• Cressi Panoramic Dive Mask and Supernova Dry Snorkel Combo-Black

    Change your point of view. A low profile family of masks for the pro, the semi-pro, and all lovers of the sport who want to see the underwater world more clearly. Cressi masks have been designed to give you great visibility, fit, durability and comfort. You'll get a clear look at what's going on in any dive environment and our eye-catching translucent colors will let you outshine the brightest fish. Same great fit and style as the Panoramic 4-Window mask with side windows for increased peripheral vision Sturdy lightweight frame Low volume design for wide field-of-view and easy clearing 100% liquid silicone for comfort and long-life Tempered glass lens for safety Easy adjusting buckles for convenience Cressi Dry Snorkel, Is the first submersible dry top snorkel of the Cressi line. Great for kids to adults, anyone who wants to feel that much safer when they are snorkeling. The first submersible Dry snorkel in the Cressi collection Dry top eliminates water entry when submerged Soft silicone mouth piece and flex tub

    • Color: Black/Black
    • Brand: Cressi
    • ASIN: B00NB2JF5A
    • UPC: 000002595504

  • Seavenger Diving Set with Silicone Mask, Trek Fins/Flippers, Dry Top Snorkel and Quick Dry Gear Bag (Gray/Black Silicone/Green, S/M)

    Just in time for snorkeling season, an exclusive, complete, color-coordinated, high-end snorkeling set from Seavenger -- all for an amazing low-end price. You'd expect to pay as much for any one of these great snorkel items as you are for the whole package! {{{Dry Top Snorkel}}} For snorkeling, the most desirable snorkel is this Dry Top with splash guard allowing you full head mobility while minimizing water entering. Also has Purge Valve for fast water clearance. Made entirely of top grade silicone, the tube and mouthpiece of this snorkel are extremely bendy. Add to that the mouthpiece's angle, and you have an easy-breathing snorkel that allows your jaw muscles to relax. {{{Trek Fin}}} Ideal for snorkeling, a short, powerful fin, agile enough to be also used as a bodyboarding fin. The foot pocket is super-comfortable, fins feature vented blades that jet water backwards on downstroke, and promote maximum propulsion. Quick-release, easily adjustable strap. {{{Single Lens Mask}}} From Seavenger's own line of specially designed and developed masks, this mask will give you the panoramic view you are looking for in a snorkel mask. Mask has many high end features like high-quality silicone skirt, tempered glass raked lens with inverted tear drop shape that brings lens as close to...

    • Color: Gray/Black Silicone/Green
    • Brand: Seavenger
    • ASIN: B00UM9UA9A
    • UPC: 814632022824

  • Cressi Supernova Dry, black/black

    The Supernova Dry snorkel has a unique Splash Guard at the end which greatly reduces the entrance of water during use on the surface. The special Valve on top seals the tube as you dive, almost totally preventing the entrance of water when the snorkel is submerged. The end part has a corrugated piece that is smooth on the inner side and keeps the snorkel away from the mouth during use when scuba diving. A special water collection well, with a large elliptic valve, allows quick and easy expulsion of water. The replaceable angled mouthpiece and corrugated tube section are both made from Hypoallergenic Silicone adding comfort and function. A quick release snorkel keeper and ergonomic contoured shape make this one great snorkel.

    • Color: Black/Black
    • Brand: Cressi
    • ASIN: B007MAKHUO
    • UPC: 843607038683

  • Kraken Aquatics Dry Snorkel with Comfortable Silicone Mouthpiece and Purge Valve for Snorkeling and Scuba Diving | Black

    Want to have a snorkeling or scuba diving experience that doesn't involve a mouth full of sea water? We have the perfect dry snorkel for you! One main reason to get a dry snorkel is to keep water out of your snorkel.There is nothing more frustrating while snorkeling than to get a mouth full of water. Our dry snorkel uses a floating ball system at the opening of the snorkel to help keep water out. If you decide to dive down to get a better view of the sea life, this system closes the opening at the top of the snorkel instead of allowing water in and then reopens when the top of the snorkel reaches the surface! If you do happen to get water inside the snorkel, the one way purge valve helps to easily clear it out. Even if you are still under water! Your mouth comfort is very important. Many snorkelers complain that their snorkel is not comfortable in their mouth after only a short period of time. Often this is because of the stiffer material used in a lot of the cheaper snorkels on the market. Our dry snorkel uses soft silicone for the mouthpiece and for the corrugated section of the tube. The silicone mouthpiece is comfortable and is flexible enough to fit just about any shaped mouth. The corrugated section of the tube is flexible as well and allows the snorkel to more naturally fo...

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Kraken Aquatics
    • ASIN: B00VNDAEL8
    • UPC: 646437036719

  • Seavenger Advanced Snorkeling Set with Panoramic Mask, Trek Fins, Dry Top Snorkel & Gear Bag (Black Silicone/Red, Medium)

    Great for beginners Give it as a gift to the child in your life or any beginning diver. Either way, it's the ideal gear set for swimmers and snorkelers alike who are encountering the underwater world for the first time. The ideal travel companion Your gear comes with a high-quality zipper-closure bag that travels and stores easily in one convenient set. Pack it in your carry-on or store it in your beach bag for your next spontaneous scuba diving trip. Quality material A liquid-injected silicone mask forms to your face, while an ergonomically-designed snorkel sits above your shoulder. Soft-flex vented fins allow you to propel with speed and change direction instantaneously. Our snorkel set is durable and reliable for hassle-free fun.

    • Color: Black Silicone/Red
    • Brand: Seavenger
    • ASIN: B075DJLHLY
    • UPC: 814632029151

  • Mpow Snorkel Mask, Scuba Diving Mask for Snorkeling Diving Swimming, Easy Breath Scuba Snorkeling Gear with Silicon Mouth Piece and Easy Adjustable Strap (Blue)

    Are you planning your wonderful vacation for the snorkeling season? Are you still struggling with uncomfortable and easily-broken snorkel set? Do you want to have a professional tool that helps you snorkel safely and pleasantly? Our professional snorkel set with a tempered glass diving mask and a dry snorkel will be a perfect solution for you. Professional QualityWe now solve your problem by providing you with such a fabulous set of premium quality and favorable price. If you are now seeking for a reliable snorkel set, this cool one is just for you. Amazingly Clearer Sea Views Featuring shatter-resistant, the silicone snorkel mask with one-piece tempered glass lens provide you with amazingly crystal-clear sea views, enhancing your diving experience. 100% Dry-Top Snorkel The dry snorkel has a closing valve which seals the tube automatically as you dive while it allows air to easily enter snorkel for clean and unobstructed breathing when on water surface. Full Flex Section and Comfortable Mouth Piece The dry snorkel is designed with a full-flex section for maneuverability; the soft silicone mouth piece helps prevent jaw fatigue, providing you maximum comfort so you could fully enjoy your snorkeling. Tips about Snorkel Set Care 1. Please wash the snorkel set with clean water af...

    • Color: 2-Blue
    • Brand: Mpow
    • ASIN: B0734JPWJ6
    • UPC: 714874213083

  • Cressi Alpha Ultra Dry snorkel (black/silver)

    Cressi Alpha Ultra Dry snorkel allows divers to take every breath with confidence and focus on the reef-below, not on worrying about water in their air way. A generous bore contoured tube provides ample airflow and a lower PURGE VALVE enables instant clearing if needed. The Alpha Ultra Dry have the latest dry-top snorkel technology that auto close the tube when submerged for not allow water entry when you go underwater. Once you ascend back to the surface, you can resume breathing without having to make the effort to expel water. The corrugated flexible tube REDUCES JAW FATIGUE and the flexible tube allows the mouthpiece to drop away when not in use, making this one great snorkel for scuba divers. The high quality removable and replaceable SILICONE mouthpiece is comfortable and durable. The mouthpiece is also angled further reduces jaw fatigue. The Alpha Ultra Dry streamlined design reduces drag while snorkeling and the adjustable clip for securing the snorkel to your mask has its own streamlined shape to further reduces drag in the water. The product is made in 100% high quality silicone, a better material and longer lasting than plastic PVC. The snorkel is available in multiple color choices, is Italian made and is covered by a 12 month limited warranty.

    • Color: Clear/Silver
    • Brand: Cressi
    • ASIN: B00BX51JWO
    • UPC: 843607042451

  • Whale Black Dry snorkel with Comfortable Silicone Mouthpiece and Purge Valve for Snorkeling and Scuba Diving

    Whale snorkel SK-900 series suit for beginner, it has automatic sensor float settings, beginners do not have to worry about water will enter your mouth. Specifications: Material-- Mouthpiece:Silicone Floating:PC Tube:PU Corrugated Hose:Silicone Housing:PC+TPR Color: Black, Blue, Yellow Length:17.7inch Important Tips: Floating ball: Its dry top has a floatting device design that closes the opening while the snorkel submerges under the water, and it re-opens after the snorkel comes back to the surface

    • Color: all-black
    • Brand: Whale
    • ASIN: B06ZY1KPRF
    • UPC: 653472978058