• Doctor’s CarbRite Diet – Sugar Free Chocolate Chip Brownie Mix, 11.5 oz

    Doctor's carbrite Brownie Mix is a bake mix that offers a delicious, sugar-free alternative for those looking to add more protein to their diets. These brownies have half the calories and significantly fewer net impact carbs than regular brownies (and nearly three times the fiber and twice as much protein too).

    • Brand: Universal Nutrition
    • ASIN: B000G8399A
    • UPC: 767644062251

  • New! Stoka Bars - Keto, Paleo, Low Carb/Glycemic (VANILLA ALMOND & COCO ALMOND Variety Box) 4g Net Carbs, 9g Protein, 5g Fiber, All Natural - Sustained Energy! 8 Count

    A fulfilling sugar free snack bar that is sweet and crunchy! Keto - Paleo - Low Glycemic - 4g Net Carbs - 9g Protien - 5g Fiber

    • Brand: Stoka Nutrition
    • ASIN: B079PYZ89Q
    • UPC: 860036000845

  • Universal Nutrition Doctor's CarbRite Sugar Free Bar - Chocolate Brownie - 12 - 2.00 oz (56.7 g) bars

    Universal Nutrition Doctor's CarbRite Sugar Free Bar - Chocolate Brownie - 12 - 2.00 oz (56.7 g) barsJust because you are on a low carbohydrate diet, it does not mean you have to lower your standards. With Doctors CarbRite Diet Bars, you can have a bar you really enjoy, one that is full of flavor. The Doctors CarbRite Diet Bar will satisfy even the most demanding sweet tooth. So if you are sick of low carb bars that taste like cardboard, we recommended the Doctors CarRite Diet Bar. No prescription needed!Aside from conventional carbs, there is another class of unconventional carbs called polyols or sugar alcohols. Not truly a carb, these nutrients are commonly found in sugar-free foods to impact sweetness and texture. Nutrients such as maltitol and glycerin do not cause a significant rise in insulin levels because the body has a hard time absorbing them. This is good because low carb dieting is all about controlling insulin, the hormone which triggers fat storage. Our products all have very low levels of net impact carbs and are therefore perfect for a low carb dieter like you. Gluten-Free.DirectionsNote: Consult your physician before starting any weight loss program.WarningsMade on equipment that also process soy, milk, egg, peanuts and tree nuts.

    • Brand: Universal Nutrition
    • ASIN: B01GDO5PRE

  • Western's Smokehouse Simply Good Hickory Smoked Bacon Meat Snack Sticks - 1.0 Ounce, Pack of 24 - Gluten-Free, MSG-Free, Soy-Free

    Western's Smokehouse Hickory Smoked Bacon is a delicious snack stick without having to fry the bacon. These snack sticks are made from lean cuts of tender beef and pork, seasoned with an award-winning blend of herbs and spices. They are wood smoked for natural goodness. The bacon snack sticks contain zero trans-fat and are low in calories and carbohydrates. One pack of the Western's Smokehouse Hickory Smoked Bacon includes 24 individually wrapped pieces. Each piece has a serving size of one ounce. The meat sticks are made in the USA by Western’s Smokehouse. Family owned and operated since 1978, Western’s Smokehouse steeped in the traditions of the Midwest providing the highest quality and value in every item. The result is the best tasting snack sticks you will ever find. Grab, go, and taste the difference.

    • Brand: Western's Smokehouse
    • ASIN: B003SKR0GG
    • UPC: 824906241905

  • Universal Nutrition Gluten Free, Sugar Free, Doctor's CarbRite Diet Protein Bar - For Low Carb and Keto Diet - Great Taste and a Healthy Filling Snack - Toasted Coconut - 12 Bars

    Just because you’re on a low carbohydrate diet, doesn’t mean you have to lower your standards. With the Doctor’s Diet CarbRite Bars, you can have a bar you really enjoy, one that’s full of flavor. The Doctor’s CarbRite Diet Bar will satisfy even the most demanding sweet tooth. So if you are sick of low carb bars that taste like cardboard, we recommend the Doctor’s CarRite Diet Bar. No prescription needed!

    • Brand: Universal Nutrition
    • ASIN: B000GOUZKU
    • UPC: 039442081032

  • Universal Nutrition Dr. Diet Carb Rite Protein Bars, Peanut Butter Chocolate, 2.00 oz (56.7g) 12-Count

    Regardless of which low carb bar you´ve used in the past, it´s time for a change. A delicious, mouth-watering change. The Doctor´s CarbRite Diet Bars have been taking the country by storm. Dieters everywhere are switching to our bars every day and regretting that they didn´t switch earlier. Maybe you´re still in the dark. Perhaps you´ve been eating your bar for so long, you don´t even know what a great bar should taste like. Does it even exist? Absolutely. Most people who try the bar are skeptical at first. After they´ve had it, they can´t imagine how a low carb bar could taste so good. So good that these bars have received some of the highest marks from independent low carb web sites. So good that real people like yourself have compared it to candy bars.

    • Brand: Universal Nutrition
    • ASIN: B001O8PMW8
    • UPC: 039442081117

  • HealthSmart Foods Inc ChocoRite Protein Peanut Butter Sugar Free 5 Bars 32 g Each


    • Brand: Health Smart Foods
    • ASIN: B0079OZSPW
    • UPC: 857128001972

  • Doctor's CarbRite Diet Chocolate Mint Cookie Bars, 2 oz, 12 count

    Doctor's CarbRite Diet Sugar Free Bar is a perfect chocolate bar for those on a low carbohydrate of low sugar diet. With 0 grams of sugars, each serving is packed with lots of nutrition and loads of great chocolate taste. It is just what the doctor ordered. For carb conscious dieters: This bar contains 0g of carbs (Net Impact Carbs) that should be counted towards your daily carbohydrate intake. Net impact carbs include only those carbohydrates that cause a noted impact on blood sugar and exclude fiber and malititol. Gluten-Free.

    • Brand: Universal Nutrition
    • ASIN: B00CQ0BIBW
    • UPC: 039442081537

  • KetoBrownie - Low-Carb High Fat Baked Keto Brownies (12 Count Chocolate Almond Brownie)

    KetoBrownie provides the delightful taste of a brownie while keeping you in ketosis. Each Keto-friendly Brownie treat contains the optimal amount of healthy fats, protein and a low net-carb count for ketogenic and low-carb dieting. Each KetoBrownie also contains nearly 50% of your daily Fiber requirement! In addition to its taste and macro-nutrient profile, all KetoBrownie flavors are gluten free! This treat was baked to perfection to allow a soft but firm brownie texture. OPTIMAL SNACKS FOR KETO DIETERS: KetoBrownie provides great-tasting keto-friendly baked brownie treats. Our Brownies are ideal for those looking to achieve or sustain a low carb and high fat (LCHF) diet. AMAZING BROWNIE TASTE: Each KetoBrownie is oozing with just the right amount of Brownie flavor to satisfy your sweet tooth while making sure you stay in fat-burning mode. Our Brownies are specifically formulated to deliver optimal ketogenic macronutrients in a Brownie snack. LOW NET-CARBS: Our Keto Brownies contain a healthy serving of fiber and a low-net carb content that is perfect for low-carb dieters. Each Brownie is sweetened naturally with Monk Fruit Extract. ON-THE-GO SNACK: Keto Brownies can be enjoyed as a dessert treat or used during pre, post or intra-workout activities. Many love KetoBrownie as...

    • Brand: KetoBrownie
    • UPC: 868462000439