• The Change Handbook: Group Methods for Shaping the Future

    The Change Handbook features chapters by the originators and foremost practitioners of such high-leverage change methods as Future Search, Real Time Strategic Change, Gemba Kaizen, and Open Space Technology. The authors outline distinctive aspects of their approach; detail roles and responsibilities; share a story illustrating usage; and answer frequently asked questions about how to put it into practice. Examples of successful change efforts acquaint readers with the diverse array of methods being employed today. A one-stop comparative chart allows them to evaluate the methods to determine what will work best fro them, and an in-depth reference section helps them locate the resources they need to get started.

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  • The Change Handbook: Group Methods for Shaping the Future

    Originators and practitioners of such change methods as Future Search, Real Time Strategic Change, Gemba Kaizen, and Open Space Technology outline the distinctive aspects of their approaches, detail roles and responsibilities, share stories illustrating their use, and answer frequently asked questions. A comparative chart allows readers to evaluate the methods to find the one that seems best for them.

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  • The Handbook of Health Behavior Change, 4th Edition

    Choice Outstanding Academic Title! 4 Stars - Doody's! Praise for the Third Edition: "This work will be one that students and clinicians keep on their shelves as the gold-standard reference for health behavior change. Summing up: Essential" --Choice Substantially revised to reflect current trends in the field of health behavior change, this new edition of the highly acclaimed "gold standard" text continues to provide a comprehensive overview of behavior change as it relates to public health. It has been extensively reorganized to eliminate redundancies in the earlier edition, and takes a broader, more pragmatic approach in its coverage of health behavior change. New content includes chapters on lifestyle change and prevention and chronic disease management, with an intensive focus on specific behaviors (i.e. diet and nutrition, tobacco use) and chronic illness (i.e diabetes, heart disease). A new section on Community, System, and Provider Interventions to Support Health Behavior Change focuses on the efficacy of interventions implemented within various systems such as schools, workplaces, and health care systems. The fourth edition also provides learning objectives and discussion questions to facilitate use by course instructors in health psychology, behavioral medicine, and pu...

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  • Bergin and Garfield's Handbook of Psychotherapy and Behavior Change

    Praise for Bergin and Garfield's Handbook of Psychotherapyand Behavior Change, Sixth Edition"Not only is this a unique resource, it is the only book thatall practitioners and researchers must read to ensure that they arein touch with the extraordinary advances that the field has madeover the last years. Many of us have all five previous editions;the current volume is an essential addition to this growing,wonderful series."—Peter Fonagy, PhD, FBA, Freud Memorial Professor ofPsychoanalysis and Head of the Research Department of Clinical,Educational and Health Psychology, University College London"As either researcher or clinician living in the contemporaryworld of accountability, this invaluable edition of theHandbook is a must for one's professional library."—Marvin R. Goldfried, PhD, Distinguished Professor ofPsychology, Stony Brook UniversityThe classic reference on psychotherapy—revised for thetwenty-first centuryKeeping pace with the rapid changes that are taking place in thefield, Bergin and Garfield's Handbook of Psychotherapy andBehavior Change, Sixth Edition endures as the most importantoverview of research findings in psychotherapy for professionals,academics, researchers, and students. This bestselling resourcepresents authoritative thinking on the pressing questio...

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  • The NTL Handbook of Organization Development and Change: Principles, Practices, and Perspectives

    The NTL Handbook of Organization Development and Change, Second EditionThe NTL Handbook of Organization Development and Change is a vital tool for anyone who wants to know how to effectively bring about meaningful and sustainable change in organizations—even in the state of turbulence and complexity that today’s organizations encounter. Featuring contributions from leading practitioners and scholars in the field, each chapter explores a key aspect of organization development. In this new edition, each of the 34 chapters has been revised in response to recommendations from the contributors and NTL members.“These 34 chapters articulate exactly what grounds organization development! Issues and perspectives involving training, groups, practice, and the global world are current and thought provoking.”—Therese F. Yaeger Ph.D., professor, OB/OD Department, College of Business, Benedictine University“There is no other source that offers such a rich array of the most current and future-thinking topics from so many leaders in the field.”—Robert Gass, Ed.D., co-founder, Rockwood Leadership Institute“The editors accomplish the difficult task of including theory, concept, and method that will appeal to the academic community as well as those who are focused on being an effec...

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  • If the Buddha Got Stuck: A Handbook for Change on a Spiritual Path

    Zen and the art of getting unstuck . . .Perennial favorites, Charlotte Kasl’s If the Buddha Dated, If the Buddha Married and If the Buddha Had Kids have inspired readers with their empowering balance of spiritual and psychological wisdom. This wise yet lighthearted book extends on Dr. Kasl's trademark insight to speak to anyone who's ever experienced being stuck in life. With her signature clarity, wisdom, and wit, she presents seven simple yet profound steps on the path to change: Notice Where You're Stuck; Show Up; Pay Attention; Live in Reality; Connect with Others, Connect with Life; Move from Thought to Action; and Let Go.Full of insight from Buddhist and other teachings that emphasize the joy that comes with letting go of fears and attachments, If the Buddha Got Stuck is an inspirational and practical roadmap to a happier, more peaceful, and more fulfilling life.

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  • The New P. Handbook Vol. 1: Little Languaging Hacks for Big Change (Volume 1)

    A vital tool for these über transformational times, The New P. Handbook Vol. 1: Little Languaging Hacks for Big Change is chock-full of simple communication tools and tweaks with massive evolutionary implications. Informed by the integrated understanding that language is the fundamental building block of our entire known reality, this guide offers visionary insight into the vibrational codes embedded within our words. The work sheds timely and relevant light upon the ways we unconsciously language our reality, while offering easy, accessible techniques to uplevel our communication patterns in service to a unified, abundant all of us, and a peaceful, thriving planet Earth.

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  • The Employee Handbook for Organizational Change: Facing the Problems, Finding the Opportunities

    The Employee Handbook for Organizational Change is a handbook created to teach employees the differences between myth and reality during times of rapid change. It provides practical tips to help employees take personal control, face problems with a constructive attitude, and find the positive opportunities which exist in this unstable environment. The handbook delivers guidance on surviving in the age of instability, clearing up the myths and presenting the realities of what is likely to be going on behind the scenes, overcoming resistance to change, and becoming a change agent.

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