• ddrum J2DD722 MB Journey Double Bass 7 Piece Drum Set, Black

    Bombast on a budget - without sacrificing quality. The power of Journeyman looms like a surging storm cloud in our Double Down configuration. Will you unleash its fury? Four cascading toms and two menacing basses give you plenty of ways to provide the thunder. Fittingly, only the color Black can truly match this kit’s potential for menace.

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Ddrum
    • UPC: 814064020566

  • ddrum D1 Junior Complete Drum Set with Cymbals, Midnight Black

    The ddrum D1 is a complete drum set, ready to play. Perfect for the aspiring percussionist, Cymbals throne and hardware all included. THe set features a 10 by 16-inch bass drum, a 4 by 12-inch snare, along with 5 by 8-inch, 5 by 10-inch, and 4 by 12-inch tom toms. It comes with bass drum and hi hat pedals, a crash ride cymbal, hi hat cymbals stands, a throne, and sticks.

    • Color: Midnight Black
    • Brand: Ddrum
    • ASIN: B003WWKWUG
    • UPC: 819998056650

  • Ddrum Hybrid Bass Drum Black 20X20

    Hybrid Bass Drum Black 20X20. This ddrum Hybrid Bass Drum is a fully functional acoustic kick drum that's been augmented with industry-standard Acoustic Pro triggers - shock mounted to the interior of the drum, with your cable plugging into the shells' integrated XLR connections. This allows you to take full advantage of electronic options for sound reinforcement and replacement. With their superb tracking ability, ddrum triggers set a new standard of trigger mechanics. Pro Series Triggers are internally mounted into the Hybrid. They provide a wide dynamic range, easily replaceable transducers, rugged metal construction and increased sensitivity for accurate response.

    • Color: 20X20
    • Brand: Ddrum
    • ASIN: B009GMRAJW
    • UPC: 819998150402

  • ddrum RXP RX Series Single Bass Drum Pedal

    Providing top-notch gear and support to the professional is key to ddrum's success, but so is the support of the beginner, an equally important member of the ddrum family. Ddrum offers RX hardware, a full line of double-braced stands and pedals to support you at home or on the gig great line of hardware at a great value. Beginners and weekend warriors alike can head out for the night, or to rehearsal, with ddrum's RX hardware - a great line of hardware at a great value.

    • Color: Black and Chrome
    • Brand: Ddrum
    • ASIN: B008543884
    • UPC: 819998122843

  • ddrum REFLEX RSL PH 24 5PC BKS Reflex Powerhouse 24 Drum Set, 5 Piece, Black Satin

    A first in the drumming world! Much like our experimentation with ash in previous lines, ddrum has now turned to another tried and true tone-wood, alder! Used in guitars for years, this exceptional wood has a warm and focused tone, almost "naturally equalized". We call it Alder tone. It makes for a pure and focused drum sound, with smooth overtones and a warm decay.

    • Color: Black Satin
    • Brand: Ddrum
    • ASIN: B009AR2ONA
    • UPC: 819998140809

  • ddrum HYBRID CK Hybrid Compact Drum Kit

    The power of the hybrid, in a compact design! The Hybrid CK is fully functioning compact acoustic kit, that has been fitted with our industry standard acoustic pro triggers...opening up the tonal possibilities x1000! Access any of your favorite drum module sounds, while minimizing your stage footprint, and simplifying your load out!

    • Brand: Ddrum
    • UPC: 814064020559

  • ddrum SEFLYERWP Bop Kit, Basswood, White

    Whether you're playing burning jazz, or are short on space, the new SE Flyer can get you where you're going! Premium basswood shells provide a warm, focused tone. Low mass hardware allows for minimal shell contact, while the bass drum lift allows for a truly versatile tone from the 18" kick. Includes bass drum mounted tom holder for minimal set up footprint. All at a price as small as the risers in an NY club!

    • Color: White Pearl
    • Brand: Ddrum
    • ASIN: B00KJAXC5G
    • UPC: 814064021051

  • ddrum D2 Rock Series Complete Drum Set with Cymbals, Black Sparkle

    The Total Drum package for the Beginner... includes everything you need to play right out of the Box... The D2R Drum set is the perfect kit for the future rock star. Includes 4pc shell back with all hardware, cymbals, and sticks to get you up on stage in no time. Comes in 3 sparkle finishes to choose from. Lime sparkle, Silver sparkle and black sparkle.

    • Color: Black Sparkle
    • Brand: Ddrum
    • ASIN: B00IQ7PYEQ
    • UPC: 819998180539

  • ddrum HYBRID 5 PLAYER WHT -Piece Drum Shell Pack

    A variation on the original hybrid 6. Featuring a beefed up, 18x22 kick drum, 6x14 snare as well as 7x10 and 8x12 rack toms, and a 14x16 floor tom. This is a fully functioning acoustic drum set, with the addition of our industry standard acoustic pro triggers. Perfect for live or the studio, mic them, trigger them... the sky is the limit!

    • Brand: Ddrum
    • ASIN: B06WWDPJD4
    • UPC: 814064029590