• Diabetes and Heart Healthy Cookbook

    Diabetes puts people at a very high risk of having a heart attack or stroke. To address this problem, the American Heart Association and the American Diabetes Association created a heart-healthy cookbook for people with diabetes. Now, it's back in an all-new and expanded edition, including new recipes, twists on previous favorites, updated meal planning advice, and a beautiful new design. It's truly a one-of-a-kind cookbook packed with delicious recipes people will genuinely enjoy! Every recipe is low fat, carb controlled, and sodium conscious. Most importantly, every recipe tastes great.Recipes include everything from appetizers and breakfasts to dinners and desserts. With cardiovascular disease ranking number one on the list of diabetes-related complications, this is the must-have cookbook for anyone who wants to pump up his or her heart health! And it's great for those with prediabetes or people just looking to eat heart-healthier, too.The original Diabetes and Heart Healthy Cookbook was a bestseller and a reader favorite. With new and updated recipes and an all-new look, this new edition is better than ever.

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  • Diabetes and Heart Healthy Meals for Two

    If you or a loved one has diabetes, you need to eat heart-healthy meals everyone can enjoy. These simple, flavorful, heart-healthy recipes were designed for those looking to improve or maintain their cardiovascular health. Each recipe was designed for two - perfect for adults without children in the house or for people living alone who want to keep leftovers to a minimum. With over 170 recipes, there are plenty of options to keep your heart at its healthiest and your blood glucose under control.

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  • Healthy Calendar Diabetic Cooking: A Full Year of Delicious Menus and Easy Recipes

    Fully revised and better then ever, this new edition of Healthy Calendar Diabetic Cooking is packed with new recipes to give cooks with diabetes over a year of delicious, diabetes-friendly meals. Organized around weekly menus and complete grocery lists that are designed to save readers time, effort, and money, this cookbook is a meal-planner and recipe book in one. With hundreds of recipes and an innovative design, it's easy to see why this is one of the American Diabetes Association's all-time best-selling cookbooks.In addition to new recipes and menus, this updated edition includes dozens of recipes and recipe alterations designed to created gluten-free meals. Like many with diabetes, author and dietitian Lara Hamilton was recently diagnosed with celiac disease and subsequently went on a gluten-free diet. Using her firsthand experience, she gives readers expert tips on how to plan meals, alter recipes, and follow a gluten-free diet.This new edition will also include new original photography and a beautiful, two-color interior design, giving the book a beautiful look intended to match the quality of it's recipes. With hundreds of recipes, meal-planning tips, and kitchen techniques, Healthy Calendar Diabetic Cooking is one cookbook every person with diabetes should own.

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  • The Prediabetes Diet Plan: How to Reverse Prediabetes and Prevent Diabetes through Healthy Eating and Exercise

    A practical, empowering guide to managing and reversing prediabetes through diet and exercise, from a registered dietitian. Affecting 79 million Americans, prediabetes often develops into full-blown type 2 diabetes, one of the leading causes of death in the United States. Increasingly diagnosed by doctors, prediabetes is a condition in which blood sugar levels are elevated, but not yet high enough to be labeled diabetes. While diabetes cannot be cured, prediabetes can be reversed, so it is critical to take action at an early stage. In straightforward, jargon-free language, The Prediabetes Diet Plan explains insulin resistance (the underlying cause of prediabetes and type 2 diabetes) and offers a comprehensive strategy of diet and lifestyle change, which has been proven more effective than medication. With sections on meal planning, grocery shopping, dining out, supplements, and exercise, this book empowers you to make healthier everyday choices that can effect real change on your insulin levels and overall well-being.

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  • Cocinando para Latinos con Diabetes (Cooking for Latinos with Diabetes) (American Diabetes Association Guide to Healthy Restaurant Eating)

    People often think diabetes meal plans mean bland, tasteless foods and tiny portions. But did you know that you can still eat tasty dishes from classic Latino cuisine? Enjoy traditional meals from all over Latin America with Diabetic Cooking for Latinos.This bilingual Latino cookbook, with English and Spanish versions of each recipe, is chock full of healthy meals for people with diabetes. Readers can enjoy authentic, wholesome food and work to manage blood glucose levels at the same time! With more than 100 recipes full of the flavors of Latin America, complete nutrition information for each recipe, and diabetic exchanges, meal planning is a breeze. Each recipe is tested to meet the American Diabetes Association nutrition guidelines, ensuring that the recipes are healthy and suitable for any diabetes meal plan.Ever wonder what epazote is or the difference between guajillo chiles and habanero chiles? Go to the glossary! Feeling lost in the grocery store aisles? Check out the specialized shopping lists in the back! Want to know which chiles to use in an upcoming dinner party? See which chiles are the hottest in the chile chart! Ready to walk off some extra calories from these great meals? There's a 13-week walking program, too! Some of the delicious recipes include Sangria Sofrito...

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  • Diabetic Living Healthy Makeovers for Diabetes: Simple Ways to Transform Your Cooking

    Diabetic Living revamps the eating routine with simple ingredient swaps that lead to a healthier, stress-free mealtime. Adopting a healthy diet doesn’t have to be overwhelming or mean bland food. Diabetic Living breaks it all down with a fun, graphic book chock-full of small changes that add up to big results when it comes to losing weight and balancing blood sugar. Kick-start breakfast with ingredients that boost metabolism. Unload carbs and stay satisfied by trying the “new noodles” such as spiralized zucchini; or serve seared scallops over a “fresh bed” of lemony roasted fennel rather than pasta or rice. As you use the book, you’ll learn healthy kitchen skills thanks to a dynamic design that calls out when an ingredient or technique swap has been used to make a recipe healthier, such as trading bread crumbs for ground nuts in a crispy chicken coating. Family favorites and restaurant classics alike get retooled to balance portion size and showcase nutrient-packed ingredients. Even mouthwatering desserts have a lighter side.

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  • Diabetes: Diabetic No More: Normalize Blood Sugar, Reverse Diabetes, and Say Goodbye to Drugs and Testing Forever (How to cure diabetes with healthy living and a diabetes diet)

    Are you sick of dealing with diabetes? This enlightening and comprehensive guide will arm you with the knowledge you need to permanently reverse diabetes through diet and lifestyle changes. This relentlessly researched book shows you the exact methods and strategies that have helped thousands to live a life free of diabetes when they never thought that was possible. Reclaim your life starting today! Modern medicine is proving inadequate at stemming the epidemic of diabetes. Diabetes is rampant in America and the developed world, but you don’t have to live with the misery and inconvenience of diabetes anymore! This book contains real strategies aimed at reversing diabetes for good, not just drugging you up and partially masking the symptoms of this modern epidemic that is robbing so many of their quality of life. Your health is worth it – and it is in your hands! This groundbreaking work represents the first step in your new diabetes free life. This guide lays out proven methods for reversing Type 2 diabetes as well as prediabetes, while simultaneously showing people with Type 1 diabetes how they can dramatically reduce their dose of insulin while also practically eliminating diabetic complications. Here is a preview of what you will learn in this book: AN OVERVIEW OF DI...

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  • The 4-Ingredient Diabetes Cookbook: Simple, Quick and Delicious Recipes Using Just Four Ingredients or Less!

    Making delicious meals doesn't have to be complicated, time-consuming, or expensive. You can create satisfying dishes using just four ingredients, or even less! In this new and revised edition of the bestselling 4-Ingredient Diabetes Cookbook, author Nancy Hughes has added more than 25 new recipes that can be made in a snap! With more than 175 quick, easy-to-prepare recipes, this one-of-a-kind cookbook now has recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and everything in between.Make the most of your time and money. Home cooks will be amazed at how much can be prepared with just a few simple ingredients.

    • Brand: American Diabetes Association
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  • MyPlate Portion Plate for Teens and Adults, Plus Dairy Bowl and Nutrition Lesson Plan Teaching Tool

    Empower teen and young adult students to make healthier choices with the MyPlate flat plate, dairy bowl, and nutrition lesson plan, designed by the moms and nutrition experts behind SuperHealthyKids.com! These colorful, sturdy dishes remind teens and adults to include fruits and veggies on their plate, and make every meal a balanced meal. Colored outlines of all the food groups suggest proper portions according to researched nutrition guidelines. The up-to-date, accessible lesson plan helps teachers plan classroom activities about nutrition in fun and engaging ways. Available in 20-packs for easy delivery to your school!

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