• Welcome to My Studio: Adventures in Oil Painting With Helen Van Wyk

    Helen Van Wyk may well be considered the most popular oil painting instructor in recent times, and is best known for her long-running PBS series "Welcome to My Studio." Her unparalleled instructional books -- brimming with her insightful techniques and full-color images of her work -- continue to teach and inspire artists of all skill levels.

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  • Oil Painting For Dummies

    Nobody ever said that oil painting was easy. But it gets much easier and a lot more fun when you follow a step-by-step approach that starts you off on the right foot, helps you build your skills one at a time, and gives you plenty of exercises to develop your craft. That’s what you’ll find in Oil Painting For Dummies. Completely free of arty jargon, this full-color guide has all the hands-on instruction you need to master the basics. You’ll see how to plan a painting, build an image in layers, mix colors, and create stunning compositions. You’ll also find everything you need to know about oil paints, solvents, and pigments; brushes, palettes, and painting surfaces; and how to keep costs down at the art supply store. Discover how to: Choose the right supplies Set up your studio and care for your equipment Handle your materials safely Develop your design and composition skills Make practice sketches and studies Use broken stroke, dry brush, glazing, scraffito and other brush strokes Try out different compositions Mix any color you want Simplify tricky still-life subjects Paint landscapes and common objects out doors Paint portraits and the human form Complete with handy color chart, basic materials list, and a very useful viewing square, Oil Painting For Dummies is the fu...

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  • The Art of Basic Oil Painting: Master techniques for painting stunning works of art in oil-step by step (Collector's Series)

    From the days of the early Masters, oil painting has inspired and intrigued artists of all skill levels. In The Art of Basic Oil Painting, artists interested in learning how to work with this complex and multifaceted medium will find inspiration through clear, step-by-step painting lessons covering a variety of approachable subjects. First, artists will be guided through the tools and materials required for oil painting, including brushes, supports, mediums, palettes, and paint. This inclusive book also has sections on basic drawing techniques and color theory, as well as brief overviews of perspective, composition, lighting, and painting from photographs. Expert oil painters then guide artists along the way by outlining basic painting techniques, demonstrating how to work with various mediums, teaching the intricacies of color mixing, and much more in an easy-to-digest format. Artists will enjoy working their way through step-by-step projects spanning a wide range of appealing subjects--including portraits, landscapes, seascapes, still lifes, and florals. Full of inspiring and beautiful works of art, The Art of Basic Oil Painting also features techniques for rendering light and shadow, creating textures, and achieving lifelike results. With its fresh approach and plethora of tip...

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  • Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Oil Painting

    Imagine an art school where more than a dozen popular oil painters teach, and you've imagined Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Oil Painting, a full-to-the-brim anthology of Watson-Guptill's finest instruction in oil painting from the recent best-selling authors.In this treasure trove you'll find an overview of the tools and materials of oil painting, along with advice about color palette, color mixing, and applied color theory. You'll learn about preparing a canvas, designing a composition, direct painting, scumbling, blending, layering, glazing, impasto, monotyping, and more. Let the experts show you the most effective ways to work with light and shadow, model forms, handle values, and achieve color harmony, as well as how to develop ideas and solve common painting problems. Capture the heat of summer light or the crisp, cold light of winter. Paint a brilliant blue sky filled with billowing clouds or the lifting of a late morning mist. The pros teach all this and more in the section on landscape painting. You'll learn, too, from the masters how to express with confidence the many gestures, moods, and forms of the human figure on the section on figure painting. In the section on still life, you'll find out how to create interesting setups and translate the forms and textu...

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  • Carlson's Guide to Landscape Painting

    Written by a famous American painter and teacher, whose landscapes are found in many of the world's most noted museums, this book is known as one of the art students' most helpful guides. It provides a wealth of advice on the choice of subject; it tells what to look for and aim for, and explains the mysteries of color, atmospheric conditions, and other phenomena to be found in nature.Through his profound understanding of the physical nature of landscapes and his highly developed artistic sense, John Carlson is able to explain both the whys and the hows of the various aspects of landscape painting. Among the subjects covered are angles and consequent values (an insightful concept necessary for strong overall unity of design), aerial and linear perspective, the painting of trees, the emotional properties of line and mass in composition, light, unity of tone, choice of subject, and memory work. In the beginning chapters, the author tells how to make the best of canvas, palette, colors, brushes, and other materials and gives valuable advice about texture, glazing, varnishing, bleaching, retouching, and framing. Thirty-four reproductions of Mr. Carlson's own work and 58 of his explanatory diagrams are shown on pages adjoining the text.As Howard Simon says in the introduction: "Crammed...

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  • The Art of Painting Landscapes, Seascapes, and Skyscapes in Oil & Acrylic: Disover simple step-by-step techniques for painting an array of outdoor scenes. (Collector's Series)

    This inspiring book combines projects from some of our most popular How to Draw and Paint titles into one comprehensive guide to creating an array of outdoor scenes in a variety of painting styles. This beautiful, full-color reference book delves into essential information about acrylic and oil painting tools and techniques, and it contains a wide variety of step-by-step painting lessons, featuring a range of landscapes, seascapes, and skyscapes.

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  • Painting with Water-Soluble Oils

    Water-Soluble Oils Have Arrived!This invaluable guide provides you with the information you need to master this exciting new medium. You'll learn what water-soluble oil color is, its unique characteristics and why it's generating so much enthusiasm among your fellow artists.You'll find a lengthy chapter packed with step-by-step demonstrations provided by some of the best artists working in water-soluble oils today. Soon, you could be one of them.Water-soluble oils make oil painting easier and more fun than ever before, plus you get gorgeous results. You may never go back to traditional oils again!

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  • Problem Solving for Oil Painters: Recognizing What's Gone Wrong and How to Make it Right

    Finally - a book to help you solve all your painting problems!Inside you'll learn how to study a painting and correct problematic areas. Study topics include:Ideas- Is there a good abstract idea underlying the picture?- What details could be eliminated to strengthen the composition?- Does the painting have a focus?- Are the unessential parts subbordinated?- Does the painting "read"?- Could you finish any part of the painting?Shapes- Are the dominant shapes as strong and simple as possible?- Are the shapes too similiar?Value- Could the value range be increased?- Could the number of values be reduced?Light- Is the subject effectively lit?- Is the light area big enough?- Would the light look stronger with a suggestion of burnout?- Do the lights have a continuous flow?- Is the light gradiated?Shadows- Do the shadow shapes describe the form?- Are the shadows warm enough?Depth- Would the addition of foreground material deepen the space?- Does the background recede far enough?- Are the halftones properly related to the background?Solidity- Is the underlying form being communicated?- Is the symmetry in perspective?Color- Is there a color strategy?- Could a purer color be used?- Do the whites have enough color in them?- Are the colors overbended on the canvas?- would the color look bright...

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  • Best of the Joy of Painting

    It's Bob Ross. The man with the gentle voice who can paint a landscape in thirty minutes right before your very eyes in your own living room.Reaching millions of homes every day, Bob Ross is unquestionably America's favorite art instructor. Now avaiable in paperback, The Best of the Joy of Painting -- Bob Ross's first book -- contains sixty of his favorite paintings, all of them originally created during the Joy of Painting show.Each painting comes complete with a full-color photo and a series of black-and-white instructional photos, accompanied by step-by-step instructions that guide you through the painting process. With this book in hand, you will be amazed at the ease and skill with which you can create your own Bob Ross original.

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