• On Dagger's Wings: Spiral War Book 1

    It was a mistake. A misunderstanding, but, the first contact ignited the galactic war - the destruction of the starship Mallard provoked the bloody conflict between the Universal Confederation of Sentient Beings and the Galactic Federation and changed billions of human and alien lives forever...Peace is a fleeting state, the last written words of Blazer Vaughnt’s father echo through Blazer’s young mind as he comes of age and enters the Confederation Space Force’s Academy. Intent on becoming a pilot and do his part in ending the hard-fought, centuries-long war which cruely stole his parents, he joins the elite Blade Force and their Dagger Space Fighters.Blazer’s journey through the academy will test his loyalty for his new found comrades and, more importantly, his faith in himself.With enemies near, far and unseen encroaching on the Confederation, will Blazer have the courage to rise to the call, gain his wings, fly his Dagger into battle among the stars and end the bloodshed once and for all?On Daggers’s Wings is the first book in the Spiral War sci-fi thriller series, set in a myriad of colony worlds, it follows the adventures of young space fighter cadet, Blazer, as he strives to overcome adversity and extract revenge for his parent’s deaths.

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    retractable landing gear, interchangeablr cannons fire missiles

    • Brand: Star Wars
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  • Dagger Confluence Wingnuts (2015)

    The Confluence Wingnuts are sold as singles. Replacement footrest nuts for Confluence kayaks. Ideal for keeping in a spares box or repair kit. Even tucked into the corner of a pfd pocket.For (2015) Years and Older

    • Brand: Dagger
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  • Czech Glass, Dagger Beads with Laser Etched Wing Design 5x16mm, 25 Pieces, Jet Matte

    Czech glass dagger beads with laser etched design. Czech pressed glass beads are manufactured by heating a rod of glass until molten and pressing into molds where it is stamped and holes are pierced. The beads are then rolled in hot sand to soften seam lines and remove flashing. These dagger shaped beads are side-drilled at the top. The surface of these beads feature a matte iridescent finish with a laser etched insect wing design. Color: Jet Matte Measurements: Measurements: 16mm long, 5mm wide at the widest point, 3.5mm thick at thickest point. Hole is less than 1mm in diameter. Quantity: 25 pieces temporarily strung.

    • Brand: Beadaholique
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  • Bon Jovi Heart Dagger Wings Logo - Youth T-Shirt - Youth Size Medium

    This Youth T-shirt is an officially licensed Bon Jovi product and features our cool Heart Dagger Wings Logo design printed on 100% cotton.

    • Color: Silver
    • Brand: Bon Jovi
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  • Star Wars 3" CW Titanium - Dagger Squadron B-Wing

    Piloting the strange new heavy starfighters, Dagger Squadron dives into lethal action against overwhelming Imperial forces. In sending these untested craft into battle, Admiral Ackbar hopes to gain the freedom of a squad of Rebel soldiers and heroes trapped behind enemy lines. The Imperials, used to hit-and-run tactics using much lighter fighter craft, are caught totally unprepared for the powerful assault mounted by the heavily armed and armored B-wings.

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