart
    • ASIN: B002LLOE8K
    • UPC: 086279028884

  • Peugeot Elis Sense u'Select Electric Salt & Pepper Mill Set - Stainless

    • Color: Silver - Stainless Steel
    • Brand: Peugeot
    • ASIN: B006QYW7RS
    • UPC: 798304261578

  • Electric Lerutti Salt and Pepper Grinder Set | Battery Operated Stainless Steel Grinders (Pack of 2) | Automatic Mills with LED Light and Caps at Bottom | Electronic Adjustable Shakers

    Premium quality electric salt and pepper grinder set by Lerutti is a beautiful kitchen necessity made out of stainless steel and is a stylish addition to any home in any season. One hand operated tall auto salt and pepper grinders by Lerutti are more handy than ever. Cooking with highly adjustable electrical Lerutti salt and pepper mills will make you feel like a professional in your own kitchen by making each dish a delight. Leaking and countertop mess are out of the picture thanks to cap on the bottom of our power grinders, tray is tightly attaches to each grinder. Automatic Lerutti crusher have ceramic rotor and also see-through acrylic glass chamber to know exactly when to refill them. To adjust coarseness of battery operated mills you just need to turn the knob to the desired setting. These durable electronic dispensers will let you know how amazing a fresh seasoned meal tastes like. Also this is the perfect and modern idea of a gift, this silver seasoning shaker set is an elegant addition and real necessity on any table! Approved by FDA and Department of agriculture in USA! FEATURES: - Includes kit of 2 electric grinders with caps (trays) and mini lights, can be used for grinding of salt, black peppers, peppercorn, sea salt, pink Himalayan Salt, red salt, herbs, sugar, cum...

    • Color: Electric
    • Brand: Lerutti
    • ASIN: B06Y3P5DVG
    • UPC: 653020901415

  • Gravity Electric Salt and Pepper Grinder Set of 2 - Pepper Mill and Salt Mill with Adjustable Ceramic Rotor, Automatic Operation, Blue LED Light, Battery Powered, Matte Black by CHEW FUN

    ➤Spice Up Your Cooking with CHEW FUN Gravity Electric Salt & Pepper Mill Sets ✔ENJOY foods with better taste with fresh-ground pepper and sea salt at a one-handed operation. ➤Why Our Customers Choose CHEW FUN Salt and Pepper Grinder Set? ✔The matte black salt and pepper mills with blue LED light makes it a highlight of the kitchen. Looks COOL! ✔The gravity-activated grinder is easy to use. Only need to tilt the grinder to activate the grinding, NO BUTTONS required. ✔The salt and pepper grinders with adjustable FINE ceramic grinding mechanism, different grind settings from fine to coarse. ✔The ceramic grinder is on TOP to keep your table FREE OF RESIDUE. ✔SIMPLY REFILL. Just remove the acrylic chamber at the bottom and refill with ease. ✔EXTRA LARGE CAPACITY. The acrylic container can hold approximately 3oz of peppercorns or 6oz of sea salts. ✔Sealed acrylic chamber. Keeping your favorite ground spices FRESH, away from moisture and dust. And it's easy to clean up. ✔PERFECT for all types of salts and peppercorns. Product does not come with spices included, fill it with the spice of your choice! ✔Battery Operated. Each mill requires 6 AAA batteries (not included).✔100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: 30-day money back guarantee, one year manufacture warranty an...

    • Color: Matte Black x2
    • Brand: CHEW FUN
    • ASIN: B07449TV7X
    • UPC: 611040914839

  • Electric Salt & Pepper Grinder Set By Beyond Flavor |Complimentary Mill Rest |Pack Of 2| LED Light| Automatic Battery Operated Salt and pepper mill |Adjustable Coarseness| Bonus: Recipe E-Book

    STARTING TODAY: Enjoy The Freshest Seasonings Just With A Press Of A Button! Do you love cooking, but you hate how bland readymade spices are? Are you sick and tired of using your traditional mills, but the results are always disappointing? Cook With Comfort And Style Using The Best Electric Grinders By Beyond Flavor For Amazing Results Every Single Time! With this set of two stainless steel grinders with ceramic mechanism you can always add the freshest and healthiest ingredients in your recipes, just by pressing a button. The powerful, battery powered engine of these mills allow you to grind sea salt, black peppercorn, coriander, cumin seeds, paprika and more with unparalleled ease and safety. Not All Kitchen Salt & Pepper Grinders Are Created Equal- Make Sure You Choose The Best! BUILT IN LED LIGHT- Positioned at bottom of each grinder, this light helps you grind the desirable amount of spices right in your dishes. CONVENIENT SIZE- With about 8-10oz capacity (about 150g of Peppercorns), your new grinders are great for daily use without needing refilling every now and then. CORDLESS PORTABLE DESIGN- Take your favorite grinders with you in the dinner table, in the garden, park, picnic or camping and enjoy freshly grinded spices in seconds. ADJUSTABLE COARSENESS- Ga...

    • Color: Silver
    • Brand: Beyond Flavor
    • ASIN: B01FMAVY3Y
    • UPC: 733074038692

  • Electric Salt and Pepper Grinder Set - Battery Operated Stainless Steel Mill with Light (Pack of 2 Mills) - Electronic Adjustable Shakers - Ceramic Grinders - Automatic One Handed Operation

    ⭐ Enjoy freshly grounded salt and pepper with just the press of a button! ⭐ Premium electric salt and pepper grinder set is incredibly easy to use!   🏆 WHY OUR CUSTOMERS CHOOSE URBAN NOON GRINDERS: ✔️ Ideal for cooking in the kitchen and grilling BBQ outside, and a stylish addition to your kitchen and dinner table ✔️ So easy to operate! Just press the button and you can grind salt and peppercorns with just one hand! ✔️ Quality first! Made of the premium quality stainless steel with a rustproof ceramic core ✔️ Battery operated. Each mill operates on 4 AA batteries only (not included) ✔️ Tested in our own kitchen! We use them daily as we strive for perfection ✔️ Convenient lights give you perfect visibility while seasoning your food ✔️ Caps at the bottom prevent leakage and create the right humid environment to keep your pepper and salt fresh ✔️ Easily adjustable coarseness to meet your needs ✔️ Transparent, large capacity acrylic glass containers can hold approx. 1,5oz of pepper or 4oz of salt ✔️ Suitable for many types of salts and peppercorns ✔️ PERFECT GIFT: Elegant sleek grinders come in a beautiful box, making them an amazing gift for every food and cooking lover 🎁 SPECIAL BONUS: Exclusive Gourmet Salt & Pepper ...

    • Color: Stainless Steel
    • Brand: urban noon
    • ASIN: B078J6TWZR

  • Gourmia GSP9415 Electric Salt and Pepper Mill and Grinder – 2 in 1 - Battery Operated - Stainless Steel Body – Modern Table Top Design - Adjustable Form Fine to Course

    When it comes to bringing style to your dining room table, Gourmia always comes through! Our 2-In-1 Salt and Pepper Mill will introduce your dinners with a cool and easy way to spice up your dishes. With the ability to act as both a pepper grinder and salt mill, you will find yourself using it every single meal to upgrade your home dining experience!PRODUCT FEATURES 2-In-1 Functionality - Salt Mill and Pepper Grinder Two-Button Interface for Simple Spicing Adjustable Knobs to Control Fineness of Grains Sleek Stainless Steel Body Battery Operated: 6 AAA Batteries RequiredA FANCIER EATING EXPERIENCEOur 2-In-1 Salt and Pepper Mill is ingeniously designed to not only work great but look stylish! The slim stainless steel body will fit perfectly in your hands as you season your plates of delicious food to make them even better! It will also look great on your dining room table to add an aesthetically pleasing appearance to your home.SEAMLESS OPERATIONWith just a single touch of a button, you are on your way to accentuated tastes on your favorite dishes! The smooth mechanisms allow you to use the device without any motion of your wrists at all so it's great for arthritis patients! The knobs located at the bottom of the device allow you to control whether you want your grains to be fine ...

    • Color: Electric
    • Brand: Gourmia
    • ASIN: B077BQSNLJ
    • UPC: 816425023308

  • Todays Healthstyles UnRefine- Electric Salt&Pepper Mill Grinders- 2 battery operated mills- Fast motor stops spice clogging- Easy 1 Hand Grip- Makes the healthy change to pink salt in your diet easier

    Have you tried making the lifestyle switch from common table salt to natural pink salt in an effort to develop a healthier diet, but already find yourself tired of having to manually grind natural salts by hand? The huge problem you face right now is believing that pink salt is too difficult to grind and that common table salt is not that bad. What makes this worse is the fact that without the right electric grinder, you won't use natural salt in your food and you will sacrifice your health by continuing to use common table salt instead! This means you won't get the health benefits of pink salt and you won't be creating healthier habits in your daily life. All this can prove to be a real nightmare! But luckily for you, there's now a solution! With Today's Healthstyles Un.Refine Electric Salt & Pepper Grinders you get a pair of stylish high quality electric salt and pepper shakers that will help make your transition to pink salt and natural spices a breeze. These grinders feature: Battery Operation LED Light Ergonomic Handle for 1 hand use 6 Custom Coarseness *BONUS*You also gain access to the Today's Healthstyles community that will not only stay engaged with you along your health and lifestyle journey by providing you with current information on the subject manner, but that wi...

    • Brand: Today's Health Styles
    • UPC: 742833387421