• Slow Cooker Favorites Soups, Stews, and Chilis: 150+ Easy, Delicious Slow Cooker Recipes, from Cincinnati Chili and Beef Stew to Chicken Tortilla Soup

    A one-stop guide for using the most popular kitchen appliance—the slow cooker—to easily prepare hearty, comforting soups, stews, and chilis. With more than 150 recipes, slow-cooker fans have plenty of options for easy, worry-free ways to make flavorful bowls of their favorite food in their favorite appliance.It’s time to start up the slow cooker! Slow Cooker Favorites: Soups, Stews, and Chilis gives slow-cooker fans more than 150 recipes perfect for the fall and winter. With minimal prep work and easy clean up, the most challenging part will be selecting which delicious bowl to try next. Whether it’s crockpot chili for the tailgate, spicy chicken tortilla soup on a chilly day, or beef stew the whole family will love, there’s something for everyone in this comprehensive collection of crock-pot recipes.

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  • Chicken Delicacy Recipes: The Ultimate Chicken Recipe Cookbook with 30 Scrumptious Recipes

    Everyone loves chicken and it has become one of the daily staples in most homes today. One of the most amazing things about chicken is that it can be prepared in different ways, especially with whole grains, salads, and vegetables; therefore, there is a countless number of chicken recipes you can find in a typical Chicken Recipe Cookbook like this one. In addition to this, chicken has a very high satiety effect on the body, this means, it helps you get fuller quickly, thus, you don’t have to overeat. In addition to these two main reasons, chicken is highly nutritious, it provides the body with the right amount of protein, vitamins and minerals needed , for healthy growth, repair and building of tissues and energy.Chicken Delicacy Recipes book has been carefully written and arranged to educate readers about the various forms of preparing chicken and making them even more delicious than what you already know. The book also has a collection of special chicken delicacy recipes from different backgrounds, thus, you will learn some new recipes from different continents around the world. The chicken delicacy recipes in this book also take into the consideration, healthy ingredients, in order to ensure that such ingredients do not add too much calories to the fried chicken. This book w...

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  • The Best Chicken Recipes: Baked Chicken, Fried Chicken, No Problem, We Will Give You All the Tips

    Has chicken lost its popularity to turkey? No, we don't think so. Sure the turkey has gained parts of the meat market over the last few decades, for sure. However, the price of the turkey meat, whether it’s fresh, frozen, pre-cooked or ground, is still higher than chicken, while the taste is overall very similar.So, in this cookbook, we are proudly presenting some Baked Chicken dishes and a few Fried Chicken dishes as well. Chicken is so versatile; you can make casseroles, fried rice, pasta dishes, and many other unique and mouth-watering Chicken Recipes everyone in the family will enjoy.Let's Get Cooking! Scroll Back Up and Grab Your Copy Today!Click the Download with 1-Click Button at the top right of the screen or "Read FREE with Kindle Unlimited" now!Then, you can immediately begin reading The Best Chicken Recipes: Baked Chicken, Fried Chicken, No Problem, We Will Give You All the Tips on your Kindle Device, Computer, Tablet or Smartphone.

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  • Four Seasons of Vegetarian Soup: Flavorful Recipes for Each Season

    While many people think of soup as a cold weather food, it actually makes a delicious and healthy meal all throughout the year. But, you probably won’t want a warming spicy butternut squash soup in the heart of summer, and gazpacho won’t taste nearly as good if prepared with out-of-season tomatoes and peppers! In addition to taste considerations, you’ll also find it’s much more economical to cook using fresh, seasonal vegetables. In the summer, this cookbook will provide you with unique ways to use the abundance of your garden harvest, or the bags full of vine-ripened tomatoes, sweet red peppers, and fresh zucchini from the local farmer’s market. You’ll find recipes for chilled avocado soup as well as warm summer soups packed with seasonal veggies. And in the coldest evenings of late December, you’ll find inspiring lentil and winter squash recipes that will warm your heart and soul. Best of all, every recipe in this book is vegetarian. You’ll even find vegetarian recipes for classics like clam chowder and chicken noodle soup!==> Buy this book today and get a big bonus cookbook collection inside!!!

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  • Calling on all Foodies: 30 + 1 New and Novel Ways to Enjoy Your Chicken: The Best Chicken Cookbook Featuring 31 Delicious Chicken Recipes

    Hundreds of chickens are consumed all around the world every day, because of its numerous health benefits, however, only few people know about the varieties of ways through which special chicken delicacies can be prepared. Depending on the Chicken Recipes you choose, there are so many benefits you can derive from your chicken. These among other things include; cholesterol management, provision of essential minerals and vitamins and high protein content. Chicken can also provide a good source of energy, especially if you switch to a low carb diet and you are trying to lose weight by placing your body on ketogenesis (burning energy through fat instead of carbs). Chicken is perhaps one of the most consumed foods in the world, they can be prepared with vegetables and fruits. There seems to be no condiment or ingredient that does not work with chicken, as long as you know how to prepare the recipe. This cookbook comprises of fried chicken recipes that has been selected from among the best recipes all around the world.Let's Get Cooking! Scroll Back Up and Grab Your Copy Today!Click the Download with 1-Click Button at the top right of the screen or "Read FREE with Kindle Unlimited" now!Then, you can immediately begin reading Calling on all Foodies: 30 + 1 New and Novel Ways to Enjoy You...

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  • The Whole Enchilada: 60 Easy & #Delish Enchilada Recipes (60 Super Recipes Book 35)

    Kindle Unlimited Members Read FreeWrap your taste buds around these amazingly simple to prepare and tasty enchiladas! Try some Seafood Enchiladas & Cherry Tomato Salsa or mix things up with a healthy Lentil & Spanish Rice Enchilada. There are also great recipes for grilling or using the ole’ crock pot. Includes meatless, veggie recipes and dessert options. Dive in and enjoy the whole #delish enchilada! Be Well!Tags: enchilada, queso, suiza, verde sauce, fajita, taco, burrito, spanish food, mexican food, latin food, latin cooking, nachos, tamale, refried beans, South American cookbook, enchilada casserole

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  • Habanero Cookbook: Best Kept Secret Is the Hot and Fruity Flavor of the Habanero Chili! (FDA # 2025943)

    Category Index: Habanero Mexican Food; Miscellaneous; Habanero Chili; Habanero Winner's Circle; Mexican 5 Star Recipes. Includes 186 recipes.

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