• Melissa & Doug Standing Lifelike Plush Llama Stuffed Animal Plush, 31 x 30 x 9.5

    Discover a Lifetime of cuddly llama love! the beautiful tri-colored plush fur is both durable and incredibly soft to the touch, while the quality construction and a strong interior structure means it will hold up to years of hugs and snuggling. This lovely llama stands about two-and-a-half feet tall. Attention to realistic details—flat, furry tail, a soft, black nose, tufted eyebrows and a docile expression—make it a certain favorite for animal lovers of all ages.

    • Brand: Melissa & Doug
    • ASIN: B06WGLG34S
    • UPC: 000772088145

  • Melissa & Doug Lifelike Plush Koala Stuffed Animal (13.5W x 14H x 12D in)

    G’day, koala lovers! This adorable gray and white plush koala is ready to snuggle on a child’s lap and become a lifelong friend. Its fur is so soft and pet-able, kids will never want to put it down! Realistic details include big shaggy ears, deep brown eyes, a squishy nose, pink tongue, sweet expression, and fingers and toes with soft, sewn-in “claws.” The koala sits about 14 inches high.

    • Color: Multi
    • Brand: Melissa & Doug
    • ASIN: B0774LNVGV
    • UPC: 000772088060

  • Melissa & Doug Giant Giraffe - Lifelike Stuffed Animal (over 4 feet tall)

    Over four feet tall, this gentle giant brings a touch of the exotic into any environment. The perfect accessory in a nursery, this eye-catching giraffe is a great addition to any décor! Attention to authentic details and excellent quality construction make this giraffe easy to love!

    • Color: Multi
    • Brand: Melissa & Doug
    • ASIN: B00009YEGL
    • UPC: 100029510082

  • Melissa & Doug Winged Dragon-Plush Animal, 36 x 40.5 x 16"

    Let imaginations take flight with this fantastic and dramatic Winged Dragon! with a wingspan stretching nearly four feet wide and measuring almost four-and-a half feet from forked-tongued snout to the tip of its powerful tail, this impressive green-scaled Dragon with vinyl talons and horns will spark the imagination, promote creative play, and is sure to be a beloved prehistoric pal.

    • Color: Multi
    • Brand: Melissa & Doug
    • ASIN: B072JGXFL4
    • UPC: 000772088046

  • Melissa & Doug Meadow Medley Calf - Stuffed Animal Baby Cow With Moo Sound Effect

    From its smiling face to its tufted tail, this eight inch calf is stuffed with personality. Gently squeeze its belly to make it moo. With a jaunty red gingham bow, this cuddly calf will win friends in the barnyard and beyond!

    • Color: Multi
    • Brand: Melissa & Doug
    • ASIN: B004PBN1J2
    • UPC: 000772074032

  • Melissa & Doug Standing Lifelike Plush Goat Stuffed Animal, 22 x 22.5 x 9

    No kid-ding around, this adorable goat will wander into any kid's heart! Its soft and pet-able white fur, scruffy beard, and adorable expression inspire goat-loads of cuddles. Detailed features include realistic eyes, droopy ears, pointy horns, and soft, split hooves. With excellent quality construction and a sturdy interior structure, this goat stands 22.5 inches tall and is ready to become part of any animal lover's tribe.

    • Brand: Melissa & Doug
    • ASIN: B01N5HMTOY
    • UPC: 000772088077

  • Melissa & Doug Giant Tiger - Lifelike Stuffed Animal (over 5 feet long)

    This elegant Siberian tiger features lifelike details from the tip of its striped tail to the pads on its front paws. Attention to detail and top-quality construction will provide exotic delight in any environment.

    • Color: White-blac
    • Brand: Melissa & Doug
    • ASIN: B000ASBJ0C
    • UPC: 707003214259

  • Melissa & Doug Burrow Bunny Rabbit Stuffed Animal (14 inches)

    Fluffed, and stuffed with love, Burrow will happily nestle in your bunny-lover's arms. In gentle contrast to his fuzzy coat, Burrow's inner ears and paws are velvety soft.

    • Color: Multi
    • Brand: Melissa & Doug
    • ASIN: B004N7NFSK
    • UPC: 885368622510

  • Melissa & Doug Giant Sea Turtle - Lifelike Stuffed Animal (nearly 2 feet long)

    At two feet long, this lifelike sea turtle is not shy! A delight to hug, use as a pillow or just snuggle up with, this realistic creature of the deep features excellent quality construction and careful attention to its lifelike markings.

    • Color: Green, Brown
    • Brand: Melissa & Doug
    • ASIN: B0007WJ27S
    • UPC: 658109608735