• Taytools 113700 22 Piece Dial Indicator Point Tip Set in Protective Plastic Case

    22 piece set of dial indicator contact anvil points in protective plastic case. Anvil point set will fit most American and import indicators. All tips have 4-48 threads. 22 piece set comes in protective plastic storage case.

    • Brand: Taytools
    • ASIN: B074YDT14M
    • UPC: 700667469737

  • Petrainer Extra Contact Points Metal Probes Prongs 3 Sets (Accessory Only, Can NOT Be Used Alone)

    Product Description: Contact points for most of our Petrainer e-collar models. These contact points deliver stimulation to your dog and are necessary for your Petrainer product to perform optimally. Package Contents: 1 set of contact points (small, medium and large) Measurements of 0.39", 0.5", and 0.78"

    • Brand: Petrainer
    • ASIN: B00SY21AOQ
    • UPC: 696738590236

  • Fowler 22 Piece Contact Point Set 52-525-222-0

    Fowler 22 Piece Contact Point Set 52-525-222-0

    • Brand: Fowler
    • ASIN: B001C7OUW4

  • uxcell Dial Indicator 10mm Dia Head 2.5mm Thread Flat Point Contact 2 in 1 Set

    Contact point for use with most series dial test indicators.   M2.5  thread.

    • Color: Silver Tone, White, Purple
    • Brand: uxcell
    • ASIN: B076P9TRN7
    • UPC: 709874240573

  • Starrett 25R Contact Point Set for Indicators

    AGD contact point set for dial indicators includes for points all mounted on a convenient aluminum ring for safe keeping and easy selection.

    • Brand: Starrett
    • ASIN: B0006J4CTA
    • UPC: 049659501537

  • 12" Long Brad Point Bit Set (7 Drill Bit Set). Perfect For Drilling Wood, Plastic, Drywall and Composite Materials

    If you have drilled a piece of wood and came up short or had to somehow line it up from the other side and attempt to correctly drill, then this drill bit set is for you. Each bit in the set is approximately 12" long and they are made from high speed steel. Typically brad point drill bits are perfect for drilling wood, plastic and some composite materials. Brad points have a sharp point on the tip, which prevents the bit from "walking" like standard twist bits tend to do especially in harder woods. This is why woodworkers love to use brad point drill bits in most all of there projects.Brad point drill bits don't move from the original contact point which tends to produce much more accurate and cleaner results. The extra long brad point drill bit set comes with the following diameter drill bits: 1/8", 3/16", 1/4", 5/16", 3/8", 7/16" and 1/2". Each bit is engraved with the size for easy identification.

    • Brand: Peachtree Woodworking Supply
    • ASIN: B0013EOWCE
    • UPC: 810948016076

  • Brown & Sharpe 599-7034-3 Dial Test Indicator Set, Extra Long Contact Point, M1.4x0.3 Thread, White Dial, 0-10-0 Reading, 1" Dial Dia., 0-0.02" Range, 0.0005" Graduation, +/-0.0005" Accuracy

    The Brown & Sharpe Bestest-3 series dial test indicator set has a white face and inch measurements. The indicator can make either horizontal or vertical measurements, and the choice of white or yellow face dial face rotates. The white dial and a contrasting black hand help make measurements easy to read. The yellow face with contrasting black hand complies with ANSI standards for metric dial faces. The carbide, ball-contact tip reaches into the workpiece for accurate measurements of turned, milled, and ground parts, and for tool setting gauges, fixtures, and inspections. The continuous clockwise pointer rotation helps prevent plus or minus confusion and displays reading in fractional inches. The ball-bearing lever system swivels through to 180 degrees. The dial face mounted at the top of the indicator parallel to the axis, and three universal dovetail mounts can be used for mounting from the top, front, or back. Dovetail mounts provide a rigid setup. This indicator has a Monoblock body design with pinions mounted in jeweled bearings in an isolated assembly separate from the outer body, for high accuracy. It is anti-magnetic for safety when used around magnetic workpieces and debris, and has full-metal construction for durability and corrosion resistance. This dial test indicator ...

    • Color: White
    • Brand: TESA Brown & Sharpe
    • ASIN: B0006J4X80
    • UPC: 622419459820

  • Gorilla Grip Original Shaggy Chenille Bathroom 2 Piece Rug Set Includes Mat Contoured for Toilet and 30 x 20 Carpet Rugs, Machine Wash/Dry, Perfect Plush Mats for Tub, Shower and Bath Room (White)

    There's nothing quite like the feeling of being pampered. Now you can turn your bathroom into a tranquil and relaxing sanctuary for your feet with this cozy, velvety soft chenille bath rug! Our customers asked us to develop a best in class bath rug and we delivered! Take a look at some popular questions from our valued customers:IS THIS RUG DURABLE AND LONG-LASTING? Good Question. Our premium bath rug is constructed of the most premium, high-quality rubber backing. This durable and strong material will help to keep your bath rug secure on your floor so you no longer need to worry about shifting or bunching.CAN I REALLY MACHINE WASH AND DRY THIS RUG? YES! We know bath rugs need to be cleaned often. That's why we've made it simple for you. Our bath rugs can conveniently be thrown in any washing machine. For best results, lightly tumble dry.MY OLD RUG WAS ROUGH AND SCRATCHY ON MY FEET HOW IS YOURS DIFFERENT?Good Question. Our bath rug features a soft, cushiony chenille shag pile that is a pleasure to step on after a bath or shower. The density of our piles is much higher than most other mats on the market. Plus, our tough GORILLA GRIP construction is long-lasting and durable.WILL THE RUG COMPLEMENT MY BATHROOM DECOR? Certainly! Our bath rug comes in an assortment of stylish, sophist...

    • Color: White
    • Brand: Gorilla Grip
    • ASIN: B07BB5QX73
    • UPC: 811113031382

  • HVAZI M2 M2.5 M3 stainless steel Internal Hex Drive Cup Point Set Screws Assortment Kit

    Product description: Cup point set screws have a thin edge that digs into the contact surface for a secure hold on a wide range of surfaces.Length listed is the overall length. Package include: 240pcs 12 Sizes Metric M2 M2.5 M3 Hex Allen Head Socket Set Screw Assortment Kit;Come with the plastic box: List(Type,Thread,Quantity): Set Screws M2x2.5mm 20PCS Set Screws M2x3mm 20PCS Set Screws M2x4mm 20PCS Set Screws M2x5mm 20PCS Set Screws M2.5x3mm 20PCS Set Screws M2.5x4mm 20PCS Set Screws M2.5x5mm 20PCS Set Screws M2.5x6mm 20PCS Set Screws M3x3mm 20PCS Set Screws M3x4mm 20PCS Set Screws M3x5mm 20PCS Set Screws M3x6mm 20PCS Packing contents: HVAZI 240PCS 12 Kinds M2 M2.5 M3 Cup Point Small Set Screws Assortment kit Packed in a plastic box

    • Brand: HVAZI
    • ASIN: B073H68PJH
    • UPC: 701988851768