• VAN RORSI&MO Moissanite DF Colorless Simulated Diamond Loose Stone, Round Brilliant Cut Excellent Cut VVS Clarity(0.50ct)

    VAN RORSI&MO is committed to the production, processing and sales of sparkling high-quality Moissanite to feedback every customer who loves jewelry.VAN RORSI&MO Moissanite,composed of silicon carbide, can be easily measured by the test pen, with no yellowing or discoloring, no scratches, but just high-quality cutting, to ensure that each gram of Moissanite you choose is nearly perfect.Comparison between Moissanite 4 C and Diamond 4 C:Moissanite 4 C:Refractive index: 2.65-2.69Dispersion: 0.104MOHS Scale 9.25Toughness: ExcellentDiamond 4 C:Refractiveindex: 2.42Dispersion: 0.044MOHSScale: 10Toughness: ExcellentResult:1、MORE FIREDispersion 0.1042、THE MOST BRILLIANCERefractive index 2.65-2.693、GUARANTEED TO LASTExcellent toughness4、MADE FOR DAILY WEARMOHS Scale 9.25 VAN RORSI&MO Moissanite: the excellent choice both as engagement ring, wedding ring, holiday gift and daily adornment.WARM REMINDER: During this time, we found that many buyers liked our products, but because of the platform's policy issues, some customers returned for a month or more after using it, and some buyers even had a smattering of moissanite Also returns, resulting in many new customers can not get the best service experience. And there is also the return of zircon as our moissanite. Here we hope that ...

    • Brand: VAN RORSI&MO
    • ASIN: B07196421F
    • UPC: 764560958798

  • Venetia Top Grade Realistic Hearts and Arrows Cut Round Loose NSCD Simulated Diamond 4 Carat 10mm Super Sparkling White Fire cubic zirconia cz LS10mrd

    Our signature 8 hearts and 8 arrows diamond simulant has an amazing 68 facets, much more than the typical 57 in others. This increased number of angles reflect more light than other diamonds, and they offer edge-to-edge brilliance that explodes white and colored light, even in low light conditions, be it being across the room at a party or in dimly-lit conditions. This is something that cubic zirconia ( CZ ) and low quality diamonds cannot do.With such a high number of facets and precise symmetry, our square diamond simulants redefine the standard of a diamond's optical beauty with their brilliance, fire and glitter. They will glow in the sun and draw attention from a distance, and will still sparkle even in low light conditions, i.e. from across the room at a party or in a candle-lit restaurant.

    • Brand: VenetiaDiamond.com
    • ASIN: B015YVZD9M

  • GIA Certified Round Cut Natural Loose Diamond 1 Carat E Color VS1 Clarity - 1 Ct

    GIA Certified Round Cut Natural Loose Diamond 1 Carat E Color VS1 Clarity - 1 Ct

    • Brand: Houston Diamond District
    • ASIN: B07C3NSHXX

  • VAN RORSI&MO GH Colorless Simulated Diamond Moissanite Loose Stone, Excellent Cut Round Brilliant VVS Clarity(0.5CT)

    What is moissanite? Moissanite is also known as silicon carbide. In nature, silicon carbide is created over millennia by a combination of extreme heat and pressure. These gems are more durable than diamond, sapphire, ruby, or emerald. Will the brilliance of moissanite ever fade? No. We provides a Lifetime Warranty which guarantees that every Moissanite gemstone will maintain its brilliance and fire for its lifetime. Will moissanite fade or change color over time? No. There are no likely situations in which the color of moissanite will be permanently changed. Moissanite does undergo a temporary color change when exposed to extreme heat (for example, from a jeweler's torch during jewelry repair), but with proper bench techniques there will be no lasting damage, and the gem will return to its normal color once it cools. Is it true that moissanite can test positive as diamond using some conventional equipment? Yes. The physical properties of created moissanite are very similar to those of diamond, and moissanite will test positive as diamond using a thermal diamond tester.

    • Brand: VAN RORSI&MO
    • ASIN: B071HHYQ4G
    • UPC: 764560958781

  • Alone Moon 250pcs loose sapphire synthetic gemstones round diamond cut perfect replacement for jewelry making (3mm, Sapphire)

    •If you need other shapes \ color \ specifications of cubic zirconia or Synthetic Ruby/sapphire/Emerald, please search for Alone Moon on amazon • If you want the color or size we do not, please e-mail contact our customer service •magnificent red, high quality man-made gemstone supplier

    • Color: Sapphire
    • Brand: Alone Moon
    • ASIN: B075PCQLKH
    • UPC: 793029144069

  • 3/4 ct Round Brilliant Cut 5.60 mm G VS1 Loose Diamond Natural Earth-mined

    "Whether you are looking for a classic shape or cut that offers the maximum brilliance and fire." "Our diamonds are conflict free." "They are not treated or enhanced in anyway."

    • Brand: Glitz Design
    • ASIN: B014GWUVHE

  • 1.00 ct Loose Diamond Black AAA Round Brilliant Natural 6.00 mm

    "Whether you are looking for a classic shape or cut that offers the maximum brilliance and fire." "Our diamonds are conflict free." "They are not treated or enhanced in anyway.

    • Brand: Glitz Design

  • Narshiha Natural Loose Diamond Round Shape Blue Color I1-I3 Clarity 100 Pcs Lot NQ535

    NATURAL LOOSE DIAMONDS =========== Product Details =========== SHAPE- ROUND FULL CUT ======= CUTTING- GOOD ======= COLOR- BLUE ======= CLARITY- I1-I3 ======= SIZE- 0.70 To 0.80 MM ======= WEIGHT - 100 PCS LOT ======= MODEL- NQ535 ======= TREATMENT - COLOR ENHANCED NATURAL DIAMONDS ======= "Product will have slight change in color as compared to the picture because of photographic effects" ============ ITS VERY SMALL DIAMONDS. PICTURE IS ZOOMED IN STUDIO,IF YOU DON'T HAVE IDEA ABOUT DIAMONDS SIZE. PLEASE DO NOT BUY. THANKS. =========== SH - 23/08/2018

    • Color: Blue
    • Brand: Narshiha
    • ASIN: B07GS11HZL

  • Cubic Zirconia/CZ 5.00 MM to 12.00 MM 9 Sizes Clear Each 10 PCS Round Cut/Shape White CZ Loose Stones 5A/AAAAA (NOT 3 A/AAA) Synthetic Fake Diamond in U.S Shipper (6.50 MM - 10 PCS)


    • Brand: LOGOS
    • ASIN: B07B2PPWKN
    • UPC: 669145091863