• Walnut Hollow Deluxe Woodburning Kit with Woodburning Pen, Patterns, Color Pencils and Instructions

    Are you looking for a great gift set for birthday or Christmas? Our Deluxe Woodburning Kit includes everything needed to learn this fascinating hobby or maybe recapture a hobby from the past. The reusable pen burns at a steady 950° F and will work on most types of wood. The boxed set includes the Woodburner, stand, 4 woodburning points or tips (Shading, Universal, Flow, and Cone), 2 solid Basswood plaques, 6 colored pencils, 8 patterns, 2 alphabet/number sets, transfer paper, and complete instructions for the first-timer. Woodburning or Pyrography as it is also known has been around for thousands of years, probably since fire was first invented and a man took a hot stick and burned an image on wood. With a little practice you will soon turn out lovely works of art and with our color pencils you can make brighter image. You can woodburn onto any wood surface and decorate boxes, plaques, chairs, trunks and other furniture. The included instructions will teach you how to use the points (tips) to make bold lines and add subtle shading; how to transfer images and patterns to the wood and much, much more. This is a hobby that will last a lifetime. For added safety secure the stand to a solid surface. For ages 14 + with adult supervision. UL approved for Canada and the USA.

    • Brand: Walnut Hollow
    • ASIN: B0019X78P2
    • UPC: 046308283707

  • Wood Burning Pen with Extra Tips and Stencils Deluxe Craft and Hobby Kit (35PC)

    Wood Burner Pen with Oodles of Tips! Have fun and be creative with this set with most everything you'll need to do a hot job of pyrography. Click the "Add to cart" button to get yours!

    • Brand: SE
    • UPC: 766359360102

  • Athena's Elements Woodburning Soldering Tool Set 8 Interchangeable Tips All Purpose Leather Paper Crafting Stamping Stencil Hot Knife Cutting

    Deluxe Woodburning Tool Kit Perfect For all Pyrography Leather Wood Burning Projects Adjustable Heads for Transferring Tip, Universal, Script, Tapered, Soldering, Mini Dot, Mini Universal & Hot Knife TRANSFERRING TIP: To transfer photocopies of laser images to wood UNIVERSAL TIP/MINI UNIVERSAL TIP: Great for all basic woodburning applications. SCRIPT TIP: Write basic calligraphy style lettering, shaping and burning skills. TAPERED TIP/ SOLDERING TIP/ MINI DOT: Cuts intricate designs easily. It is also great for cutting stencils. HOT KNIFE TIP: For cutting or shaping on a variety of materials. Caution: *** This tool gets extremely hot - change tips when tool is cold only. ***Do not touch the metal part when using this tool. *** Ensure power is turned off when not in use. ***Keep out of reach of children. ***Unplug the tool if you are leaving it for a period of time. ***Do not expose this product to rain or moisture. ***Burn in a well ventilated area! Air circulation is a must. ***Store indoors. Materials: Body: PC+Rubber Metal: Stainless Steel Tip: Brass

    • Brand: Athena's Elements
    • UPC: 605181312050

  • Deluxe Woodburning Craft Kit 1 pcs sku# 637498MA

    This is for 1 pcs. Deluxe Woodburning Craft Kit. Create attractive craft pieces with this woodburning craft kit that has one top - quality, reusable 950 degree Woodburning Pen with on/off switch and stand, four woodburning points: shading, universal, flow and cone, two basswood plaques (one 7 "x 5" and one 8" x 10"), eight patterns and two alphabet sets, transfer paper and complete instructions. Woodburning Pen is UL Listed (E76789) Imported

    • Brand: Walnut Hollow
    • ASIN: B015TAPM4Y

  • 37Pcs 110V Wood Burning Pen with Extra Tips and Stencils Deluxe Craft and Hobby Kit

    Description: 37Pcs Wood Burning Pen with Extra Tips and Stencils Deluxe Craft and Hobby Kit Features: Hot Knife Chuck and Blade. 37pc Wood Burning Pen & Assorted Tips Set. Number, Letter and Basic Symbol Stencil Set. Wood Carving, Wood Embossing, Wood Burning and Soldering Tips. Great for Woodworking, Soldering, Metal Work, Hobby, Craft, Home, etc... Specification: Material: Copper + Iron Power Supply: 110V-120V, 25W Temperature Regulating Range: 0-450(℃) Suitable For: External Heating Type Electric Iron Package includes: 1 x Wood Burning Pen 2 x Wood Burning Tips 2 x Soldering Tips 1 x Chiseled Tip 1 x Hot Blade 1 x Safety Stand 10 x Assorted Wood Carving Tips 5 x Assorted Wood Embossing Tips 10 x Assorted Wood Burning & Soldering Tips 1 x Hot Knife Chuck 1 x Blade 1 x Letters Stencil 1 x Number & Basic Symbols Stencil Details pictures:

    • Color: NA
    • Brand: BephaMart
    • ASIN: B075672BCF
    • UPC: 634630534811

  • simply silver - New41pc Wood Burning Pen with Extra Tips and Stencils Deluxe Craft and Hobby Kit

    New41pc Wood Burning Pen with Extra Tips and Stencils Deluxe Craft and Hobby Kit Product Description: 9pc 7 3/4 " Wood Burning Pen Set with 6 Extra Tips : One great tool that performs multiple functions-scribe solder, cauterize, melt and cut 6 Interchangeable Tips - 2 pc Brass Wood Burning Tips - 2 pc Steel Soldering Tips - 1 pc Steel Chiseled Tip - 1pc Hot Blade with Chuck 1pc Soldering Stand 1pc Wood pen (Red One) 28 pc Wood Working & Soldering Tips Set with Stencils: Hot carving more artistic than using a router, and much less work than carving with chisels: wood burning is back.

    • Brand: Simply Silver
    • ASIN: B078MXVRMR
    • UPC: 768737639978

  • Brand New Deluxe Woodburning Craft Kit- Brand New

    New Deluxe Woodburning Craft Kit-WALNUT HOLLOW-Deluxe Wood Burning Craft Kit. Woodburning is a relaxing way to produce attractive craft pieces for your home or to give as gifts. This kit has all the instructions and tools you need to get started. This kit contains one top-quality, reusable 950 degree Woodburning Pen with on/off switch and stand, four woodburning points: shading, universal, flow, and cone, two basswood plaques (one 7x5 inches and one 8x10 inches), eight patterns and two alphabet sets, transfer paper, and complete [instructions. Woodburning Pen is UL Listed (E76789). Recommended for [ages 14 and up with adult supervision. Imported.This product meets the oversized requirement per UPS/FedEx. The shipping weight reflected is the dimensional weight. This product also meets the large package requirement per UPS/FedEx. The estimated shipping cost will include this fee. New

    • Brand: M1N4B5
    • ASIN: B016VJTCH0
    • UPC: 779762014012