• Deluxe Comfort Foam Stress Relief Wedge, 15" x 10" x 1"- 3" Rise - Sciatica Nerve Medical Wedge Cushion - Tailbone Support - Therapeutic Back Pain Relief - Specialty Medical Pillow, Grey

    Do you wince whenever someone asks you to “take a seat?” Would you almost prefer to ‘take a stand’ that will help you avoid the discomfort to your tailbone, coccyx and (too often sore) back? Well perhaps you need a chair pillow that will make it far easier and more comfortable to ‘take a seat,’ at any place and for any length of time. Deluxe Comfort offers the perfect sitting solution, in the form of the Stress Wedge Cushion Gray. This memory foam seat cushion is an orthopedic cushion that-with its divine combination of stabilizing firmness and luxurious comfort-will coddle and succor your body as you sit for extended periods of time. Depending on your individual orthotics needs, this surefire back support cushion could double as a sciatica cushion; a back pain pillow; a lumbar spondylosis, sacroiliac joint dysfunction, cervical spondylosis, swollen joints and piriformis aid; a butt pain relief pillow; a coccyx pain helper that also can soothe the effects of a hip fracture; and an osteoarthritis treatment tool. This chair lifter also can act as a hemorrhoid cushion or the equivalent of a donut pillow for someone who has undergone a prostatectomy. This chiropractic cushion also makes a great maternity pillow for pregnant women. This ergonomic chair cushion could be con...

    • Color: Gray
    • Brand: Deluxe Comfort
    • ASIN: B0039ZQ4Q2
    • UPC: 782944540513

  • The ComfortMakers Master Caster 91061 Deluxe Seat/Back Cushion w/Memory Foam, 17w x 2 3/4d x 17 1/2h, Black

    Designed and tested by a leading orthopedic specialist to help reduce back strain and fatigue, the ComfortMakers Deluxe Self-Adjustable Seat Back Cushion is just what you need to be more comfortable in your office. Relieve stress from the lower spine and pelvic area while sitting with a ComfortMakers Deluxe Self-Adjustable Seat Back Cushion. A unique patented system of self-adjusting foam inserts provides personalized comfort and support for all types of seating. It has removable Memory Foam inserts for individualized comfort that conforms to the body's natural curves, providing maximum relief. Hook and loop strips hold cushions in place on fabric covered seating and the adjustable strap is provided for smooth surface seating. Measuring 17.5" wide x 17.5" high and 2.75" deep, this office chair seat back cushion is sure to provide you with much needed comfort while working. Ideal for use in the office, home or automobile, the cover is machine washable as well as flame-retardant. The Master line of office organization and repair products provides "do-it-yourself" quick and easy solutions for everything and everyone!

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: The ComfortMakers
    • ASIN: B000XTMD6M
    • UPC: 640026234869

  • Duro-Med Deluxe Wheelchair Cushion, Car Seat Cushion, Seat Riser Cushion, Lift Cushion, Black

    DURO-MED DELUXE WHEELCHAIR CUSHION, CAR SEAT CUSHION, SEAT RISER CUSHION, LIFT CUSHION Get the Comfort, Support, Stability, and Height You Need to Make Rising Easy YOUR DURO-MED WHEELCHAIR CUSHION, SEAT RISER CUSHION IS GREAT FOR: Getting an extra lift out of wheelchairs or conventional chairs Eliminating the bowing or hammock effect in wheelchairs Getting extra height in chairs, such as car seats to see over the steering wheel or front of the vehicle Helping to reduce back pain Traveling Wheelchairs Car seats Office chairs Chairs that are soft with a lot of give or low WHEELCHAIR CUSHION, CAR SEAT CUSHION FEATURES: Firm 4 inch cushion Hard board that is removable for extra support to eliminate hammock effect or bowing Removable cover 5 inch strap handles for convenient carrying DURO-MED SEAT RISER CUSHION, LIFT CUSHION SPECIFICATIONS: Wheelchair cushion size: 16 by 16 by 4 inches Lift cushion weight: 3.1 pounds WARRANTY AND GUARANTEE: Amazon Exclusive Limited warranty may apply. Please see product for additional details. Click Add To Cart Today!

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Duro-Med
    • ASIN: B000FZZ5KK
    • UPC: 041298088844

  • Sojoy iGelComfort Deluxe Gel Swivel Seat Cushion Featured with Memory Foam

    Sojoy iGelComfort Swivel Seat keeps you mobile. Our Swivel Seat helps you because its easy swiveling action makes getting in and out of chairs easier. Our Swivel Seat can also help mobility-challenged persons turn back and forth when used on a dining chair. Features Convert stationary chairs into swiveling chairs; swivels 360 degrees to help relieve back, knee or hip strain caused by twisting when getting in and out of chairs or cars. Premium fabric and color options look great in your car, van, truck, SUV, office or home. Modern dual-tone style beautifully complements and enhances most car interiors; increased height in your car helps you see the road better. High-grade foam holds its shape and feels soft and comfortable, helping to reduce pressure on your back and tailbone. Compact size cushion is ideal for use on deep bucket seats, scooters or smaller chairs. Non-skid, flexible swivel base contours to seat and stays in place. Removable cover is machine washable, making clean-up a snap. Supports up to 250 pounds 16 x 2.5 inches

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Sojoy
    • ASIN: B01K0OL2G6

  • McCarty's Sacro-Ease Deluxe Model Seat Support with Adjustable Lumbar Pad on Back & 1" Poly Foam in Seat, 15-Inch Wide, Black

    This model comes with an additional 1-inch of LUMBAR padding compared to the standard Sacro-Ease models. Having been in the making for over 70 years, the McCarty's Sacro-Ease has become a fixture in the world as one of the most effective back supports available today. Sacro-Ease has an orthopedic design that lifts you from a slumped position and helps the spine maintain a healthy seated posture. The bottom line is that the Sacro-Ease is simply one of the most effective ways to rebuild an unsupportive seat or chair, these upgraded models add an extra 1-inch of Lumbar padding, making them just a bit more comfortable. Used daily by truck and taxi drivers, on buses, airplanes, boats, or just driving anywhere, the McCarty's Sacro-Ease works. Fits most all auto and truck bucket and bench-style seats. Made with an adjustable (bendable) steel frame, rubber strap supports, and so feet fabric. Foldable and easy to transport. Durable non skid bottom. McCarty's have been manufacturing quality posture correction products for more than 70 years. McCarty's is mainly known for the Sacro-Ease seat, which comes highly recommended by medical professionals; designed by the company's founder and a team of top orthopedic surgeons. McCarty's products are 100-percent made in the USA.

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: McCarty's
    • ASIN: B0082COG9Y
    • UPC: 400007640504

  • Deluxe Molded Foam Kayak Seat with detachable back packs. Kayak Fishing Seat. Backpack comes with 2 rod holders.

    Specifications: Detachable zipper storage back pack with fishing rod holders. High performance thermal formed kayak seat. Detachable 2" cushion for dry ride and throwable PFD. Marine grade connecting snaps. 2 straps in front, 2 straps in rear give a wide range of adjustability to accommodate most any kayak. Please note, snaps and straps design may vary from pictures.

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Saturn
    • ASIN: B00G3ILLV0

  • NurtureSoft® 3-in-1 Office Chair + Car Seat + Wheelchair Orthopedic Seat Cushion. 100%" Pure Memory Foam | Sciatica Pain Relief, Coccyx, Lower Back & Tailbone Comfort (Midnight Blue)

    “Best seat cushion ever!" "Highly recommend it!" “This pad is amazing!” “Best Choice for quality and comfort” "Love this pillow" "Purchased one – was so pleased, ended up ordering a 2nd one!" This product is the REAL solution to your coccyx, tailbone and lower back pain caused by bad posture, long hours of sitting or injury! PROBLEM SOLVED! Because our product has a PATENTED ERGONOMIC CURVE to provide the right support in the right areas which means improved blood flow and comfort! Say goodbye to your old seat cushion and hello to pain relief! ZERO CONTACT, NO PAIN! Because of the zero-contact cut-away in the groin area, the seat cushion provides INSTANT RELIEF for people who suffer from hemorrhoids, prostatitis, post delivery recovery for mothers and other perineal and pelvic floor disorders. Much more effective and comfortable than donut pillows. WASHABLE & BREATHABLE! Because it is made with washable Mesh AeroDry cover which is designed to retain up to 70% less heat as compared to regular fabics, the seat cushion helps prevent pressure sores and allows you a breath of fresh air to sit comfortably for long periods of time. PORTABLE AND MULTI-USE! Because of its anti-slip rubber bottom and portable handle, the seat cushion is designed to stay-in-place allowing you e...

    • Color: Midnight Blue
    • Brand: NurtureSoft®
    • ASIN: B01KDX9XA6
    • UPC: 647971944454

  • DMI Deluxe Swivel Pivot Disc Seat Cushion - Foam Cushion, 15" Diameter, Camel

    Convert any Chair into a Swiveling ChairEffortlessly swivel in your seat and reduce hip and back pain when getting up from your chair or exiting your car (works best on non-bucket seats). The DMI Deluxe Swivel Seat Cushion turns a full 360 degrees, making it easy to swing your legs in the right direction. The cushion gives you soft, customized comfort while you are seated. It also helps to reduce the pressure point sensitivity that can cause pain. Chronic pain sufferers will tell you that every extra movement can cause them discomfort. This cushion can minimize the stress on your back that occurs from twisting and turning to get out of your seat. Features Convert stationary chairs into swiveling chairs to reduce the strain on your back and hips. The seat cushion swivels 360 degrees for smooth, easy movement in either direction. Great for home, office or travel use; easily get in and out of vehicles Portable and lightweight yet supports up to 300 pounds Non-skid, flexible swivel base contours to seat and stays in place  Removable, machine washable cover 15 inch diameter; 1 3/8 inch thick foam

    • Color: Camel
    • Brand: DMI
    • ASIN: B000HLZ94E
    • UPC: 785923783291

  • Deluxe Seat Solution™ Orthopedic Seat Cushion

    Deluxe Seat SolutionTM helps relieve pressure on your spine and promotes proper seating posture. Orthopedic wedge-shaped design tilts lower back forward to restore natural spinal curve, while cutaway section relieves pressure on tailbone and spine.

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: As Seen On TV
    • ASIN: B00H5VRCEE
    • UPC: 797435772298