• Cast Member Confidential: A Disneyfied Memoir

    This is the story that Disney would never tell you. What do you do when everything in your life falls apart? If you're Chris Mitchell, you run away from home--all the way to Disney World, a place where no one ever dies--and employees, known as Cast Members, aren't allowed to frown. Mitchell shares the behind-the-scenes story of his year in the Mouse's army. From his own personal Disneyfication, to what really happens in the hidden tunnels beneath the Magic Kingdom and what not to eat at the Mousketeria, it was a year filled with more adventure--and surprises--than he could ever have "imagineered." Funny and moving, Mitchell tracks his ascent through the backstage social hierarchy in which princesses rule, and his escapades in the "Ghetto" where Cast Members live and anything goes. Along the way, he unmasks the misfits and drop-outs, lifers and nomads who leave their demons at the stage door as they preserve the magic that draws millions to this famed fantasyland--the same magic that Mitchell seeks and ultimately finds in the last place he ever expected. Chris Mitchell is an action sports photographer and journalist who grew up in Los Angeles. He was a senior at UCLA when he started his first magazine, an inline skating publication, and sold it to Sports & Fitness Publishing. Wi...

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  • Making the Most of Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom: Cast Member Tips and Tricks

    A Nickel Tour of the Magic KingdomThe best travel guides give the same good advice: ask the locals, learn from the locals. At Walt Disney World, the locals are the cast members, so if you want to learn the ins and outs of the Magic Kingdom, who should you ask? The locals!Rebecca Bryant is a former Disney World cast member. During her time in service to the mouse, she investigated every nook and cranny of the Magic Kingdom, learning how to navigate the park like a local, and where to find the best pixie dust.It's all here, in a book small enough to fit in your purse or your back pocket, but big enough to help make all your Disney dreams come true.

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  • Ema Earns Her Ears: My Secret Walt Disney World Cast Member Diary (Earning Your Ears) (Volume 2)

    God Save the Mouse!Ema Hutton's two summers in Disney's International College Program took her from a little town in England to cleaning rooms at Port Orleans and performing as Pluto in the Magic Kingdom.Ema's first summer at Disney World pitted her against a surly band of housekeepers from hell who nearly led her to "self-term" (Disney-speak for "quit"). Her account of Disney Housekeeping is the most revealing look yet at what it's like to work for the Mouse.Ema's second summer at Disney World put her inside a Pluto costume, where she dealt with excited children, rude guests, ridiculous questions (Pluto can't talk), and every autograph-signing implement imaginable. What does it take to be a Disney character? Ema tells all, from management's edict to "know your friend" (more Disney-speak) to a true insider's guide about how to make the most of your own character meet and greets.Follow Ema as she:Faces the embarrassment and near disaster of her first interviewFrets over the surprisingly cold and political world of housekeeping at Port OrleansFeels the pressure of paperwork, roomies, Traditions class, and on-the-job trainingFigures out how to be Pluto, while not being Pluto, and why Disney mandates schizophrenia among its character performersFinds her way around the culture shock o...

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  • Deadliest Cast Member: The COMPLETE SEASON ONE Collection - Disneyland Adventure Series: Episodes One-Six (Deadliest Cast Member Series Book 1)

    Disneyland fans--this book is for you! Take a white-knuckle ride through Disneyland history with the COMPLETE Season One Compilation of the hit series Deadliest Cast Member. Discounted to $5.99 for a limited time. Contains all six Episodes (over 120,000 words) plus bonus content including "Jack's Favorites," a lost Food Network audio transcript with Giada De Laurentiis outlining Jack Duncan's favorite things to eat at the Disneyland Resort. It also contains an excerpt from our new Voyageers Series, which takes place in the same world as Deadliest Cast Member. ***Update: THE COMPLETE SEASON TWO COLLECTION IS HERE! Grab it on Amazon: bit.ly/DCMTWO -- go to DeadliestCastMember.com to watch the trailers.A FAMILY FRIENDLY (13+) THRILLER AT DISNEYLAND!Jack Duncan has hours to prevent an imminent terrorist attack on Disneyland. Through his desperate attempt to save thousands of innocent lives, he discovers an underground world of extraordinary secrets and inventions hidden by Walt Disney and Jack's father--Stan Duncan. What would it be like to live at Disneyland? To talk with Walt Disney in his private apartment above Main Street? To ride Pirates of the Caribbean with Johnny Depp?In 2005, Jack saved thousands of people from an attack, but he couldn't save the love of ...

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  • Devin Earns Her Ears: My Secret Walt Disney World Cast Member Diary (Earning Your Ears) (Volume 9)

    Merching for the MouseIf you're Devin Melendy, you've got a shiny new degree in English Literature from the University of Massachusetts and a choice to make: look for a job in the real world or spend the next five months in Disney World, working for Mickey Mouse. What did she do? What would you do?No surprise, Devin took door number 2, and landed on a sweltering day in Orlando to begin her new life in Frontierland, as part of the Disney College Program. Between hoe-downs and splash-downs, there were parade crowds to control, pin traders to appease, and sheriffs of the day to appoint.For some, the college program is more misery than magic, but Devin never lost her patience or her pixie dust. She loved her work, got along with her roommates, and left Disney with a greater appreciation of the theme parks and the company.Devin's diary of her college program experience will reaffirm your faith that Disney cast members really do feel blessed to work in the most magical place on earth.If you've ever wondered what it would be like not just to visit a Disney theme park but to work in one, the "Earning Your Ears" series is your E-ticket!

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  • Amber Earns Her Ears: My Secret Walt Disney World Cast Member Diary (Earning Your Ears) (Volume 1)

    My Boss, Mickey MouseCome read Amber Sewell's Disney College Program diary and share her successes and her failures, her moments of delight and her moments of despair, and learn what happens when the pixie dust settles and the guests have gone home.As part of her job, Amber not only had to flash a smile and chat with awestruck children, but also deal with amorous Imagineers, drunks in Downtown Disney, bleeding kids and hysterical parents, screaming roommates, conceited Cast Members, and power-hungry supervisors. Throughout, she kept her cool, chronicling in Amber Earns Her Ears what it's like to work "backstage" and how Disney ensures its millions of guests always come back for more.Even though the pay is low, the rules rigid, and the experience at times disillusioning, Amber still found her job magical. Her book is as much a coming of age story as it is a compelling behind-the-scenes glimpse of Walt Disney World.Follow Amber as she:Soldiers through Disney's extensive Cast Member training, including the famous Traditions classStruggles to master Disney's picky procedures for food prep and quick service at Epcot's Electric UmbrellaStands in the broiling Florida sun behind a cart selling Captain EO merchandise to the disinterestedSeeks the reason why someone would stand in the broi...

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  • Arielle in the Animal Kingdom: A Walt Disney World Cast Member Memoir

    Lions and Tigers and Cast MembersArmed with a freshly minted degree in anthropology, Arielle Tuan found her job prospects less than hoped for. Then she heard of the professional internships at Disney's Animal Kingdom for college graduates interested in conservation. Apply? Why not! And from there her adventure began...Arielle soon found herself in possession of a "bug box" and told to educate guests about conservation and how they could help save the world — whether they wanted to hear it or not. After the bug boxes, she moved to Wilderness Explorer Stations (then known as Kids Clubs) and "animal positions", including one that featured the seldom cooperative Marley the Crocodile.For shy, introverted Arielle, her months in the steaming "jungle" of the Animal Kingdom, surrounded by wild animals and sometimes even wilder guests and cast members, brought about a metamorphosis.From the girl with the bug box that most guests ignored as they raced for the "thrill" rides every morning, Arielle found her groove as one of the park's Conservation Education Presenters. Her stories shed light on a whole other world at Disney's Animal Kingdom. YOU'LL HAVE A WILD TIME!

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  • Totally Biased Ride Reviews: Adventures and Advice from a Former Walt Disney World Cast Member

    Riding It Like It IsEverybody's got an opinion. When it comes to Walt Disney World attractions, those opinions approach dogma. But what do the cast members think? Surely they have some special insight? Former cast member Arielle Tuan has ridden the rides and now she lays it on the line.Arielle's Adventures! Many guidebooks tell you about the ride—the height requirement, how long it lasts, and other facts you can find anywhere. Arielle turns each of her ride experiences into an adventure, a mini-story about the queue, other cast members and guests, and of course the ride itself, start to finish.Arielle's Advice! Drawing on her cast member insight and knowledge, Arielle offers advice for making the most of each ride, and for avoiding the pitfalls and misconceptions that plague both newcomers and seasoned theme park visitors alike.You and Arielle will pull down the safety harness on such E-ticket rides as Pirates of the Caribbean, DINOSAUR, the Haunted Mansion, Jungle Cruise, and Tower of Terror, as well as a sampling of Walt Disney World parades and shows.Plus, a special chapter on Disneyland!

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