• Professional Tarot: The Business of Reading, Consulting and Teaching

    In today's economy, a little extra cash can go a long way. If you're like most people who read Tarot, you've probably entertained the idea of doing readings for money more than once. Whether you're just starting to explore the idea or have already started reading professionally, Professional Tarot is the book you need to translate your Tarot reading skills into dollars. Author Christine Jette's combined background in nursing, psychology, teaching, and Tarot consultation provides practical insights into the counseling and business aspects of reading Tarot professionally. Professional Tarot explores every aspect of starting your own Tarot business, showing you how to: • Assess your strengths and weaknesses as a Tarot reader • Develop your special niche as a reader • Market your unique skills on a shoestring budget • Stay on top of taxes • Learn about zoning and tax laws in your community • Expand your clientele with Internet or phone readings • Keep important legal records for your files • Handle crisis situations calmly and professionally • Understand the special needs of teenage clients • Organize and teach Tarot classes • Recognize signs of “psychic burnout” • Develop your own professional Tarot code of ethics With Professional Tarot and your own ...

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  • The Consultant's Scorecard, Second Edition: Tracking ROI and Bottom-Line Impact of Consulting Projects

    Whether yours is a small one-person hop or a large mega-consulting powerhouse, the revised edition of The Consultant's Scorecard helps you move past the same old promises and provide cold, hard proof of success--which you must offer if you want to compete in today's fiercely competitive and fast-growing consulting industry. Jack and Patti Phillips have fully updated their authoritative work to put you in the best possible position to sell your services to clients who demand proof of unmistakable financial value. On the flipside, this book helps clients determine the validity of prospective consultants' promises and track progress after hiring. The Consultant’s Scorecard offers simple data collection techniques for measuring the value of a project in six key areas: Client satisfaction New knowledge and skills acquired by the client Successful project implementation Business unit impact Return on investment Intangible benefits In addition to enabling you to measure your contribution, this process provides a framework you can use to focus on results throughout the consulting intervention. The key concept in any consulting project today is "accountability." Senior managers are being held more and more accountable for the consulting fees they pay out--so they're requiring more accou...

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  • Doblin Innovation Tactics Cards

    Introducing a better set of building blocks, Innovation Tactics. These cards are a tool for exploring and constructing new offerings and businesses. Innovation is often equated with creativity. But it's the disciplined use of proven tools and methods combined with creative thinking that maximizes innovation impact. For this reason, Doblin has developed structured, systemic, easy-to-use cards to engage innovators and focus their ideation activities. They are based on our Ten Types of Innovation framework, which helps organizations think comprehensively about innovation. This card set includes 114 individual Innovation Tactic cards and an overview of ways to use the Innovation Tactics Cards.

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  • Learn and Apply Business Analysis Tools: 7S Framework, SWOT and Balanced Scorecard: To Assess a Small Business

    This book is a practical and a step by step guide to understanding and implementing the analytic tools: 7S Framework, SWOT Analysis and Balanced Scorecard. It provides you with the essential information to assess your business and saves you time. You will learn first the set of powerful Business Analysis Tools, one tool at a time. These are covered in Section-1 of the book. You will then enjoy a full hands-on Section-2, applying these most reputed Business Tools through a case study. You should read this book if you want to learn what analytic tools are and how they can help you carry out business analysis on your own business (or that of your Client). You should read this book if business analysis from different perspectives interests you and if you want to include in your analytic tools portfolio some commonly used models and frameworks such as the 7S Framework, the SWOT and the Balanced Scorecard. You should read this book if you want to understand how business analysis covers different tasks, tools and techniques which are used to help stakeholders to develop a better understanding of the organization's policies, in particular, and its structure in general. Moreover, you should read this book to appreciate how business analysis is used to derive solutions oriented towards the...

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  • Your Book: The Ultimate Business Card: How to Increase Your Visibility, Authority, and Profits by Publishing Your Book in Less Than 90 Days

    Are you an expert in your field who wants to write a book but don’t know where to start? If yes, this book is for you. This book is written for the busy professional who wants to get a competitive edge. Imagine handing your clients, prospects, and networking colleagues your book that effectively communicates your expertise and encourages the reader to reach out to you right away. Imagine getting new clients because they found your book promoted by one of the biggest brands in the world: Amazon. This book guides you step by step through the process, whether you choose to write and publish the book yourself, or have professionals help you get it done.

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  • Multiply Your Coaching Business: 10 New Marketing Realities for the Coaching & Consulting Industries

    So much has changed in the coaching industry.What was once a high-end development option for a few top executives in large companies is now becoming more commonly known and used by a larger portion of the population.The coaching industry is growing rapidly and has expanded to include all types of coaches: Life coaches, spiritual coaches, while other coaches specialize in business, leadership, relationships, health, finance, career, to name a few!Thanks to the internet, people are much savvier about their options and the coaching industry. However, recent events and scandals have changed the mindset of the buying public. They are more skeptical, less trusting, and far more demanding than ever before in history.Although there’s an increased need for coaches today and the opportunity ahead is massive, it’s getting much tougher for coaches to win in a big way today. With this increased need for coaches comes greater competition; sometimes from underqualified individuals selling services at bottom dollar prices.Profits will continue to be squeezed and those that continue the old way of marketing will go broke, burn out, or give up.Multiply Your Coaching Business: 10 New Marketing Realities for the Coaching & Consulting Industries offers a crash course in leaving the old ways behin...

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  • You're Approved!: Never Get Turned Down For Credit Again.

    The trick to getting approved for credit and loans is knowing the lender's approval guidelines in advance. This way you only apply for the credit programs for which you know you qualify. You're Approved! is the first ever "How-To" guide for obtaining credit and loan approvals. Written by a credit and banking industry insider, You're Approved! will help you obtain home financing, auto financing, credit cards, charge cards, business credit cards, and lines of credit regardless of your credit score.

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  • Execution Excellence: Making Strategy Work Using the Balanced Scorecard

    A hands-on guidebook for making your strategy work with effective Balanced Scorecard design, deployment, and maintenance Execution Excellence is the practitioner's guide to real-world implementation. Designed by a Balanced Scorecard (BSC) thought leader with 30 years of experience and over 300 global implementations under his belt across a range of industry sectors, this guide gives you a hands-on framework for putting the BSC methodology into action. Clear, concise, and easy to read, this book skips the theoretical exposition to get right to the point—how can companies use BSC to effectively deploy strategy and drive individual and enterprise performance? You'll find the answers here. The discussion outlines the ways in which firms commonly fail in implementing BSC. These failures can be traced back to common design and implementation flaws: making the process too complicated and focusing on the BSC process rather than the outcome. The discussion will also cover design optimization across a range of key industry sectors. You'll gain expert insight into avoiding these missteps and the practical tools and perspective you need to implement BSC correctly the first time. While the Balanced Scorecard framework is widely accepted and praised, about half of firms that implement it fai...

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  • Applying Business Analysis Tools To Assess a Small business: Using the 7-S framework, the SWOT and the Balanced Scorecard Tools

    *** Get 50% OFF your Business Course on 'Problem Solving: Tools, Techniques & Methods' using this link: http://bit.ly/1q4wj1P ***.I wrote this book to help you keep your Business (or that of your Client's) flying high, above the clouds in a straight and level. In addition to learning the Business Analysis Approach, you will master the Application of some of the most reputed Business Tools, developed further and applied in my Course above: 'Problem Solving: Tools, Techniques & Method. I used 'Prelude Consulting (or PC for short), as the Case Study for this assessment. PC is a small Private Consultancy business which started in 2002 in UK. It was further expanded overseas providing Technology, Management, Quality Training and Consultancy Services within a lucrative market where P.C developed a niche. This Assessment of PC will drive the Balanced Scorecard (BSC) and the SWOT analysis through the extended version of the 7-S framework, as proposed by (Jack Weber,J., 1998): - ‘Situations and Stakeholder’, - ‘Success’, - ‘Superordinate Goals’ (P.C’s vision), - Strategy, - ‘Structure’, - ‘Systems’, - ‘Skills’, - ‘Shared Values’ (P.C’s culture), - ‘Staff’, - ‘Style’ and ‘Leader-to-be’ – repres...

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