• Castelli Squadra ER Jacket - Men's Black, XL

    Embrace the wind with the Castelli Squadra ER Jacket. This minimalist shell packs neatly into your jersey pocket for your long alpine climbs as a quick emergency layer when the wind chill starts to get to you. Repelling light rain, and nearly all wind, you'll find it doesn't take much to warm back up with the wind off of your shoulders and your body working as you ascend to the top of the mountain pass. An ideal essential to keep in your saddle bag, or carry with you on any ride, the Castelli Squadra ER is made from polyester ripstop that boasts 100% wind protection and moderate water resistance. Rear reflective details improve your visibility to cars, and features a rear-vent opening to keeping cool.

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Castelli
    • ASIN: B074Y8DYNH

  • Castelli Mortirolo 4 Jacket - Men's Mirage/Black, L

    Dry winter days are often the ones that make us feel the guiltiest for not being out on our bikes; clear skies, bare roads, and sun bring far fewer challenges than messy, wet days do. If you're thinking about training through the winter (whether for a spring goal race or because you're tired of staring at your basement wall on the trainer for 3 months) the Castelli Men's Mortirolo 4 Jacket makes an excellent investment in dry-day comfort. Lightweight and warm, the Mortirolo doesn't come with as much protection from wind and rain as siblings like the Senza or Espresso, but what it lacks in weatherproofing, it makes up for in lightness. Cut with a slim silhouette, the Mortirolo 4 was bred for versatility; it's meant to be just as comfortable during a tough set of intervals as it is during a tempo ride or endurance-building base miles. Though not as contoured as Castelli's race kit, the Mortirolo easily accommodates a baselayer without ever appearing, or feeling, sloppy in the saddle. A Gore Windstopper X-Fast front panel does shield against rain and wind, while Castelli's thermal Warmer fabric, aptly named, covers the back of the jacket. It provides ample stretch and breathability to help you avoid overheating on cold days with warm sun, especially as you tackle hard efforts. Zippe...

    • Color: Mirage/Black
    • Brand: Castelli
    • ASIN: B01LP4MAO8

  • Castelli Idro Pro Jacket - Men's Black, L

    Castelli continues to make a name for itself by creating race-worthy, breathable weather protection that many pros select and buy as it far surpasses standard team-issue equipment. The Gabba, the Tempesta, the Perfetto, all items that redefined what we've come to expect in foul weather riding attire. The Men's Idro Pro Jacket continues this tradition and with its inclusion of Gore's latest material, the jersey is super lightweight and highly packable without giving up an iota to weather protection. Castelli has a host of wet weather jackets but we feel this one best meets the needs of the racer. The breathability, lightweight, and cut are all carefully designed to excel during competition. It fits easily into a jersey pocket when not called upon however, in use it breathes so well we're likely just to keep it on. The jacket's main material Shakedry, is a breathable membrane that combines the water- and windproof qualities that Gore-Tex is known for in the outdoor industry. It blocks wind and is totally waterproof, so a mid-ride deluge or even if you're starting off a ride in the rain, you'll stay dry. As impressive as the waterproofing is, its weight at 158g is maybe even more impressive. This feathery weight is possible because Shakedry eliminates the usual face fabric, so it's ...

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Castelli
    • ASIN: B079RM1JW5

  • Castelli Superleggera Jacket - Women's White, M

    With a multi-day stretch of rainy forecasts threatening to derail your outdoor training plans, reach for your Castelli Women's Superleggera Jacket and head out the door with confidence that it will keep you dry through the storm. Unlike old school rain shells, this jacket balances breathability and weather protection to fend off clammy overheating as you hammer out tempo intervals under the clouds. When stormy clouds blow over and the sun comes back out, the Superleggera's light fabric lets it pack away easily into a jersey pocket or small saddle pack until the next front rolls in. As a final touch, Castelli wisely adds a completely waterproof panel of fabric at the back of the jacket as well, which won't soak through when you're dealing with wheel spray and wet roads for miles on end.

    • Color: White
    • Brand: Castelli

  • Castelli Sella Rain Jacket - Men's - White/Black, Large

    Castelli Size Chart The Selle Rain jacket offers exceptional weather protection while maintaining breathability and mobility. Fully seam sealed and with waterproof zippers for additional protection, this jacket has an adjustable hem and cuffs for a precise fit. Reflective detailing helps keep you visible in low light conditions. Features: - 3-layer waterproof and breathable laminate fabric 100% - Polyester with nylon mesh tricot backside bonding 5,000mm/5,000mvp - Fully seam sealed - Flip-up collar extension for added protection when needed - Micro fleece lining at inside collar - Waterproof zippers - Rain flap with zipper garage at front - Reflective piping and screen printing offers optimal visibility from all angles - Underarm zipper vents - Left sleeve zipper pocket - Elastic drawcord at hem - Adjustable velcro closure at wrist - Weight: 415g (Size L)

    • Color: White/Black
    • Brand: Castelli
    • ASIN: B00BIJEUS0

  • Castelli Perfetto Convertibile Jacket - Men's Black, XL

    When it comes to the original Gabba, it's so effective as the king of weather-resistant race jerseys that the only conundrum we had in purchasing one was whether to pick up a long- or short-sleeve model. The convertible option eliminated that dilemma, and the Men's Perfetto Convertible Jacket updates that versatility with improvements in areas that--frankly--we didn't think could be improved. The Convertible Perfetto is, basically, a Gabba-plus, beginning with the same race-fit, weather-resistant features that made the Gabba so damned impressive and pushing those properties to further extremes. The king is dead; long live the king. Of all the things Castelli changed, we're happy to report that it stuck to the zip-off sleeve model pioneered in the Gabba Convertible Jacket. The ability to remove the sleeves effectively makes the Perfetto Convertible a three-season jacket. Castelli claims it can handle temperatures ranging from 43 to 64 degrees Fahrenheit, but with smart layering and the sleeves on, it extends easily into the 30s. On the in-between days of late fall and early spring, the sleeves stow easily in one of the rear pockets, ready for action when needed. The zippered joint also extends over the shoulder in a raglan cut, keeping the zipper off of your skin and providing gen...

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Castelli
    • ASIN: B01L2XPPLC

  • Castelli Superleggera Jacket - Men's Sky Blue, M

    When a column of brooding clouds threatens your Saturday morning ride, you can't just reach for any old rain jacket "just in case." Whether you've learned from experience or not, we can assure you that the qualities that make a good general use rain jacket are not the same as those that matter on the bike. Rather than spending your ride clammy and overheating under a stiff, unyielding shell, reach for the Castelli Superleggera Jacket the next time the skies make you uneasy. Unlike that rain shell in your closet, the Superleggera easily packs away into a small saddle pack if stormy clouds blow over and the sun comes back out, but its wind- and water-resistant fabric are up to the task of staving off bad weather while maintaining breathability. Castelli wisely adds a completely waterproof panel of fabric at the back of the jacket as well, which won't soak through when you're dealing with wheel spray and wet roads for miles on end.

    • Color: Sky Blue
    • Brand: Castelli
    • ASIN: B076B3ZYK1

  • Castelli Cross Prerace Jacket - Men's Silver/Black, S

    The start of 'cross season signals the arrival of crisp, chilly mornings and warm afternoons with plenty of colorful foliage in between -- if you ask us, perfect racing weather. It's also the time of year when your pre-race warm-up takes on a more literal meaning, and getting your engine up to speed on chilly mornings can sometimes be a challenge. Save the hooded sweatshirt for post-race lounging, and make sure your body is as ready to race as your mind is with Castelli's Cross Prerace Jacket. Simplicity is consistently a hallmark of Castelli's designs, and the Cross Prerace Jacket is no exception. The jacket has a sleek, functional design that isn't weighed down by unnecessary extras that only distract from pre-race rituals. Castelli recommends it in temperatures ranging from 41 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit, but our experience suggests it can go colder than that during stationary warm-ups. The jacket's front panels and sleeves are packed with insulating PrimaLoft 60 and a Toray 30g water-repellent coating -- because not every race morning is going to be sunny. The PrimaLoft ensures the heat you create during your warm-up laps stays inside your body's microclimate, while water-repellent Nano Flex fleece provides ventilation and keeps the jacket breathable along your back to help less...

    • Color: Silver
    • Brand: Castelli
    • ASIN: B012BQQ1YE

  • Castelli Emergency Rain Jacket - Men's Yellow Fluo, M

    Castelli knows a thing about wet weather riding. Perhaps that's why you'll see many riders in the professional peloton wearing non-team-issue Castelli Gabba jackets during the spring classics. It is a piece of material that does such a wonderful job of keeping riders dry, yet breathes so well, many top class athletes will eschew their standard team-issue kit and reach for the Gabba. For rides when we don't need a full blown rain jacket or are about to head out on a ride under ominous skies comes the Castelli Emergency Rain Jacket.Castelli's intimate knowledge of keeping riders dry and comfortable is reflected in this design. While Castelli makes no bones about the fact that the breathability is not quite up there with their other jackets, they are also quick to point out that it's not built to be an all-day rain jacket, rather one made for its namesake. Sometimes training plans might dictate having to go out on a day when the weather is questionable. The jacket can be folded into half a jersey pocket, which is great when you don't need it, and features like Deluge Light 2. 5-layer fabric with 10,000mm waterproof rating and innovative gutters to drain water away from hands and off the back are fantastic when you do. Go ahead and channel your inner Flahute; forgo the weather report...

    • Color: Yellow Fluo
    • Brand: Castelli
    • ASIN: B076B23NR5