• Play Ball! (Little League)

    Eleven-year-old cousins catcher Liam McGrath and pitcher Carter Jones grew up playing baseball together. Now, their team is on the verge of winning the greatest championship of all: the Little League Baseball ? World Series. To reach the title match, however, they must first beat their number one rivals from Southern California. Little do they know that the game will prove to be just the first challenge they'll face on their road to the championships.? 2013 Little League Baseball, Incorporated.

    • Brand: Little Brown Books for Young Readers
    • ASIN: 0316199753

  • Soccer Hero (Matt Christopher Sports Classics)

    Rob Lasher is just an ordinary soccer player, good at the game, but not great. Then one afternoon, he saves his coach's life in front of all his teammates. Suddenly, he's the team's hero. As some members of his team and the rest of the town continue to laud Rob's heroic act, Rob realizes he doesn't want the attention and any unearned accolades that come with it. Kids will learn that doing what is right should be the norm, not the exception.

    • Brand: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
    • ASIN: 031611345X

  • Soccer Scoop: Who's making a fool of Mac? (Matt Christopher Sports Classics)

    Mac Williams, goalie for the Cougars, is known as much for his upbeat game chatter as for his outstanding saves. But when an anonymous artist starts making fun of him with a weekly cartoon, Mac is anything but upbeat. To make matters worse, he suspects that somebody close to him is the cartoonist. Would one of his friends really betray him-or is there someone else who wants to make him look ridiculous?

    • Brand: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
    • ASIN: 0316188964

  • Soccer Duel

    Renny Harding and Bryce McCormack both want to win the championship. When they meet face-to-face they discover that they have a lot in common, but can friendship grow where fierce soccer rivalry exists?

    • Brand: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
    • ASIN: 0316134066

  • California Workers' Comp: How to Take Charge When You're Injured on the Job

    More than a million Californians a year suffer job-related injuries or illness. For many, receiving compensation can be a nightmare, since recent laws give employers and insurance companies far greater rights and employees fewer medical benefits. California Workers' Comp shows how to handle a California workers' compensation claim from start to finish. This plain-English guide, explains how to work with the insurance company to receive the medical treatment and benefits. Workers will find out how to: - file a claim - protect ytheir legal rights - receive the medical care they need - get the benefits they'reentitled to - deal with uncooperative employers, doctors and insurance agencies - negotiate a settlement - present their case before a judge This complete guide can help people handling their own claims or filing on a minor or other's behalf. This edition is completely updated to cover significant changes in the area of permanent disability ratings, along with recent updates to the Labor Code and other workers' comp laws. A comprehensive chapter is included for computer users with repetitive strain injuries.

    • ASIN: 1413320244

  • Football Double Threat (Matt Christopher Sports Classics)

    Rocky Fletcher is being stretched to his limit. Until recently, he'd only played wide receiver for the Pythons. Now his coaches want him to learn the safety position, too-a position that opened up when Bobby, Rocky's best friend, broke his leg. Even though he believes he is to blame for Bobby's injury, Rocky eagerly takes on the challenge of becoming a two-way player. After all, the only other player available is Jared, a sullen boy who switched from soccer to football this season. Yet as time goes on, it's Jared who excels at the position because, thanks to Bobby, Rocky keeps missing practices! What's going on between Rocky and Bobby-and why is Jared on the team when he clearly dislikes football so much? Football Double Threat combines the action and excitement of football with relatable issues about envy, loyalty, and friendship.

    • Brand: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
    • ASIN: 0316016322

  • Football Nightmare (Matt Christopher Sports Bio Bookshelf)

    A miserable memory dogs Keith's every move Keith Stedman dropped the pass. The game-winning, undefeated-record-making pass that would have made him a hero instead of a loser. Now, a year later, that missed pass still haunts him, so much so that he's considering quitting football for good. His friends and family finally convince him to stick with it, but Keith's troubles are far from over. Another player is out for his position and seems determined to do everything he can to keep the dropped pass memory alive in the minds of the whole team - including Keith. Can Keith overcome his own obsession with the past and succeed in the present?

    • Color: Multicolor
    • Brand: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
    • ASIN: 0316143073