• Dakine Unisex Full Finger Sailing Gloves, Black, S

    Save your hands with Dakine's totally comfortable, new ultra-thin Full finger palm glove. Material: Mesh.

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Dakine
    • ASIN: B00RELXTH4
    • UPC: 610934937688

  • Dakine Cross X Glove - Men's Andorra, L

    It pays to have a solid grip on your bars when you're ripping downhill in a blur of reckless abandon. That's where the Dakine Men's Cross X Glove comes into play, with its AX Suede Deuce palm and silicone-coated fingers delivering secure grip and precise brake feel. For comfort on lengthy descents, foam padding dissipates unruly vibration without sacrificing bar feel. This rugged glove protects your hands with neoprene knuckles deflecting the sting of crashes and trail abrasion. Four-way stretch polyester along the backside promotes breathability and flex, so your hands are free to move without overheating. And for those uphill slogs where you're dripping with sweat, the microfiber thumb softly wipes your forehead.

    • Color: Andorra
    • Brand: Dakine
    • ASIN: B075M8F1Z9
    • UPC: 610934208146

  • Dakine Sentinel Glove - Men's Black, L

    Rogue tree branches, chunky rock gardens, and narrow hand-built trails with wide bars all take a toll on your digits, but Dakine doesn't take protecting your mitts lightly, and the Sentinel Glove is proof. Packing in flexible protection, the Sentinel is Dakine's most technical bike glove in the lineup, built with DK Impact shock absorption pads that move with you while you ride, and harden on impact to soak up the harsh hits from crashes and painful drops to flat. For even greater protection, sonic welded knuckle deflectors take the sting out of accidentally smacking into trees or toppling onto a pile of jagged rocks. The glove itself is breathable and quite stretchy, courtesy of its 4-way stretch air mesh used along the backside. To ensure optimal grip when you're holding on for dear life, the AX Suede palm maintains sure-handed security. Silicone grippers along the finger tips help with brake modulation when slowing down is the difference between rounding a corner precisely or flying over the backside like a runaway train.

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Dakine
    • ASIN: B079TG5JPV
    • UPC: 610934208764

  • Dakine Covert Gloves - Women's Kiki, M

    Sure, you can understand why your friends might want padded gloves, but you covet the close-textured feel of your grips, and don't want to sacrifice tactile touch for cushion. Designers at Dakine understand where you're coming from, which is why they crafted up the Covert Women's Gloves. These streamlined gloves omit padding to keep you connected to the bars, but offer just enough protection on the back of your hand to shield from stray branches and trail debris. The Coverts feature a 4-way stretch back with a Ax Suede UNO synthetic suede palm. Silicone gripper on the fingertips makes shifting easy. Because you don't want to remove your gloves to use your phone, the Coverts are touchscreen compatible. Finally, microfleece panels on the thumbs keep your nose from dripping.

    • Color: Kiki
    • Brand: Dakine
    • ASIN: B079TJ5SC3
    • UPC: 610934209457

  • Dakine Full Finger Sailing Glo Unisex Gloves (Large)

    Save your hands from the abuse of a full day on the water, and pack a pair of sailing gloves next time you head out. The compression molded neoprene and non slip palm material of the Full Finger Sailing Gloves keep your grip true. Breathable mesh construction gives you maximum comfort even on especially warm days. Also available in a fingerless version, this full-finger option gives you maximum protection for your hands and fingertips for a full day of comfort on the water. Details

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Dakine
    • ASIN: B000KJ0NOY
    • UPC: 610934209921

  • Dakine Men's Cross-X Bike Gloves, Red Rock, XL

    Now with a new AX Suede Deuce synthetic palm for even more comfort and control, the Dakine Cross X Gloves continue to be the choice of XC and all-mountain riders, thanks to their great fit and bomber construction. Neoprene knuckle flex panel and sonic welded deflectors provide a sure defense against impacts. 3mm foam padding soaks up rough terrain while silicone fingertips make it easy to shift and brake when navigating aggressive courses or trails. They're even touch screen compatible for easy operation of your phone or GPS. Velcro closure seals the deal with a secure fit.Features: AX Suede Deuce synthetic suede palm is durable, soft and moisture-wicking 3mm foam palm padding dissipates vibrations Moisture-wicking, 4-way stretch polyester and Air Mesh upper for breathable comfort Neoprene flex panel guards the knuckles from impact Sonic-welded knuckle deflectors for protection Touch screen compatible Silicone gripper fingertips make shifting and braking easy Microfleece thumb panels absorb sweat Adjustable hook-and-loop closure

    • Color: Red Rock
    • Brand: Dakine
    • ASIN: B06XCH6LZL
    • UPC: 610934127843

  • Dakine Aura Gloves - Women's Camo, L

    For the minimalist who still wants padding and protection, Dakine created the Women's Aura Glove. With breathable fabrics and light padding, they ensure a secure grip while remaining lightweight. The back of the hand was sewn from mesh polyester which allows the hands to breathe to prevent sweaty palms. Silicone mesh is used on the palms for a solid interface with the bars. They are padded with three, 2mm pads across the palms. An adjustable hook and loop closure secures the gloves. The thumbs feature a microfleece wipe and just in case you get a phone call from your boss, the Aura's thumbs are touchscreen compatible. The Dakine Aura Gloves - Women's are available in sizes X-Small through X-Large in the colors Annabelle and Black.

    • Color: Camo
    • Brand: Dakine
    • ASIN: B00NNPQRV0
    • UPC: 610934937558

  • Dakine Skylark Glove - Men's Andorra, XL

    Skylark Glove - Men's

    • Color: Andorra
    • Brand: Dakine
    • ASIN: B000NQTI0O
    • UPC: 610934208986

  • Dakine Insight Glove - Men's Black Beaver, L

    Summer's warmest days may have you debating ditching the gloves, but rogue branches have a knack for finding knuckles anytime you leave them bare. Keep covered without stifling layers of fabric with the Dakine Insight Gloves. Dakine crafts the Insight Glove for days when you just can't justify the stifling coverage of padded gloves when the temperatures soar -- or for those just looking for minimalist feel for total tactile connection to the bike. The lightweight construction starts with featherweight 4-way stretch mesh on the back of the hand, while the palm offers seamless silicone mesh to let fresh air on on both sides -- a welcome gift when you're cranking up switchbacks and exposed fire roads in the peak of summer. The synthetic fibers in the mesh have a knack for pulling away sweat when you start to get warm, while the grippy palm keeps you glued to the bike. Because your thumb and trigger fingers see most of the action on the bike they're topped with silicone overlays to maximize control of your brakes and shifters.

    • Color: Black Beaver
    • Brand: Dakine
    • ASIN: B079TJHH8L
    • UPC: 610934208627