• DR Instruments 61936PCT Precision Dissection Kit, Hard Plastic Case, Assorted Color (Pack of 9)

    Contents: Dissecting mall probe chrome plated (p/no.: 36) ruler 6 inch (p/no: 30) student Dissecting Forceps 4.5 inches (p/no: 15 or 17C) Dissecting iris scissors 4.5 inches (p/no: 9) Dissecting scalpel with Screw-Lock blade (p/no: 21) glass dropper (p/no: 39) Dissecting needle straight plastic handle (p/no: 31) Dissecting t-pins six-pcs (p/no: 42) see-thru plastic case with locks - sanitize able (p/no: 505P) dimensions: 3.5 inch W x 6.75 inch L x 0.75 inch H (approx.) weight: 5 oz. (Approx.).

    • Color: Assorted Color
    • Brand: DR Instruments
    • ASIN: B00TAA0P6A
    • UPC: 853139000768

  • DR Instruments 65ZP Zippy Dissecting Kit

    Basic Dissection kit with scalpel, dissecting scissors, forceps, straight and bent teasing needle with plastic handles, glass dropper, and a 6" ruler in a velveteen lined vinyl zipper case for easy travel.

    • Brand: DR Instruments
    • ASIN: B008RBLF94
    • UPC: 853139000690

  • 27 Pcs Advanced Dissection Kit for Anatomy & Biology Medical Students with Scalpel Knife Handle - 11 Blades - Case - Lab Veterinary Botany Stainless Steel Dissecting Tool Set for Frogs Animals etc

    The Complete Anatomy Lab Dissection and Suture Kit Every Student Needs to Succeed. This medical science dissection kit contains more tools than other basic dissection kits on the market. Complete with 27 tools, this anatomy dissection kit also includes what you need as a suturing kit for medical and veterinary students. - 12 surgical blades - 1 pair of surgical gloves - 2 nylon sutures - 1 stainless steel measuring scale - 5" straight tip teasing needle with steel handle - 5" curved tip teasing needle with steel handle - 4" splinter tweezers with curved forceps - 4.5" splinter tweezers with straight forecast - 5.5" operating scissors - 6" mall probe seeker with curved end - 5" handle no. 3 scalpel knife - 4.5" iris scissors - 5" mosquito forceps - 5.6" groove director - 4" 1 x 2 teeth dissecting tissue forceps - Padded storage case Ideal for medical, veterinary, and biology students, many teachers also select this student medical kit because of its superior tools and appropriate selection of necessary items for surgery, suture, and dissection. Sharp tools keep students safe while effectively doing their job. Easy to clean. 100% student and teacher satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. Click "Add to Cart" Now!

    • Color: Red | Black | White
    • Brand: Medicare Pro
    • ASIN: B07CQ3FB49

  • Advanced Dissection Kit - 37 Pieces Total. High Grade Stainless Steel Instruments Perfect for Anatomy, Biology, Botany, Veterinary and Medical Students - by Poly Medical.

    Whenever you are dissecting, your mind needs to be focusing on building the right skills, and not on stressing out over malfunctioning tools. That's why we at Poly Medical designed a dissection kit, unlike any other in the market today. While most dissection kits sold online are put together with no other thought than to look a little different from the competition, our dissection experts carefully selected each tool in our kit to bring you more value for your money, more quality to your learning experience, and more peace of mind to students and teachers all around the world. Use it to practice your dissection skills and improve your techniques. The perfect gift for the medical student who just got accepted. Suitable for dissecting small, medium or large organic tissues. A high quality kit that can last you a lifetime. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed or we'll give you your money back. What's inside: 1 - 5.4" Scalpel Knife Handle #4 1 - 5" Scalpel Handle #3 1 - 5" Teaser Needle - Straight point 1 - 5" Teaser Needle - Curved point 2 - 5.5" Probing Rods 1 - 5.6" Operating Scissors 1 - 4.6" Iris Scissors 1 - 5" Needle Driver 1 - 5" Mosquito Forceps 1 - 5" Wide Body Tooth Tissue Forceps 1 - 5" Specimen Serrated Forceps 1 - 4.5" Micro Forceps 1 - 5.6" Groove Detector 1 - ...

    • Brand: Poly Medical

  • Premium Stainless Steel Dissection Kit With Free Tray and Pins - For Biology Medical Veterinary Students 14 Premium Dissection Tools 4 Blades Beautiful Leather Case 100 % guaranteed - Frogs Hate Us

    •Constructed of the Finest German Steel - We offer 14 of the highest quality stainless German steel surgical instruments.•Carefully researched - These tools are the most useful yet affordable dissection tools available for students, teachers and professionals as well•Why only 14? - We don't count each disposable blade as a tool but we do offer 4 blades•100% satisfaction guarantee - Our instruments are are constructed of only the finest Polished German Stainless Steel if they ever break or rust we will replace them no questions asked.• Dissecting tray and 30 dissection pins - Included to make your dissection project so much easierKit Contains Ruler - measuringDissecting Spatula - used to keep tissues from recovering(pressed/hold down)Curved Blunt Probe - Used for lifting and moving deeper internal organs without pokingStraight Needle Point - used for poking and moving internal organsSpecimen Serrated Forceps - Similar to tweezers used for grasping and pulling tissuesMicro Forceps - Similar to tweezers for grasping and pulling delicate tissuesIris scissors - used for cutting outside skin and tough tissue better then a scalpel"mosquito" hemostat forceps - for smaller, delicate tissue used to grasp blood vesselsScalpel Knife Handle No. 3 - for disposable surgical blades (Sm...

    • Brand: Dime-O-mite
    • ASIN: B073BKSYFN
    • UPC: 794057925064



    • ASIN: B07B61M27Z

  • Dissection Kit - Premium quality Stainless Steel Tools for Medical Students of Anatomy, Biology, Veterinary, Marine Biology with Case and Scalpel blades included for dissecting frogs

    This 16 piece dissection kit is made of premium grade stainless steel and it is designed to help students, teachers and professionals in the field make their work or art easier The dissection kit can be used in any scientific laboratory or for arts and hobby . Fully made of Stainless Steel so that it is easy to clean and sterilize. Here are the carefully crafted instruments included in the kit: 6.1" Dissecting Knife 5.5" Dissecting Spatula 5.7" Needle Straight Point 5.7" Needle Curved Point 5" Specimen Serrated Forceps 4.5" Micro Forceps 5" 2 x 1 Tooth Tissue Forceps 4.5" Magnifying Glass (handle made of plastic) 5.6" Groove Director 5.4" Scalpel Knife Handle No. 4 5.1" Scalpel Knife Handle No. 3 5" Operating Scissors: Sharp Blunt Straight 5" Mosquito Forceps 4.6" Iris Scissors

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Edge Instruments
    • ASIN: B010LBUQ3I
    • UPC: 636391493932

  • 20 Pcs Advanced Biology Lab Anatomy Medical Student Dissecting Dissection Kit Set with Scalpel Knife Handle Blades

    This 20-piece premium grade stainless steel dissection kit is perfect for students, teachers, artists and other professionals looking to perform their work safely, and effectively. This kit will help you take your projects to the next level. Unlike other kits, we provide the as many tools as possible of the highest quality and value for the lowest price. We pride ourselves on your satisfaction so much that we provide a RISK FREE - MONEY BACK GUARANTEE as well as a 100% SATISFACTION LIFETIME GUARANTEE. If your instruments are ever broken or damaged, we will replace them right away. The following instruments have been hand-packed for you: ❤ BEST MATCH - Our goal is to provide what you need at the lowest cost but also the highest quality. We know when you find high value in your purchase you will look to us for all your dissection needs. ❤ BASED ON USAGE RESEARCH - We have select most needed and usually used instruments for most cases you will have. So, whatever you need to do, you will find needed tool. ❤ EASY TO CLEAN - You can boil them or swab by alcohol, or sterilizer, with no risk of damage to your instruments. ❤ MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - Our goal is to make your work and study efficient and effective.

    • Brand: InstaSkincare
    • ASIN: B017XY1FQS

  • 26 Pcs Advanced Dissection Kit - Premium Quality Stainless Steel Tools for Dissecting Frogs etc - Best for Biology / Anatomy / Botany and Veterinary Students or Teachers with Case

    A choice that you will never regretThe 26 pieces premium grade stainless steel dissection kit is designed to help students, teachers and professionals in the science field make their work or art easier.Featuring a protective coating for additional durability and protection from rust and corrosion. The dissection kit can be used in any scientific laboratory whether it be about plants or animals.So what makes us DIFFERENT?Fully made of Stainless Steel - Even the HANDLES are made of STAINLESS STEEL that is easy to clean.Autoclavable and Sterilizable - Tools can be placed in a sterilizer, boiled and swabbed with alcohol without fear of damage.Guidance on your tools - Our customer service will email you the importance of each tool and ways on how to use it.We have more tools than other dissection kits! - Unlike other kits we offer 14 PIECES USABLE TOOLS which are NOT disposable! 12 are disposable bladesHere are the instruments included in the kit which are carefully crafted to suit your needs:• 6.1" Dissecting Knife• 5.5" Dissecting Spatula• 5.7" Needle Straight Point• 5.7" Needle Curved Point• 5" Specimen Serrated Forceps• 4.5" Micro Forceps• 5" 2 x 1 Tooth Tissue Forceps• 4.5" Magnifying Glass (handle made of plastic)• 5.6" Groove Director• 5.4" Scalpel Knife H...

    • Brand: Scientific Precision
    • ASIN: B012BNXIH0
    • UPC: 742574339833