• Insect Lore Deluxe Butterfly Garden Cup of Caterpillars and Feeding Live Habitat Kit

    This butterfly kit now includes a deluxe Chrysalis station and Insect Lore butterfly feeder! during this time of year, it is important to monitor weather conditions in your area. Daytime temperatures should be over 55 degrees Fahrenheit to safely release your butterflies. See tiny caterpillars grow, grow, grow into butterflies! kids can observe the butterfly life cycle up close with this butterfly kit from Insect Lore. A family and teacher favorite for almost 50 years, the butterfly garden with live lets you begin the project the day the box arrives at your door. It comes with 5 baby caterpillars and everything you need to get them growing! the entire metamorphosis takes about 3 weeks. Watch them transform from caterpillars to chrysalides, to beautiful butterflies - then let them go! ages 4+ please note: this item contains live insects. We guarantee that at least 3 of your caterpillars will develop into healthy butterflies. Shipping: live caterpillars are shipped to destinations within the Continental USA and Alaska. We cannot ship live caterpillars to Hawaii.

    • Brand: Insect Lore
    • ASIN: B07BFNWVY8
    • UPC: 735569022223

  • Deluxe Fairy Garden Starter Kit | Multi-Piece, Durable, Hand-Crafted Collection | French Cottage with Fairy Victoria

    Because uniqueness matters, every piece in our Bliss Fairy Gardens French Cottage collection is hand-crafted and hand-painted. We take great pride in our designs inspired by the magical world of wonder and know you will too. This fairy garden kit is a COMPLETE SET to get your fairy garden started today: ★ 1 Alluring French Cottage: 6.5 in Tall x 6 in Wide x 5 in Deep ★ 1 Victoria Fairy: 2.25 in Tall x 1 in Wide x .075 in Deep ★ 1 Welcoming Arch Gate: 4.5 in Tall x 3.5 in Wide x 0.75 in Deep (each) ★ 1 Arching Bench: 1 in Tall x 3.5 in Wide x 1.25 in Deep ★ 1 Statuesque Fountain: 2.5 in Tall x 3 in Wide x 2.75 in Deep ★ 4 Strolling Stepping Stones: 1 in Diameter (each) ★ 2 Miniature Mushrooms: 0.75 in Diameter (large); 0.50 in Diameter (small)

    • Color: French Cottage
    • Brand: Bliss Fairy Gardens
    • ASIN: B077FZNFS2
    • UPC: 712038838776

  • Insect Lore Deluxe Butterfly Garden Gift Set with Live Cup of Caterpillars Habitat

    Watching the butterfly life cycle up close is more fun than ever with the butterfly garden gift set with live cup of caterpillars. Exciting butterfly-themed bonus items make this butterfly-raising kit the perfect gift! feed and observe your very own beautiful butterflies for a few days before releasing them into the wild! the entire transformation takes about three weeks, depending on the temperature and humidity in your area. There is no need to feed your caterpillars; all the nutritious food they require to become beautiful butterflies is included in their cozy cup. The adorable flower-shaped butterfly feeder doubles as a handy cup holder while you watch the incredible growth of your caterpillars. Once your caterpillars become chrysalides, it's time to move them to their airy mesh habitat - perfect for butterfly viewing! use the feeding pipette to place delicious sugar water, or nectar, on the sponge in the butterfly feeder; your butterflies will thank you! our deluxe Chrysalis station is a cute and handy way to hang your chrysalides while you wait for your butterflies to emerge. When it's time to move your chrysalides from the cup, simply place the entire lid (with hanging chrysalides) into the slot in the plastic log - then wait for the magical transformation! please note: th...

    • Brand: Insect Lore
    • UPC: 735569110753

  • Back to the Roots Water Garden Betta Fish Tank, 3 Gallon. Hydroponics Growing System. Fish Tank with Organic Aquaponic Sprouts and Herbs Aquarium Starter Kit. Great for Kids

    The award-winning Water Garden has been beautifully redesigned with an elegant curved tank, double the growing space, custom grow pods for easy planting and harvesting, and improved accessibility to customize your fish's home. This self-cleaining fish tank lets you easily grown your own organic sprouts & herbs all year-round. Great for kitchen counters or school classrooms. Purchase includes free access to accompanying STEM curriculum for kids ages 8-15.

    • Color: white
    • Brand: Back to the Roots
    • ASIN: B01LZMHWF6
    • UPC: 853036006603

  • Deluxe Wooden Zen Sand Garden with 2 Types of Rocks, Sand, and Rake

    This Zen garden is more than just a great looking desk ornament. Zen Gardens offer a simple way to practice mindfulness meditation in a fun and engaging way. How? By simply taking a few minutes to focus intently on the sand and stones of this Zen Garden, you're taking a small break to clear your mind from the stress and anxiety of everyday life. That's it. Clear your mind. Relax. Focus on the sand. Feel better.

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Iconic Home
    • ASIN: B01F7X34U2
    • UPC: 657814871410

  • Salad & Vegetable Garden Seed Starter - Deluxe Kit - 12 Non-GMO Varieties - Gardening Starter Kit - Seeds: Cucumber, Sweet Pepper, Tomato, Chives, Lettuce, Carrot & More

    Start your own salad garden seeds indoors and get a jump on the growing season. Also perfect for transplanting to indoor planters for year-round container gardening. Cultivate your own fresh, lettuce and other salad vegetables and enjoy the fun and benefits of indoor gardening. Seed Starter Kits make fantastic gifts. The Salad Starter Kit includes: Beautiful Giftable Box - 2 Drip Trays - Two 12 Cell Seed Tray - 2 Humidity Domes - Seed Label Sticks - 24 Compressed Soil Pucks (just add water) - Easy to follow instructions, and an assortment of 12 salad garden seeds (enough for multiple plantings)- Seeds: Carrot - Scarlet Nantes 5-g, Lettuce, Mixed Greens - Gourmet Mixture 2.5-g, Radish - Cherry Belle 2-g, Tomato - Large Red Cherry 300-mg, Cabbage - Red Acre 4-g, Lettuce, Romaine - Parris Island Cos 2.5-g, Beet - Detroit Dark Red 8-g, Cucumber - Marketmore 76 3-g, Pepper, Sweet - Big Red 300-mg, Tomato - Hamson (DX 52 12) 300-mg, Chives 2-g, Lettuce, Butterhead - Buttercrunch 2.5-g

    • Color: Deluxe
    • Brand: Mountain Valley Seed Company
    • ASIN: B07GHYSW5G
    • UPC: 740006040883

  • Insect Lore Giant Butterfly Kit: Deluxe 18" Habitat, Voucher For 5 Caterpillars, Butterfly Play Set

    See the Miracle of Metamorphosis with the Giant Butterfly Garden! Your child will never forget the experience of witnessing the metamorphosis of five caterpillars into beautiful Painted Lady Butterflies. This Giant-Sized Butterfly Habitat has super-see-through mesh perfect for butterfly viewing. The reusable habitat stands on a table or hangs from its handy Velcro carry handle. Butterfly Life Cycle Stages figures are also included.

    • Brand: Insect Lore
    • ASIN: B00LWVS4PE
    • UPC: 885827154255

  • Bonsai Tool Kit Deluxe - Includes: Wooden Rake, Long & Wide Spades, Scissors, Tweezers, Bamboo Brush, and Pruning Shears (Trimmer/Clipper) in Storage Holder | Bonsai Tools Accessories

    5 premium bonsai trimmers from Planters' Choice, packaged in a beautiful clear vial.

    • Color: Bonsai Tool Kit
    • Brand: Planters' Choice
    • ASIN: B072J23TDF

  • Toysmith Deluxe Root Viewer

    Watch root systems grow with the Toysmith Deluxe Root Viewer. This deluxe root viewer lets you see how vegetables grow and serves as a great year-round indoor experiment for all ages. The kit includes an 9-inch x 11.5-inch clear plastic planter with removable top and handle, premium soil, radish, carrot, green onion seeds (enough for several plantings), and instructions on how to construct and plant. This case acts as a great science project or classroom science exhibit that all students will enjoy. Give the gift of science with toys and gadgets that foster curiosity and encourage scientific learning. Recommended for ages 6 and up.

    • Color: Multi
    • Brand: Toysmith
    • ASIN: B004NEWN9K
    • UPC: 885228595930