• Elastic: Flexible Thinking in a Time of Change

    From the best-selling author of Subliminal and The Drunkard's Walk, a groundbreaking new look at the neuroscience of change - and how elastic thinking can help us thrive in a world changing faster than ever before.   With rapid technological innovation leading the charge, today's world is transforming itself at an extraordinary and unprecedented pace. As jobs become more multifaceted, as information streams multiply, and as myriad devices place increasing demands on our attention, we are confronted every day with a plethora of new challenges. Fortunately, as Leonard Mlodinow shows, the human brain is uniquely engineered to adapt.  Drawing from cutting-edge research in neuroscience and psychology, Mlodinow takes us on a fascinating and illuminating journey through the mechanics of our own minds as we navigate the rapidly shifting landscapes around us. Out of the exploratory instincts that allowed our ancestors to prosper hundreds of thousands of years ago, humans developed a cognitive style that Mlodinow terms elastic thinking, a collection of traits and abilities that include neophilia (an affinity for novelty), schizotypy (a tendency toward unusual perception), imagination and idea generation, pattern recognition, mental fluency, divergent thinking, and integrative thinking. T...

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  • CAD Audio MZM5 Elastic Suspension Shock Mount for M179 M9

    CAD MZM5 Elastic Suspension Microphone Shock Mount

    • Brand: CAD Audio
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  • Endure: Mind, Body, and the Curiously Elastic Limits of Human Performance

    Featuring a foreword by Malcolm Gladwell Writing from both the cutting edge of scientific discovery and the front-lines of elite athletic performance, National Magazine Award-winning science journalist Alex Hutchinson presents a revolutionary account of the dynamic and controversial new science of endurance. The capacity to endure is perhaps the key trait that separates champions and determines great performance in any field - from a 100-meter sprint to a 100-mile ultramarathon, from summiting Everest to acing finals. But what if everything we've been taught about endurance was wrong? What if we all have more potential than we think to go farther, push harder, and achieve more? Blending cutting-edge science and gripping storytelling in the vein of Malcolm Gladwell - who forewords the book - Hutchinson reveals that a wave of paradigm-altering research over the past decade suggests that the seemingly physical barriers you encounter are mediated as much by your brain as by your body. But it's not "all in your head." For each of the physical limits that Hutchinson explores - pain, muscle, oxygen, heat, thirst, fuel - he carefully disentangles the delicate interplay of mind and muscle by telling the riveting stories of men and women who've approached (and sometimes surpassed) ...

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  • B-Quiet Ultimate The Best Viscoelastic Sound Deadener 50 Sq. Ft.

    B-Quiet Ultimate is a viscoelastic deadener with a supercharged butyl based adhesive. With an aluminum constraining layer and an unique composition with suspended mineral particles it has been proven to be extremely efficient at the conversion of vibration to thermal energy. B-Quiet Ultimate is extremely flexible which is very important as it allows it to properly adhere to a contoured panel. It can be installed anywhere including under hood. Highly effective at a very reasonable price makes B-Quiet Ultimate the choice of many competitors. B-Quiet Ultimate is 1.6mm (60mil) thick, weighs 0.35 lb/sq. ft. comes in 1 foot wide rolls and is available in 2 sizes - 12 and 50 sq. ft. rolls. OUR SUGGESTION FOR YOUR BEST RESULTS: We suggest B-Quiet Extreme or Ultimate throughout the vehicle to control structural borne noises, such as rattles, resonances, vibrations and also to slow the propogation of road/engine/exhaust noise into the cabin. For even better reduction of road/engine/exhaust noise, we would suggest a layer of Vcomp/LComp over top of the Extreme/Ultimate on the floor, lower interior firewall and rear cab wall to absorb and block airborne noises. We recommend 100 sq. ft. Extreme/Ultimate and optionally 30 to 40 sq. ft. of Vcomp/LComp for your vehicle. You also might consider a...

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  • Elastic

    • Brand: Warner Bros
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  • Elastic: Flexible Thinking in a Time of Change

    Penguin presents the audiobook edition of Elastic written and read by Leonard Mlodinow. What do Pokémon Go and Mary Shelley's Frankenstein have in common? Why do some businesses survive and others fail at the first sign of change? What gives the human brain the edge over computers? The answer: elastic thinking. It's an ability we all possess and one that we can all learn to hone in order to succeed at work and in our everyday lives. Here Mlodinow, whose own flexible thinking has taken him from physics professor to TV scriptwriter and best-selling author, takes us on a revelatory exploration of how elasticity works. He draws on cutting-edge neuroscience to show how, millennia ago, our brains developed an affinity for novelty, idea generation and exploration. He discovers how flexible thinking enabled some of the greatest artists, writers, musicians and innovators to create paradigm shifts. He investigates the organisations that have demonstrated an elastic ability to adapt to new technologies. And he shows you how you can test your brain power. By uncovering the secrets to flexing your own thinking, Elastic shows you how to adapt and thrive in an endlessly dynamic world. Includes a bonus PDF of graphs and diagrams.

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  • Jadetian Musical Instrument CD Audio Men's Headwear Womens Bandanas Outdoor Headscarf Elastic Bandanas Handkerchief

    These Are Great For Keeping Your Hair Out Of Your Face When Working Out Or Washing Your Face Or Just As An Everyday Hair Accessory.\r\nThese Headbands Are Stylish For All Time Wear ,you Can Scrunch Them Up Like A Bandana Or Fold Them Over For A Thinner Style Headband. They Are Durable To Last For A Really Long Time. The Color Stays Put During Washing And Is Easily Dry.

    • Color: White
    • Brand: Jadetian

  • Wrap It Super-Stretch Storage Straps (24" 4 Pack) - Elastic Hook and Loop Organizer for Large Electrical Cords, Pool Hoses, Rope for Garage, Home, Shop, Pool, and RV Storage

    Wrap-It Super-Stretch Storage Straps are a super flexible way to get organized. Made of super-stretch elastic hook and loop so they can wrap tight and secure! Fast and easy to use, simply wrap and store indoor and outdoor extension cords; appliance cords; corded tools; audio cords; cable; cords; water and garden hoses, air hoses, pool hoses, vacuum hoses; ski rope, tow rope, dock line and rope; and so much more! Use Super-Stretch Storage Straps to get untangled and organized around the house, closet, garage, storage shed, workshop, car, truck, boat, or RV. 24" is great for Organizing Garden Hose, Garage Vacuum Hose, Pool Hose, Heavy Duty Extension Cords, Rope, Wire Conduit, Cable

    • Brand: Wrap It
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