• Distant Light: A Reverse Harem Romance (Tales From the Edge)

    Iphigenia Holt is a good little witch who grew up under the thumb of a wicked mother and two powerful sisters. Pegged as a caretaker, Iphi hides a secret that would change the way everyone around her views her: she’s an empath. And yet she doesn’t let that stand in her way. A soaring circus performer with a fierce love for animals and the downtrodden, Iphi tumbles her way through life, hiding the hurt just being around others can inflict...until she meets an enigmatic vampire and his three hot shapeshifting cousins. Drawn to the brightness she shines into their lives, each man promises to transport Iphi from the monotony of her life into a world truly filled with magic. They offer her love, protection—and an unconventional arrangement that will make her the scandal of Distant Edge. But when a rogue vampire attacks Iphi, it’s time for the men to step up and for Iphi to fight back the only way she knows how: with love, compassion, and her inner radiance. If love can’t conquer evil, her four protectors are more than willing to bare tooth and claw at her side—whether she’ll have them or not. Scroll Up And Order Now A paranormal, urban fantasy reverse harem series. #whychoose This is book 1 out of 3 in the Tales From the Edge Series. There is a cliffhanger so if you do...

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  • Distant Light

    A man lives in total solitude in an abandoned mountain village. But each night, at the same hour, a mysterious distant light appears on the far side of the valley and disturbs his isolation. What is it? Someone in another deserted village? A forgotten street lamp? An alien being? Finally the man is driven to discover its source. He finds a young boy who also lives alone, in a house in the middle of the forest. But who really is this child? The answer at the secret heart of this novel is both uncanny and profoundly touching. Antonio Moresco's "Little Prince" is a moving meditation on life and the universe we inhabit. Moresco reflects on the solitude and pain of existence, but also on what we share with all around us, living and dead.

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  • Renee Fleming: Distant Light

    Distant Light is Renee Flemings first foray into the hypnotic world of Scandinavian music. For her first new studio album in three years she has chosen to inspire and provoke with a daring mix of music.The title comes from a poem in a new song cycle dedicated to Renee and here receiving its world premiere recording: Anders Hillborgs The Strand Settings. At once atmospheric, elegiac and unsettling, the work was crafted with Ms. Flemings creamy voice in mind, wrote the New York Times at its first performance in 2013. One of Swedens brightest star composers Hillborg has a close relationship with the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic where this recording was made in February 2016 with its principal conductor Sakari Oramo.Renee couples this with three songs by Bjork in specially commissioned orchestrations by the brilliant Swedish composer and arranger Hans Ek, recorded here for the first time.Why Bjork? Both she and Renee are recipients of Swedens Polar Music Prize. Both dare to be original. In the fascinating booklet interview Renee talks about her admiration for Bjork: Her originality is breathtaking. She just blazes her own path forward. Renee chooses the songs which mean the most to her personally and musically.Distant Light also evokes the world of summer evenings in Tennessee which ...

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  • Radiant Light: A Reverse Harem Paranormal Romance (Tales From the Edge Book 2)

    HFS!!! AMAZING!!! How the hell did u come up with this story line? 12/5 stars!!! ~ ARC Reader SamThis wicked witch is sweet as sin.Iphigenia Holt, witch, acrobat, and bleeding heart, continues tumbling down the circus silks and into a harem of lofty admirers in this sequel to Distant Light.Finally out from under her mother’s shadow, Iphi has found joy in an unconventional place: in the arms of two men. There’s Rhys, half vampire, half shifter, all deadly. And Caspian, the sensitive shifter who paints life in brilliant colors. Together the trio soars to sensual new heights, but Iphi has no time to revel in her newfound happiness before their love is put to the test.Iphi’s mother isn’t happy with her daughter’s recent independence, and she’s holding Caspian’s brother Thorn hostage to get Iphi back under control. Worse, their brother Dominic watches Iphi from the shadows—and she’d be lying if she didn’t admit she comes alive under his gaze. Meanwhile, a mysterious puppet master is abducting humans and vampires off Distant Edge’s streets to build a ghoul army.Iphi may be the only one who can stop evil from invading the Edge, but if her men can’t find a way to see past the mistrust tearing them apart, their deadly foe will steal what they love most right out fr...

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  • Light a Distant Fire

    Threatened with forced removal from their Florida homeland, the Seminole and Miccosukee Indians took up arms. Using alligator-infested swamps to their advantage, they fought the U.S. Army to a standstill.Unable to win militarily, General Thomas Jesup captured his enemies under flags of truce. With most of their people transported west, fewer than a hundred remained hidden in the heart of the Everglades, members of the only tribe never to surrender. " powerfully recreates the mid-19th century Seminole Indian Wars and the life of Osceola, who courageously led his people against unjust U.S. government policies."-Publishers Weekly

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  • Distant Light

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  • A Distant Light: Kentucky's Journey Toward Racial Justice

    Judge Cunningham exposes social injustices from Kentucky's bloody past and shows the journey to redemption through courageous leaders such as Governors A.O. Stanley and Ned Breathitt. The dark days of lynching and murders give way to a brighter future through the efforts of those who were willing to stand for justice.

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  • Distant Lights: Poems Along the Way

    Depression. Anxiety. Mental illness is no respecter of persons. Doesn't matter who you are or what you've got. Without warning you can find yourself landing against the jagged bottom of a deep, black pit. You will feel surprised. Ashamed. Jesus is neither surprised nor ashamed when this happens. He will be there with you. Cheer you on. Hold you close when you just can't do it anymore. When all is dark and hope seems lost, He will point you toward the distant lights.

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