• EARTHLITE Deluxe Adjustable Massage Table Face Cradle - Platform with Face Pillow

    Experience a new level of client comfort with our new Face Pillow Collection from Earthlite. Our exclusive Cloud Comfort Cushioning System provides the most conforming and dream-like pillow, while dramatically decreasing pressure on the face and removing pressure on the sinuses. This new level of comfort provides for deeper, dreamier client relaxation. Our new Face Pillow is finished with our luxurious PVC-free Nature Soft Upholstery.

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: EARTHLITE
    • ASIN: B01LN2K7ME
    • UPC: 649780621021

  • EARTHLITE Deluxe Adjustable Massage Table Face Cradle - Durable Massage Platform, Headrest

    A simple, yet elegant design, the Deluxe Adjustable Face cradle offers maximum adjustability and incredible durability. Folds easily when not in use.

    • Brand: EARTHLITE
    • ASIN: B00CY8DBDY
    • UPC: 649780310000

  • EARTHLITE Flex-Rest Self-Adjusting Massage Table Face Cradle - Flexible Platform with Strata Memory Face Pillow (Improved Model)

    Believed by many premier professional massage therapists and premier spas to be the most comfortable face cradle on the market, the EARTHLITE Flex-Rest self-adjusting face cradle and Strata Memory facepillow solves the age-old problem of headrest discomfort experienced by most massage clients. It eliminates pressure points and sinus pressure by its patented self-adjusting platform design and ultra-soft Strata facepillow. The Flex-rest’s base has patented elastomeric connective tissue, which flexes under pressure to create the optimal pivot point to suspend your client's face in a cradle of comfort. Meanwhile, the luxurious Strata facepillow is a revolutionary blend of super-soft gel infused Cloudfill Memory Cushion wrapped , double-stitched, 100% PU Natursoft upholstery.

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: EARTHLITE
    • ASIN: B01LN28ZEG
    • UPC: 649780632027

  • EARTHLITE Massage Memory Foam Cushion - Massage Table & Massage Chair Face Cradle Pillow w/Washable Fleece Cover

    The EARTHLITE Memory Foam cushion is a super comfortable option for your massage table and any of the head rests out there. Made from temperature sensitive viscoelastic foam you can take your clients comfort to the next level. Includes a washable fleece cover.

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: EARTHLITE
    • ASIN: B004L5HJXQ
    • UPC: 649780366007

  • EARTHLITE Fitted Disposable Massage Headrest Cover – Medical-Grade, Soft, Non-Sticking Face Rest Cradle Covers (100 count)

    Keep your clients cool and comfortable with a super-soft layer of sanitary comfort. The EARTHLITE fitted disposable head rest covers are made of absorbent, medical grade fiber that is also hypo-allergenic. Perfect for your massage room, portable massage chair, or on the go. Fits snugly to almost all headrest and facerest crescent cushions. Available in an economical 50 or 2x 50pack box from Earthlite, the world’s leading massage company.

    • Brand: EARTHLITE
    • ASIN: B074JPJ1Y4
    • UPC: 649780352550

  • EARTHLITE Travelmate Massage Support System Package - Face Down Desk & Tabletop Massage Kit, Vitrectomy recovery equipment, Black

    Convert any table, counter or desktop into a comfortable massage space with the EARTHLITE Travel mate massage support system package. The complete face down desk & tabletop massage kit includes a steel framed platform, upholstered pads, a deluxe adjustable platform and crescent face pillow. Folds compactly and stores in durable vinyl storage case. Professional quality materials make this a must purchase for table top massage. Used by professionals to offer quality chair massage in home and office settings for years. The EARTHLITE Travel mate is as well the perfect Vitrectomy recovery equipment. Founded in 1987, EARTHLITE is the premier massage equipment manufacturer in the world. EARTHLITE makes a broad array of professional massage equipment and supplies and is based is Vista, CA. The company has won numerous awards for its product designs, customer service, and environmental practices and its operations leave a zero carbon footprint.

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: EARTHLITE
    • ASIN: B004GG9R8K
    • UPC: 649780203029

  • EARTHLITE Caress Self-Adjusting Massage Table Face Cradle - Innovative Massage Platform with Memory Foam Cushion (old model)

    The innovative Caress self-adjusting facecradle incorporates eight patented Soft-Petal suspension pads. These petals are designed to flex and balance independently of one another to perfectly cradle the face.

    • Color: Marie's Beige
    • Brand: EARTHLITE
    • ASIN: B004L5J5ME
    • UPC: 649780206211

  • EARTHLITE Caress Self-Adjusting Massage Table Face Cradle - Innovative Massage Platform with Strata Face Pillow

    Considered by many professionals to be the world’s most comfortable headrest, the EARTHLITE Caress self-adjusting face cradle and strata memory face pillow solves the age-old problem with face down headrest discomfort experienced by most massage clients. The patented self-adjusting platform design, working in tandem with the ultra-soft Strata face pillow, eliminates pressure points and reduces sinus pressure. The Caress’s patented platform design features 8 independent Soft-Petal suspension pads, which flex and deflect per the shape of your face, creating a soft, trampoline type cradle effect. The luxurious Strata face pillow blends plush, gel infused Cloudfill and a supple memory cushion wrapped in our environmental friendly, double-stitched, 100% PU Natursoft upholstery. A single cam lever locks the headrest into a firm, fixed position.The Caress’s patented three-bar linkage adjustment arm system offers perfect client head positioning in both angle and height. It features super-strong, carbon fiber infused molded arms with slight curvature to ensure a snug fit in all standard 8” on center face cradle outlets. A geared locking mechanism prevents slippage during massage. Recently redesigned to further increase its incredible range of adjustment and we added the luxurious ...

    • Color: Amethyst
    • Brand: EARTHLITE
    • ASIN: B01LN2KAJO
    • UPC: 649780678131