• Hareline Crosscut Rabbit Strips Black

    Hair will lay back after each wind. 1/8" wide. Also known as "bunny hackle". 4 8" to 9" strips per package. Hair lays back4 strips per packNatural skinWide color variety1/8" wide

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Hareline Dubbin Inc
    • ASIN: B00XC7W9O8
    • UPC: 762820040405


    These are cut across the grain of the hide. This is the choice for winding the hide around a hook shank or Superbraid when tying leeches or a wide variety of fresh and saltwater flies. The hair flairs off the hide at an angle and will lay to the rear of the hook, creating a somewhat more streamlined form.

    • Color: Purple
    • Brand: Hareline
    • UPC: 762820013041

  • Crosscut Rabbit Flesh Strips (Two Tone Color) (Salmon Pink Orange)

    These Crosscut rabbit strips are dyed in natural two tone salmon flesh colors to create a realistic looking fly. Use darker rabbit flesh colors early in the run and progress to lighter colors as the season progresses.

    • Color: Salmon Pink Orange
    • Brand: Hareline Dubbing
    • UPC: 762820091230


    The matching 16 color combinations that are available in the two toned rabbit strips, these are crosscut to make them ideally suited for winding around hook shanks and Superbraid. The black/olive is a fresh-saltwater leech/eel standout, and the bright colors make salmon and steelhead drool.

    • Color: Yellow Tipped Hot Orange
    • Brand: Hareline
    • ASIN: B01BTCS338
    • UPC: 762820160516

  • Hareline's Cross Cut Rabbit Hide 48 1/8" Strips/Hide (Tan)

    All our Hides are Grade A. Our Quality is by for the best available.

    • Color: Tan
    • Brand: Cross
    • ASIN: B015RWT5WE
    • UPC: 762820136740

  • Hareline Crosscut Rabbit Strips Fl. Fire Orange

    • Brand: Hareline
    • ASIN: B00XC7WUMY
    • UPC: 762820069574

  • Crosscut Rabbit Strips (Chartreuse (CRS11))

    Crosscut Rabbit Strips are made to be palmered on trout, bass, salmon and steelhead patterns Make a nice even profile on all your streamers by making touching turns down the shank of your fly. These Rabbit Strips come in a variety of colors and are commonly used on flies such as FlyMen's River Rabbit and the popular Bunny Leech. Each pack contains four 1/8" (wide) strips.

    • Color: Chartreuse (CRS11)
    • Brand: Hareline
    • ASIN: B00CX3LFJ2

  • Rabbit Strips Crosscut Frostip 1/8" Black/White

    Frost tip rabbit strips crosscut 1/8" bleached tips and then dyed. Mottled and fishy!

    • Color: Black/White
    • Brand: Hareline
    • ASIN: B009D30ZBE

  • Metal Cutting Dies, Amiley Fairy Car DIY Cutting Dies Metal Floral Art Crafts Scrapbooking Tool Strip Die (A)

    ☆If you receive damaged or wrong items,please contact us with attached pictures about the problem,we will try our best to provide you a satisfactory solution. ========================================================== Description: DIY hand embossing, Can help children's ability to develop intelligence Made of steel material,good hardness and soft to touch. Best for making a beautiful greeting cards. It can make different shape of paper crafts. Which can be used to cut, emboss or stencil. These die cuts will allow you to make homemade cards, frames and cutouts. Die cut or emboss shapes with your favorite manual machine you can even use these dies as stencils. Amusing and meaningful,hurry up to try it. Size:A:62x89MM/B:79x80MM/C:143x222MM/D:108x108MM/E:84x46MM/F:/117x65MM/123x114MM/G:150x196MM//H:122x96MM/I:101x200MM/47x48MM Material: Carbon steel Color: Sliver Package included: 1Set Cutting Dies

    • Color: A
    • Brand: Amiley Cutting Dies
    • ASIN: B07G9MPX4Z
    • UPC: 716451438933