• Necta Sweet Sugar Substitute 1/2 Grain 1000 Tablets (Pack of 3)

    Necta Sweet tablets are a non-nutritive sugar substitute that is truly calorie free because there is no lactose or dextrose in the formulation as with other sugar substitute brands that can contain up to 4 calories. Choose from 1, 2 or 4 teaspoons of sugar sweetness in pre-measured tablets that take the guesswork out of sweetening.

    • Brand: Necta Sweet
    • ASIN: B0001GZ6GG
    • UPC: 758312172112

  • AlternaSweets Sweet & Smokey BBQ Sauce - 13.5 oz - Stevia Sweetened - Low Carb - KETO/Paleo/Atkins/Diabetic Friendly - Non GMO - Gluten Free

    AlternaSweets best seller A blend of flavorful spices and the goodness of fresh, savory tomatoes create a rich, full bodied taste. A touch of healthy, black strap molasses invokes a warm, familiar taste that is reminiscent of a backyard family barbecue. Always non-GMO. super low carb, gluten free, with no artificial sweeteners. Delicious and perfect for all low carb eating plans. You don't have to give up your condiments "My husband is diabetic and has struggled with his blood sugars. He's also VERY picky about what he likes and doesn't. He was a die hard Sweet Baby Ray's fan. Now that I've introduced him to AlternaSweets, he LOVES the BBQ Sauce & puts it on everything " - Cindy S. 5 Star FB Review.

    • Brand: Stevia Sweetened BBQ Sauce
    • ASIN: B008QS89UG
    • UPC: 680140527836

  • SweetLeaf Natural Stevia Sweetener, 70 Count

    SweetLeaf is the only zero-calorie, zero-carb, zero-glycemic index, 100% natural stevia sweetener there is. Grown sustainably, SweetLeaf provides the delicious sweet taste you crave. No chemicals. No additives.

    • Brand: SweetLeaf
    • ASIN: B00430EJR8
    • UPC: 773821861388

  • Dr. John's® Inspired Sweets® Caramel Lover's Collection Sugar Free Caramels (1 pound)

    Every caramel lover's dream! Dr. John's® Caramel Lover's Collection contains a 4-flavor variety of soft-chew caramels without sugar, artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners. Sweetened with our naturally derived sweetener, Xylitol, these treats are a fraction of the calories of other sugar-laden treats with NO artificial sweeteners, flavors or colors. Xylitol is a naturally occurring carbohydrate that looks and tastes just like regular sugar. It is recommended by dentists, physicians and other health care providers as the preferred natural alternative to sugar. The reason Dr. John's® uses Xylitol in our sugar free treats is that studies using xylitol as a sweetener have resulted in a significant reduction in new tooth decay and also offers other benefits. These other benefits include inhibiting the growth of strep mutans, increases salivary flow (helps with dry mouth), and lessens the occurrence of inner ear infection. Each 1 pound bag contains approximately 50 pieces, each individually wrapped. Flavors include: Vanilla Swirl, Chocolate Swirl, Butterscotch and Café Caramel. INGREDIENTS: Polyglucitol, Xylitol, Coconut Oil, Chocolate Liquor, Sodium Caseinate, Natural Flavors, Sunflower Lecithin, Mannitol, Egg Albumin, Salt, Glycerol Monostearate (emulsifier), Sodium Phosphate, S...

    • Brand: Dr. John's® Candies
    • ASIN: B011LSEUZK
    • UPC: 605245006277

  • Naturally Sweet: Bake All Your Favorites with 30% to 50% Less Sugar (America's Test Kitchen)

    In this timely, unique cookbook, America's Test Kitchen tackles the monumental challenge of creating foolproof, great-tasting baked goods that contain less sugar and rely only on natural alternatives to white sugar.      White sugar is one of the most widely demonized health threats out there, even more than fat, and consumers are increasingly interested in decreasing the amount of sugar they use and also in using less-processed natural sweeteners. But decreasing or changing the sugar in a recipe can have disastrous results: Baked goods turn out dry, dense, and downright inedible. We address these issues head-on with 120 foolproof, great-tasting recipes for cookies, cakes, pies and more that reduce the overall sugar content by at least 30% and rely solely on more natural alternatives to white sugar.

    • Brand: America s Test Kitchen
    • ASIN: 1940352584

  • Lynchburg Tennessee Whiskey Sweet & Mild SUGAR FREE Gourmet Deli & Grillin' Sauce 16oz

    Great on Pork, Chicken, Beef Turkey, Ham, BBQ & All Sandwiches

    • Brand: Historic Lynchburg Tennessee Whiskey Brand
    • ASIN: B002PN2U58
    • UPC: 780778107452

  • Youtopia Snacks Delicious 130-calorie Snack Packs, High-Protein Low-Sugar Gluten-free GMO-free Healthy Snacks, 1oz Snack Packs (Pack of 10), Variety Pack

    Our motto is "guilt-free goodness," meaning all our delicious, low calorie, healthy snacks are: Portion-controlled at 130 calories to avoid unintentionally over-snacking High protein Low sugar GMO free Gluten free Irresistibly delicious... but we'll let the reviews do the talking :) How'd we get here?Our story began in an effort to find the perfect healthy snack. Tired of the monotony of protein and granola bars, we set out to create something better: a perfectly light, healthy, UN-bar.We wanted something lighter than a 250-calorie protein bar, healthier than sugar-filled granola bars & trail mix, and more filling than boring 100-calorie packs of mixed nuts.At the same time, we needed to satisfy our sweet-tooth: something as indulgent as the unhealthy treats we know we shouldn't have, but without the guilt!To do this, we explored every nook and cranny to find the highest quality, tastiest ingredients that are high in protein & fiber, low in sugar & refined carbs, GMO free, gluten free, and most importantly... outrageously delicious!Our goal in creating these snacks is to inspire smiles while snacking, whether on a hike through the mountains, or taking a breather from mountains of emails... wherever you go, take us along to create your personal Youtopia :)Note: Perfect snacks for ...

    • Brand: Youtopia Snacks
    • ASIN: B07BHV8DKG
    • UPC: 811242030102

  • Granular Erythritol Sweetener (1 lb/16 oz) - Perfect for Diabetics and Low Carb Dieters - No Calorie Sweetener, Non-GMO, Natural Sugar Substitute

    What Is It?Erythritol is a 0 calorie & 0 carb sweetener and sugar replacement used to add sweetness to just about anything!It's a part of the "sugar alcohol" family, which means it's a naturally derived extract from fruits and plants and passes through your body, untouched, much like fiber. Because it's passed through, erythritol does not affect blood sugar in most people and has 0 net carbs. It's a great option for diabetics, low carb dieters and anyone looking to cut calories without sacrificing sweetness!Erythritol VS SugarErythritol is 70% as sweet as sugar and their flavors are very similar. Unlike most alternative sweeteners, there is no bitter or chemical aftertaste. Some say there is a mild cooling sensation. While sugar is a 68 on the glycemic index (GI) scale, erythritol is a 0! High glycemic foods cause blood sugar spikes, leading to more fat storage and hunger crashes.Dentists love erythritol. Oral bacteria feed off of sugar but erythritol is shown to prevent plaque buildup, making it quite tooth-friendly!Who Can Use It?Anyone looking to reduce their sugar intake, lose weight or improve their health can benefit from using erythritol as a sugar substitute. It's a favorite among low-carb dieters, as well as sugar-free and paleo bakers. Plus, it's proven safe for kids an...

    • Brand: So Nourished
    • ASIN: B0732M4S41
    • UPC: 862914000404

  • Diabetic Kitchen Nut Butter Cookie Mix Makes The Moistest, Chewiest, No-Guilt Cookies Ever ● Sugar-Free, Gluten-Free, High-Fiber, Low-Carb, No Artificial Sweeteners (Makes 60 Cookies), 13.3 oz

    Tastes So Good Your Friends Will Never Guess They're Diabetic and Gluten-Free Everyone loves a good cookie but most cookies will spike blood sugar and don't always have the healthiest of ingredients. These are absolutely the chewiest, moistest, no-guilt cookies ever! And you can eat them (in moderation) without a care in the world as to how it might affect your health... or your waistline... or your blood sugar! Most cookies get harder and dryer as they age. These cookies stay moist and delicious for days ... if they last that long! Normally, you might feel guilty about indulging in such a sweet treat. But not anymore, because this is one scrumptious indulgence you can feel GREAT about! If you keep an eye on your health, but you still love a sweet snack, you'll be glad to know that you can satisfy your urge without worry. You Won't Believe a Cookie This Good... Can Be This Good For You All of our products are crafted with real food ingredients. That means, there are: - NO Aspartame or Artificial Sweeteners - NO Artificial Colors or Flavors - NO Trans Fats (Hydrogenated Oils) - NO Preservatives - NO Sugar - NO Sugar Alcohols - NO Soy - NO Gluten These "better than bakery-fresh" cookies don't just taste good, they're good for you. Two cookies packs more...

    • Brand: Diabetic Kitchen
    • ASIN: B016YY3TY4
    • UPC: 859430005044