• ARM System-on-Chip Architecture (2nd Edition)

    The future of the computer and communications industries is converging on mobile information appliances - phones, PDAs, laptops and other devices. The ARM is at the heart of this trend, leading the way in system-on-chip (SoC) development and becoming the processor core of choice for many embedded applications. System-on-chip technology is changing the way we use computers, but it also sets designers the very challenging problem of getting a complex SoC design right first time. ARM System-on-Chip Architecture introduces the concepts and methodologies employed in designing a system-on-chip based around a microprocessor core, and in designing the core itself. Extensive illustrations, based on the ARM, give practical substance to the design principles set out in the book, reinforcing the reader's understanding of how and why SoCs and microprocessors are designed as they are. ARM System-on-Chip Architecture:- presents and discusses the major issues of system-on-chip design, including memory hierarchy, caches, memory management, on-chip buses, on-chip debug and production test - provides an overview of the ARM processor family, enabling the reader to decide which ARM is best for the job in hand - describes the ARM and Thumb programming models, enabling the designer to begin to develop...

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  • Outdoor Tech OT0042 Wired Chips - Universal Helmet Audio System (Black)

    These are the Chips, the universal wireless helmet audio system by Outdoor Tech. Connect them to any Bluetooth device, drop them into nearly any helmet with an audio liner and your skull will be dripping with Kenny G’s undeniable melodies for the next ten hours. They can play and pause, raise and lower volume, answer calls and skip tracks, all without making you remove your mittens and without a blinking blue light adding nerd status to your backside three. Just think: warm hands, fresh powder, two-button total audio control, and no wires inside your jacket. Waterproof, shockproof, and dustproof, the Kodiak is the high-capacity portable power bank that goes anywhere. Thanks to switchable output, it can charge almost any USB-compatible gadget you own, including high-draw devices like tablets. It’s rugged housing can withstand a beating while remaining compact and light enough to travel with you. And it’s so affordable, you’ll “bear-ly” notice the dent in your wallet. If you want more classic bear jokes like that one, stick around. We have plenty.

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Outdoor Technology
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  • Royal Bingo Supplies 1000 Pack of 3/4-inch Bingo Chips (Mixed)

    If you play Bingo, these 3/4 inch plastic chips are the perfect way to keep track of numbers that have been called. Each package contains 1,000 translucent chips. Each chip features a radius edge for easy pickup. Fun for all ages, Bingo is a great game to play at any birthday party, holiday gathering, family reunion or backyard barbeque. These high-quality plastic chips are a must-have addition to any Bingo set and are ideal for pool halls, lodges and recreational facilities. In addition to traditional game play, Bingo chips can be used in the classroom as a learning tool. Whether they are used for counting, in a science experiment, on an overhead projector or as tokens for a reward system, Bingo chips are versatile and convenient. Durable and reusable, this product is recommended for ages 3 and up.

    • Color: Mixed
    • Brand: Royal Bingo Supplies
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  • 10pcs set of Replacement Nano Cartridges for Dr Pen Ultima A6 Rechargeable Nano Chip Therapy System (3D Silicone Nano)

    *Each cartridge is sterilized and individually packed for Dr. Pen A6. *Each cartridge can be used for 4-6 times for one person according to treatment. *Cartridge Functions:Nano: painless nutrition importing, whitening skin; spot removing; skin rejuvenation. Nano silicone: painless operation, import nutrients, pit repair, lightening skin color, restore skin activity.

    • Brand: Dr. pen
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  • Debugging Systems-on-Chip: Communication-centric and Abstraction-based Techniques (Embedded Systems)

    This book describes an approach and supporting infrastructure to facilitate debugging the silicon implementation of a System-on-Chip (SOC), allowing its associated product to be introduced into the market more quickly. Readers learn step-by-step the key requirements for debugging a modern, silicon SOC implementation, nine factors that complicate this debugging task, and a new debug approach that addresses these requirements and complicating factors. The authors’ novel communication-centric, scan-based, abstraction-based, run/stop-based (CSAR) debug approach is discussed in detail, showing how it helps to meet debug requirements and address the nine, previously identified factors that complicate debugging silicon implementations of SOCs. The authors also derive the debug infrastructure requirements to support debugging of a silicon implementation of an SOC with their CSAR debug approach. This debug infrastructure consists of a generic on-chip debug architecture, a configurable automated design-for-debug flow to be used during the design of an SOC, and customizable off-chip debugger software. Coverage includes an evaluation of the efficiency and effectiveness of the CSAR approach and its supporting infrastructure, using six industrial SOCs and an illustrative, example SOC model...

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  • FillaChip Chip Stone Repair System

    The FillaChip Starter Kit has everything you need to fix nicks, chips and gouges! In this kit, you'll get 2 UV flashlights, 4 syringes with 3cc's of FillaChip glue, 1 syringe with 3 cc's of polish, 10 dispensing tips and 8 plastic release sheets; everything you need to quickly repair chips to a perfect finish. This is the new kit with an additional flashlight, new foam design to firmly hold syringes in the case and securely store 10 syringes, a thinner case design, a strong case with hinges and locking slides, and extra storage areas! FillaChip is the newest innovation in stone repair. If you need an on-the-job-site repair solution for nicks, chips and gouges, FillaChip is it! Made by a fabricator for the fabricator, it is super fast and amazingly repairs stone to a perfect finish.

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  • 1500W LED Grow Light, Dimgogo Triple Chips Full Spectrum Grow Lamp with UV&IR for Greenhouse Hydroponic Indoor Plants Veg and Flower All Phases of Plant Growth (10W Leds)

    Welcome to Dimgogo Newest Version Triple-Chip 1500W LED Grow Light, with full spectrum layout and upgraded aluminum cooling heat sinks, ideal for all kinds of indoor plants veg and flower at all growth stages. Specification: Chips brand: 10W Epiled Triple chips LED lights: 150pcs (Red 80pcs(620-630nm), Red 40pcs(655-660nm), Blue 20pcs, white 8pcs, UV1pc, IR1pc, the UV IR led is not very bright and hard to see by eyes but it's helpful for flowering) Actual Power Consumption: about 268W Dimension: 16.15x 8.27 x 2.84inches Item weight:8.14LBS Coverage Area: 6.4ft x 6ft at 24" Height (The lighting area and the height are changeable according to different plants and environments) Power Factor: >97% Lifespan: >50,000hours Worldwide Voltage: 85v-265v Working Frequency: 50~60Hz Working environment : -20~40℃;45%~95%RH Warranty:3 years warranty Using tips Lighting Time setup: Vegetative Stage: 12-14 hours on; Flowering Stage: 9-12 hours on. Fruiting Stage: 7- 8 hours on Suggest distance above plants: 1.2-2m Attention Do not use the lights in dripping water or anywhere where they will get wet, water and electricity can be a dangerous mixture. The working environment is -20~40℃,45%RH~90%RH. To protect the light, Pls cut off the power when there is a lightning strike. Do not touch or move...

    • Brand: Dimgogo
    • ASIN: B075STGPL2

  • iTouchless Handheld Heat Bag Sealer (2-Pack) for Airtight Food Storage, Reseals Snack Bags, Heat Seals Plastic Aluminum Bags

    iTouchless Handheld Heat Bag Sealer – 2 Pack STOP SNACKS GOING STALE! LOCK IN FOOD FLAVOR AND FRESHNESS! Keep your chips and other snacks fresher, longer with the iTouchless Handheld Bag Heat Sealer. Just clamp down on the bag and pull the sealer across to create an airtight seal in seconds. No more stale chips and snacks. Super Simple to Use – Just clamp down and pull the sealer across the bag for an instant, airtight seal Save money – Re-use the snack’s original bag and stop buying plastic storage bags. You can create your own instant food saver bags! Magnetic backing allows you to keep it handy and in reach. Stick it to the microwave, refrigerator, stove, or other flat metal surface. 2 – Pack – Keep one at home, one at the office. Or take one with you when you travel. Works great for other uses: seal up cosmetics for travel or re-seal frozen vegetable bags Powered by 2 AA batteries (not included) Dimensions: 4” L x 1.5” W x 1.5” H Brand Story iTouchless makes everyday objects smarter, easier to use, and more attractive. We were the first to market with the touchless sensor trash can nearly 20 years ago, and we continue to release innovative home products every year.

    • Color: Red/Blue
    • Brand: iTouchless
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