• Neiko 50413A Insulated Wire Terminals and Connectors Assortment with 3-in-1 Wire Stripper, Cutter and Crimper Tool | 175-Piece Set

    Essential shop kit for auto and home electrical repair. 175 insulated terminals and connectors-no soldering required! Most commonly used sizes. Assorted ring terminals, spade terminals, splice connectors, male and female quick-connects. Includes sized-wire stripper, cutter and crimping tool with PVC handles and see-thru organizer case. Contents include 53pc spade terminals:12pc 22-16AWG, 36pc 16-14AWG, 5pc 12-10AWG 63pc ring terminals: 24pc 22-16AWG, 24pc 16-14AWG, 15pc 12-10AWG 29pc butt connectors: 12pc 22-18AWG, 12pc 16-14AWG, 5pc 12-10AWG 29pc female connectors: 12pc 22-18AWG, 12pc 16-14AWG, 5pc 12-10AWG Also comes with a 9" wire crimping tool with double soft handle

    • Brand: Neiko
    • ASIN: B000K7GRCI
    • UPC: 837013504139

  • IWISS Crimping Tool Kits with Wire Stripper and Cable Cutters Suitable for Non-insulated & Insulated Cable End-sleeves Terminals or Ferrules with 5 Changeable Die Sets in Oxford Bag

    Description of 5 Die SetsA35WF Crimping Dies:for 10-35mm2?8-2AWG), used for Non-insulated Cable end-sleeves.A26TW Crimping Dies: for 2*0.5-6mm2(2*20-10AWG), used for Insulated and Non-insulated cable end-sleevesA10 Crimping Dies: for 1.5-6mm2 (16-10AWG), used for Non-insulated TerminalsA03BC Crimping Dies: for 0.5-6.0mm2 (16-10AWG), used for Non-insulated tabs and respectableA30J Crimping Dies: fir 0.5-6.0mm2?22-10AWG, used for Insulated TerminalsPackage Includes: 1 X crimping tool5 X die sets1 X screwdriver1 X Stripper1 X Oxford Bag 1 X Instruction Official IWISS Counterfeit Warning: More and more frequently, counterfeit IWISS products are offered for sale through Internet or directly. Every authentic IWISS product comes with a lased IWISS logo, designed package and/or a QR code sticker on the box. IWISS team kindly remind you not to be tricked, and to report indecent selling outside Amazon IWISS exclusive store.

    • Color: Orange and Gray
    • Brand: IWISS
    • ASIN: B00Y7M7SG6
    • UPC: 701715364806

  • IWISS Crimping tool kit with Stripper&Cutter for different kind terminals with 5 interchangeable die sets 0.5-35mm ² packed with Oxford bag

    Feature: The components of the ratchet crimping tools are made of special steel. Designed according to human factors engineering, it can save 50% energy when crimping. Precise crimping die sets and integral lock with self releasing. Accurate adjustment before ex works delivery. Due to best handle grasping position, light and compact structure and handle design ensure perfect crimping effect. This item include: 1 x crimping piler 5 x die sets: A03BC Crimping Dies: for 0.5-6mm2(16-10AWG), for Non-insulated tabs and receptacles A26TW Crimping Dies: for 2*0.5-6mm2 (2*20-10AWG), for Insulated and Non-insulated cable end-sleeves A10 Crimping Dies: for 1.5-6.0mm2(16-10AWG), used for Non-insulated Terminals A30J Crimping Dies: for 0.5-6.0mm2(22-10AWG), used for Insulated Terminals A35WF Crimping Dies: for 10-35mm2(8-2AWG), used for Non-insulated Cable end-sleeves 1 x Oxford Bag 1 x screwdriver1 x Multi-Function Wire Stripper and Cutter Tool Tool Set Weight: 1 Kg Official Store of Brand IWISS: iwiss & icrimptools ABOUT IWISS IWISS was founded in 1990 as a family owned crimping tool manufacturer. Today IWISS, through its 25 years' endeavor, is a global provider of electric tools, hydraulic machine, packing device, high& low voltage electric appliance and so on. The product is widely u...

    • Brand: IWISS TOOLS
    • ASIN: B0195VXA10
    • UPC: 709619250409

  • Astro 9477 Professional Quick Interchangeable Ratchet Crimping Tool Set, 7-Piece

    Quick changing jaw design does not require any other tool to change the jaws.Versatile kit includes 6 dies for many applications.A Jaw - Insulated Terminals: for AWG 22-18/16-14/12-10 or DIN 0.5-1.0/1.5-2.5/4-6mm?B Jaw - Non-Insulated Terminals: for AWG 20-18/16-14/12-10/8 DIN 1.5/2.5/6/10mm?C Jaw - Open Barrel Terminals: for AWG 20-18/16-14/12-10 DIN 0.5-1.0/1.5-2.5/4-6mm?D Jaw - Insulated Cord-End Terminals (small AWG.): for AWG 22/20/18/16/14/12 DIN 0.5/0.75/1.0/1.5/2.5/4.0mm?F Jaw - Insulated Cord-End Terminals (Huge AWG.): for AWG 10/8/6 DIN 6/10/16mm?H Jaw - Open Barrel Terminals & D-SUB, V3.5: for AWG 14/22/8 DIN 2.5-0.5/8-10mm?Ergonomically designed steel frame handles with contoured rubber grips.Time saving tools allows faster crimping of terminals and wire.Crimper is easily operated by either left or right hand.Astro Pneumatic 9477 7-Piece Professional Quick Change Ratcheting Crimping Tool Set

    • Brand: Astro Pneumatic Tool
    • ASIN: B0045CUMLQ
    • UPC: 756635924401

  • KANGORA Wire Crimping Tool Kit w/800 Terminal Connector Sleeves | Electricians, Contractors, Repair Support | Ferrule Crimper Pliers for Stripper, Wiring Projects

    Features: The adjustable ratchet wheel structure and the lever action reduces the fatigue degree of the operation. Special handle design, strengthen the grip The unique design of the four spindle crimp style High quality, high assurance Fast lifting safety lock Application: Sleeve type terminal Specifications: Product Type:Quadrilateral Name : Ferrule Crimper Plier Material: Nylon & Copper Alloy Color: Orange Capacity mm²: 0.25~6.0mm² AWG: 23~10 Overall Length: 175mm Application: Sleeve type terminal AWG 10 (Green): F:12mm, L:20.5mm, W:6mm, D:3.9mm, C:3.4mm AWG 12 (Gray): F:12mm, L:19.5mm, W:4.4mm, D:3.2mm, C:2.8mm AWG 14 (Blue): F:12mm, L:19.2mm, W:4mm, D:2.6mm, C:2.3mm AWG 16 (Black): F:10mm, L:16.4mm, W:3.5mm, D:2mm, C:1.7mm AWG 18 (Red): F: 8mm, L:14.6mm, W: 3mm, D:1.7mm, C:1.4mm AWG 20 (White): F:8mm, L:14.6mm, W:2.8mm, D:1.5mm, C:1.2mm AWG 22 (Yellow): F:6mm, L:12mm, W:2.5mm, D:1.3mm, C:1mm AWG 22 (Orange): F:8mm, L:14mm, W:2.5mm, D:1.3mm, C:1mm Note:  Please pay attention to safety when using Package Included: 1× 175mm Ferrule Crimper Plier 800 x Connector Terminal Box Tool Kit

    • Brand: KANGORA
    • ASIN: B07212XQTV
    • UPC: 096534426454

  • Crimping Plier Set,360Pcs Insulated Assortment Spade Ring Electrical Wire Terminals Crimp Connectors Kit with Multi-Plier Crimping Tool

    360pcs Insulation Red Yellow Blue Stuffing Spade Ring Electric Wire Terminal Crimp Terminal Kit Terminal Crimp Pliers Specification : 100% brand new high quality Insulation crimp terminal set Material : copper + PVC + tin metal Electrical Insulation Wire Crimp Terminal Set content: Ring terminal (120 pcs) : 70 pcs (blue) + 50 pcs (yellow) Spade terminal (50pcs) : 30pcs (blue) + 20pcs (yellow) Butt connector (75pcs) : 30pcs (red) + 30pcs (blue) + 15pcs (yellow) Male and female quick connect (50pcs) : 25 pcs (male) + 25pcs (female) Male and female bullets (35pcs) : 25pcs (male) + 10pcs (female) Male and female spade crimp connector (20pcs) : 10pcs (male) + 10pcs (female) Line connection : 10 pieces Pliers Crimp capacity : 0.5 - 6 mm² Plier length : 190 mm Pliers with multiple gauge wire slots : large pressure range, long service life, easier operation Package includes : 360 x Insulation Wire Crimp Terminal 1 x terminal crimping pliers

    • Color: 360pcs
    • Brand: Tellunow
    • ASIN: B07D4J9QBS
    • UPC: 666354352129

  • Titan Tools 11950 Ratcheting Wire Terminal Crimping Set, 7-Piece

    The Titan Tools 7-Piece ratcheting terminal crimping set is built for use with most common types of solderless terminals. The set includes a ratcheting Crimper with an adjustable compression wheel, corrosion resistant carbon steel frame with comfort grip handles and a Collection of 6 interchangeable dies for use with a variety of different terminals. The crimper's Quick Change jaw design allows dies to be easily changed without the use of other tools. The ratcheting action and full cycle Quick release feature ensure secure, uniform crimps and the built in safety release allows the Crimper to release Mid cycle if needed.Dies Included:A Die: Insulated TerminalsAWG 22-18 / 16-14 / 12-100.5-1.0 / 1.5-2.5 / 4-6 mm²A2 Die: Fully Insulated Quick-Disconnect TerminalsAWG 22-18 / 16-14 / 12-100.5-1.0 / 1.5-2.5 / 4-6 mm²A3 Die: Mini Insulated TerminalsAWG 26-22 / 24-18 / 22-160.1-0.5 / 0.25-1.0 / 0.5-1.5 mm²A4 Die: Insulated Flag TerminalsAWG 22-18 / 16-140.5-1.0 / 1.5-2.5 mm²A5 Die: Closed End Connector and Heat Shrink TerminalsAWG 22-16 / 16-14 / 12-100.5-1.5 / 1.5-2.5 / 4.0-6.0 mm²H1 Die: Spark Plug ConnectorsAWG 171.0 mm²

    • Brand: Titan Tools
    • ASIN: B01N43O0UJ
    • UPC: 802090119507

  • Sopoby Ferrule Crimping Tool with 800pcs Wire Ferrule Terminals Kit Insulated, 0.25-6.0mm², AWG 22-10, Crimp Tool Kit

    Features: ✔ Ergonomic Handle Design provides improved gripping power. ✔ Adjustable Ratchet and Lever Action Construction reduces fatigue degree. ✔ Special Four-Mandrel Crimping Style for Square Crimp. ✔ High quality crimping standard ensures repeatable crimping action. ✔ Ideal for crimping insulated and non-insulated wire ferrules. ✔ Quick release safety lock.   ♦ Color: Orange ♦ Name: Ferrule Crimping Plier ♦ Material: Nylon & Alloy Steel ♦ Product Type: Quadrilateral HSC8 6-4 ♦ Crimping Range: 0.25~6.0mm² *** A.W.G.: 23~10 ♦ Overall Length: 175mm ♦ Range of Application: Wire-end Ferrules   Specifications: AWG 10 (Green): F:12mm, L:20.5mm, W:6mm, D:3.9mm, C:3.4mm AWG 12 (Gray): F:12mm, L:19.5mm, W:4.4mm, D:3.2mm, C:2.8mm AWG 14 (Blue): F:12mm, L:19.2mm, W:4mm, D:2.6mm, C:2.3mm AWG 16 (Black): F:10mm, L:16.4mm, W:3.5mm, D:2mm, C:1.7mm AWG 18 (Red): F: 8mm, L:14.6mm, W: 3mm, D:1.7mm, C:1.4mm AWG 20 (White): F:8mm, L:14.6mm, W:2.8mm, D:1.5mm, C:1.2mm AWG 22 (Yellow): F:6mm, L:12mm, W:2.5mm, D:1.3mm, C:1mm AWG 22 (Orange): F:8mm, L:14mm, W:2.5mm, D:1.3mm, C:1mm   Warranty: -- Sopoby guarantees all buyers 100% satisfaction, once you have problems with our product, please feel free to contact us, we will resolve it as soon as we can. -- 100% Satisfacti...

    • Brand: Sopoby
    • ASIN: B06XCZC89W

  • ABN Hose Pincher Pliers 3-Piece Crimping Pinch-Off Tool Set – Automotive Pinching Radiator, Coolant, Heater, Fuel Pinch

    When performing vehicle maintenance, use the ABN Hose Pincher Pliers 3-Piece Crimping Pinch-Off Tool Set - Automotive Pinching Radiator, Coolant, Heater, Fuel Pinch to easily pinch off cooling hoses instead of spilling and losing coolant. Plastic hose pinchers do not get the job done, but these metal pliers are durable and safe on all hoses. They are easier to use than attempting to zip tie hoses. Simply use the ratcheting mechanism to close the jaws and squeeze shut your desired hose. The plier jaws swivel to ensure a complete shut off, so there is no need to worry about leakage. The small 8-inch plier works great for pinching off small engine fuel hoses or fragile plastic water lines, and the medium 10-inch and large 12-inch pliers clamp off radiator hoses on a coolant recovery tank.

    • Brand: ABN
    • ASIN: B0172I7S7A
    • UPC: 617209843194