• Replacement Covert Acoustic Air Coil Audio Tube with Earbuds Compatible for Motorola Kenwood Icom Yaesu Two Way Radio FBI Covert Acoustic Tube Earpiece Headset, Clear,By Lsgoodcare (10Pack)

    Replacement Acoustic Coil Audio Mic Tube with Earbuds for Motorola Kenwood Icom Two Way Radio Acoustic Tube Earpiece Replacement For use with most Coil Tube Audio Kits, either Left or Right Ear. Coil tube NOT included.

    • Color: 10Pack
    • Brand: Lsgoodcare
    • ASIN: B071X264PQ
    • UPC: 601263306757

  • Retevis 2 Pin Acoustic Tube Earpiece Mic PTT Walkie Talkies Earpiece Compatible Motorola Radio CP200 GP2000 CLS1450 (1 Pack)

    Notice: if the sound quality for receiving starts to get fuzzy,please disconnect the clear tube earpiece and blow it out with an air in a can,because the air in the tube will effect the transmission.If you clear the tube earpiece and the issue still not solve ,please contact with us.In addition, please rotate the white tube until it stuck in the connection. Compatibility:For the following Motorola portable two way radios: XTN Series: XTN446, XTN500, XTN600 XTN XV Series: XV1100, XV2100, XV2600, XV4100 XTN XU Series: XU1100, XU2100, XU2600, XU4100 XTN AX Series: AXV5100, AXU4100 CLS Series: CLS1110,CLS1413, CLS1450, CLS1450C, CLS1450CB, VL50 Motorola Spirit Series: SV10, SV11, SV11D, SV21, SV12, SV22, SV22C, SU210, SU22, SU22C, SU220 VHF / UHF Spirit, Spirit Pro, Spirit Pro+, Spirit HP 10 Spirit MU Series: MU11, MU11C, MU11CV, MU12, MU12C, MU12CV, MU21C, MU21CV, MU22CVS, MU24CV, MU24CVS, MU24CVST Spirit MV Series: MV11, MV11C, MV11CV, MV12, MV12CV, MV21C, MV21CV, MV22CV, MV24CVS CP Series: CP88, CP040. CP100, CP110, CP125, CP150, CP200, CP250, CP300 GP Series: GP2000 , GP2100, GP300, GP308, GP68, GP88, GP88S SP Series: SP10, SP21, SP50+, SP50 CT Series: CT150, CT250, CT450, CT450LS PRO Series: PRO1150, PRO2150, PRO3150 P Series: P040, P080...

    • Brand: Retevis
    • ASIN: B00KRZ7I26
    • UPC: 631976584449

  • Bingle 1 Pin Covert Acoustic Tube Earpiece Surveillance Headset with PTT & Mic for Motorola Two Way Radio Walkie Talkies(MRT-M2)

    Compatibility Single-pronged Motorola Talk about Radios. Compatible with MS, MU, MT, MR, MJ, MH, MD and T9680RSAME, FV300 Series Radios COBRA MT200, MT400, MT550, MT600, MT750, MT800, MT850, MT900, MT975 EM Series: EM1000, EM1000R, EM1010TPR, EM1020R MR Series: MR350R, MR355R, MR356R MH Series: MH230R, MHP61£¬MHP71£¬MHP81 MB Series: MB140R MC Series: MC220R, MC225R, MH230R MJ Series: MJ270R TKLR Series: TKLR T3, TKLR T4, TLKR T5, TKLR T6, TLKR T7, TKLR T8, TKLR T9, TKLR T60, TKLR T80 XTB446, XTR446, XTL446, PMR446, Spirit GT / GT plus SX500, SX620R, SX700, SX709R, SX750, SX800, SX900, SX920R FR50, FR60, F60, FV200, FV200R, FV200AA, FV300, FV500, FV500R, FV500AA, FV200£¬FV300£¬FV500, FV600, FV700, FV750, FV800, T270, T280, T289, T4000, T4512, T7000, T4800, T4800AA, T4900, T4900AA, T5000, T5000AA, T5100, T5146, T5200, T5300, T5320, T5400, T5410, T5412, T5420, T5422, T5500, T5500AA, T5512, T5522, T5532, T5550, T5600, T5620, T5700, 5710, T5720, T5725, T5800, T5820, T5822, T5900, T5920, T5950, T5950AA, T6000, T6200, T6210, T6212, T6220, T6222, T6250, T6300, T6300AA, T6310, T6312, T6320, T6322, T6400, T6412, T6500, T6510, T6550, T6512, T6552R, T6500AA, T7000, T7100R, T7150R, T7200, T7200AA, T7400R, T7400AA, T7450R, T7100, T7150, T7200, T7400, T7450, T8000, T8500, ...

    • Brand: BINGLE
    • ASIN: B071SDPH86
    • UPC: 600978050184

  • HDE 2 Pack Clear Colored Replacement Coil Audio Tube for Two-Way Radio Audio Headset Kit

    A Complete Acoustic Tube Replacement Kit with new style (TC) Twist-on connector. Includes Clear Tube, Twist-on Connector, Elbow and Standard Ear Bud. This replacement kit comes with the Twist-on connecter, which is not compatible with all headsets or earpieces. Please refer to our listing pictures before purchasing

    • Brand: HDE
    • ASIN: B01D4W8MJ6
    • UPC: 700355881117

  • GoodQbuy 2 Pin PTT Mic Covert Acoustic Tube Earpiece Headset for Kenwood QUANSHENG TYT BAOFENG UV5R 666s 888S Retevis H-777 2 Way Radio Walkie Talkies (Pack of 5)

    Earpiece Headset For 2Pin Kenwood Puxing Wouxun Baofeng PTYT Quansheng HYT RELM Weierwei Linton Two Way Radio Compatible for Kenwood: TH-F6/F6A/D7/D7A/D7AG/D7E/F7/F7E/G71/G71A TH-G71E/K2/K2A/K2E/K2ET/21/21AT/21BT/22 TH-22A/22AT/22E/25/26/27/28/31AT/31BT/41AT/41BT TH-42/42A/42AT/2E/45/46/47/48/55/75/77/G71 TH-205/215/225/235/235A/235E/315/41 TK-208/220/240/240D/248/250/260/260G/270/270G/308, TK-360G/370/370G/372G/373G/320/340/340D/348/350 TK-378/378G/430/431/353/360 TK-2100/ 2102/2130/2160/3100/3101/3102/3107, TK-3118/3130/3131/3160 etc * Linton Radio: LT-2188, LT-2260, LT-2268, LT-2288, LT-3107, LT-3188, LT-3260, LT-3268, LT-3688, LT-6188, LT-6288 * PUXING Radio: PX-777, PX-777 PLUS, PX-666, PX-3288, PX-888 * WEIERWEI Radio: VEV-3288S,VEV-6288,VEV-3288 * QUANSHENG Radio: TG-K4AT, TG-2AT, TG-45AT, TG-42AT, TG-22AT, TG-25AT * WOUXUN Radio: KG-699E, KG-689, KG-689 PLUS, KG-669, KG-669 PLUS, KG-659, KG-659 Plus, KG-679, KG-679 Plus, KG-UVD1P * BaoFeng Radio: UV-5R/5RA/5RA+/5RB/5RC/5RD/5RE/5RE Plus/UV-82/BF-480/490/530/999/888/777/666S/777S/888S * Hytera Radio: TC-268, TC-268S, TC-270, TC-270S, TC-368, TC-368S, TC-370, TC-370S

    • Brand: GoodQbuy
    • ASIN: B01IQS40OO

  • HDE Two Way Radio Ear Mold Replacement Earpiece Insert for Acoustic Coil Tube Earbud (2 Pair, 1- Medium, 1- Large) (Clear)

    Do you have uncomfortable or worn ear molds for your two-way radio? Try the HDE ear mold replacement earpiece inserts. In keeping with our tradition of uncompromising quality and safety, these replacement molds are made of sturdy, hypoallergenic, medical grade polymer. Moreover, these molds will fit comfortably in each ear and are designed to fit most coil audio kits. Each pack includes one pair of medium and one pair of large ear molds, and they are available in three colors. Give your ears a break, and purchase these inserts today!

    • Color: Clear
    • Brand: HDE
    • ASIN: B01N27TTDD
    • UPC: 190999010675

  • XFOX 1Pin PTT Covert Acoustic Tube Earpiece Motorola COBRA Talkabout MD200TPR MH230R MR350R MS350R MT350R MG160A MJ270R MT400 T6200 SX500 FV200 EM1000 FR50 2 Two Way Radio Walkie Talkie(2Pack)

    Model: XFox Radio ME-04 Earphone Motorola 1 Pin Covert Acoustic Tube Earpiece Headset For use with the following radios and many more that require standard 1 Pin Motorola talkabout radio walkie talkie. For 2.5mm 1-pin jack Compatible with: * COBRA MT200, MT400, MT550, MT600, MT750, MT800, MT850, MT900, MT975 * T270, T280, T289 * T4000, T6000, T7000, T8000, T9000 * T4800, T4900, T5000, T5100, T5146, T5200, T5300, T5320, T5400, T5410, T5412, T5420, T5422 * T5500, T5512, T5522, T5532, T5550, T5600, T5620, T5700, T5710, T5720, T5725, T5800 * T5820, T5900, T5920, T5950, T6200, T6210, T6220, T6222, T6250 * T6300, T6310, T6320,T6400, T6500, T6510, T6550 * T7100, T7150, T7200, T7400, T7450,T8500, T8550 * T9500, T9550, T9500R, T9500XLR, T9550XLR, T9580XLR, T9650, T9680 * XTL446, XTR446, PMR446 * SX500, SX620R, SX700, SX709R, SX750, SX800, SX900, SX920R * FV200, FV300, FV500, FV600, FV700, FV750, FV800 * EM1000, EM100R, EM1020R * TKLR T3, TLKR T5, TLKR T6, TLKR T7, XTX446 * Spirit GT / GT plus * FR50, FR60, XTL446, SX700, FV200, FV500 etc Package Contents: 2 x 1-Pin Earpiece 2 x transparent Covert Acoustic Tube Earbud 2 x Spare Plastic Ear bud

    • Color: 1Pin Air Tube Earpiece for Motorola(2Pack)
    • Brand: XFOX
    • ASIN: B017P9ZJ68
    • UPC: 704256101602

  • GoodQbuy 2 Pin PTT Mic Covert Acoustic Tube Earpiece Headset for Icom Radio IC-F24S IC-F31 IC-F3 IC-F3S IC-F4 (Pack of 2)

    Product Features: 100% BRAND NEW & NEVER USED Transparent flexible acoustic tube Hidden microphone inside PTT switch Soft plastic earbud fits snugly to ear Compatible Icom 2-pin Models: IC-12A(T), IC-12E, IC-12GAT, IC-12GE IC-2A(T), IC-24AT, IC-24ET, IC-2E, IC-2GA(T), IC-2GE, IC-2GXA(T), IC-2GXE(T), IC-2N, IC-2SA(T), IC-2SE(T), IC-2iA, IC-2iE IC-3A(T), IC-32A(T), IC-32E, IC-3FGX, IC-3FX, IC-3SAT IC-4A(T), IC-4E, IC-40, IC-4008A, IC-4088A, IC-4088E, IC-4088SR, IC-40G(X), IC-40JR, IC-41S, IC-446S, IC-4GA(T), IC-4GE, IC-4GXA (T), IC-4GXE(T), IC-4SA(T), IC-4SE(T), IC-4iA, IC-4iE IC-91A(D) IC-A1, IC-A2, IC-A20, IC-A21, IC-A22(E), IC-A3(E) IC-E90, IC-E91 IC-F10, IC-F11, IC-F11S, IC-F12, IC-F12S, IC-F15, IC-F20, IC-F21, IC-F21S, IC-F22, IC-F22S, IC-F3, IC-F3002, IC-F3062, IC-F33GS, IC-F33GT, IC-F34GS, IC-F34GT, IC-F3S IC-F4, IC-F4002, IC-F4021, IC-F4062, IC-F43GS, IC-F43GT, IC-F43TR, IC-F44GS, IC-F44GT, IC-F4GS, IC-F4GT, IC-F4S, IC-F4SR, IC-F4TR IC-FS25R IC-H12, IC-H16, IC-H2, IC-H6 IC-M10E, IC-M11, IC-M12, IC-M2, IC-M3EURO, IC-M5, IC-M7, IC-M8, IC-M9 IC-P2A, IC-P2AT, IC-P2E, IC-P2ET, IC-P3AT, IC-P4A, IC-P4AT, IC-P4E, IC-P4ET, IC-Q7A, IC-Q7E, IC-S21A, IC-S21E, IC-S41A, IC-S41E IC-T21A, IC-T21CP, IC-T21E, IC-T22A, IC-T22E, IC-T2A, IC-T2E, IC-T2H, IC-T31CP, IC-T3H, IC-T41A, IC-T41E, IC-T...

    • Brand: GoodQbuy
    • ASIN: B06XXW5XY5

  • TOMSENN 2-Pin Covert Acoustic Tube Walkie Talkie Earpiece – Two Way Radio Earpiece with a PTT Mic - Compatible with Walkie Talkie Headset Brands (Kenwood, Puxing, Wouxun, Baofeng) – Pack of 10

    NOTE:this radio earpiece don't work for Motorola, Midland,Icom walkie talkies Amazingly Covert, Absolutely Efficient A new addition to our portfolio of high-quality radio equipment accessories is a game-changer - Tomsenn Covert Acoustic Tube 2-Pin Walkie Talkie Earpiece with an In-Line Mic. Why Choose a Tomsenn Radio Earpiece? Transparent, Ergonomic Earpiece snugly fits, eliminating the need to hide it or constantly adjust it. This radio earpiece lets you communicate smoothly as it allows for no frequency drops - even in noisy conditions. Amazingly sensitive in-line PTT mic allows you to keep in loop with ease. A 360 degree stainless steel clip lets you attach the earpiece to your shirt collar with ease, for a no-nonsense hands-free experience. Compatibility Kenwood: TH-F6/F6A/D7/D7A/D7AG/D7E/F7/F7E/G71/G71A TH-G71E/K2/K2A/K2E/K2ET/21/21AT/21BT/22 TH-22A/22AT/22E/25/26/27/28/31AT/31BT/41AT/41BT TH-42/42A/42AT/2E/45/46/47/48/55/75/77/G71 TH-205/215/225/235/235A/235E/315/41 TK-208/220/240/240D/248/250/260/260G/270/270G/308 TK-360G/370/370G/372G/373G/320/340/340D/348/350 TK-378/378G/430/431/353/360 TK-2100/ 2102/2130/2160/3100/3101/3102/3107 TK-3118/3130/3131/3160 Linton: LT-2288/3288/6288/5288/3188/2188/3260/2268/3268 /6288/6188/3288A Baofeng: UV-5R/5RA/5RA+/5RB/5RC/5RD/5RE/5RE Pl...

    • Color: 10 Pack
    • Brand: TOMSENN
    • ASIN: B0776SNT1D
    • UPC: 614253708905