• Magneto Longboards - Carbon Fiber Downhill Cruiser W Concave Deck

    One of the most technologically advanced boards on the market. The deck is a hybrid of Bamboo, Fiberglass and Carbon Fiber which makes this board incredibly light, stiff and perfect for going fast! The board features a W-Concavity for maximum foot grip while bombing hills. Construction The Carbon Fiber Downhill board sets itself apart with the high quality materials used in the composite layup. The deck is made with a 3K carbon fiber weave, bamboo and fiberglass which results in an extremely efficient overall strength to weight ratio. The natural damping characteristics of the carbon fiber and fiberglass really help to reduce road noise and vibrations. So what does that of that really mean? It really boils down to 2 things. First, the Carbon Fiber Downhill Board is extremely stable at any speed allowing you to push the limits of your bravado. Second, the ride is super smooth and comfortable allowing you to ride all day without having to worry about your feet falling asleep from the road vibrations. W-Concavity The deck features a very unique W-Concavity with 2 "channels" running along the length of the deck. There is a subtle hump in between the channels which conforms to the arch in your foot. This allows you to really lock in your feet into the deck while booming hills. The W-C...

    • Color: Cutting Edge Carbon Fiber Longboard by Magneto
    • Brand: Magneto
    • ASIN: B01K7AG9DY

  • 121C Boards Rover Carbon Fiber Skate Small Cruiser Board (Pure Carbon - Hawgs Wheels)

    The Rover is a pure carbon fiber longboard deck made with material upcylced from the production of modern day rockets. All components are top quality made in USA and provide and unmatchable ride. We could throw on whatever cheap offshore trucks, but we never will because the quality components we use provide an unmatched and stable ride.

    • Color: Pure Carbon Hawgs Wheels
    • Brand: 121C Boards
    • ASIN: B077KF4GLJ
    • UPC: 866727000293

  • Atom Electric H16D Carbon Longboard Skateboard - 158Wh Lithium Battery - 1400W Dual Hub Motors

    The Atom Electric H16D Carbon Longboard rides as good as it looks, and it looks awesome! With all electrical components protected within a lightweight carbon fiber deck and powerful dual hub motors hiding inside its wheels it might appear at first glance to be powered by magic, but in reality the H16D is powered by quality components, years of creative engineering, FOC sine-wave software (smooth and quiet), regenerative braking, and of course a 158Wh high quality Samsung lithium-ion battery. With four distinct riding modes, including an eco and a boost mode, you can adjust power vs. range to suit yourself. About the only thing you can't do on this carbon beauty is look bad while you're riding it.

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Atom Longboards
    • ASIN: B0773ZBD16

  • Yocaher Professional Speed Drop Down Stained Complete Longboard, Black

    What you're looking at is a Punked Stained Drop Down Complete Longboard. This longboard is unique in that the deck is lower at the center than where the trucks are mounted. This lowers your center of gravity giving you more stability at greater speeds making it great for speed-boarding.

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Yocaher
    • ASIN: B00KOP08IU
    • UPC: 817553006867

  • 121C Boards Rover Carbon Fiber Skate Small Cruiser Board - Standard Weave Deck Only (Pure Carbon)

    The Rover is a pure carbon fiber longboard deck made with material upcylced from the production of modern day rockets.

    • Color: Pure Carbon
    • Brand: 121C Boards
    • ASIN: B01M9IRHR2
    • UPC: 866727000248

  • 121C Boards Aileron Carbon Fiber Skate Cruiser Board - Standard Flex Deck Only (Space Inspired)

    The Aileron is a pure carbon fiber longboard deck made with material upcylced from the production of modern day rockets.

    • Color: Space Inspired
    • Brand: 121C Boards
    • ASIN: B01D6YL5MS
    • UPC: 866727000224

  • GLOBE HG Geminon Drop-Down Longboard, Blue Diamond/White, 41-Inch

    The Geminon Series incorporates the beauty of symmetry into a serious vehicle of reckoning. These roadsters ride low to the ground for greater stability and have a symmetrical shape (so no front or back) ideal for free-riding. They all coming fully color dipped and striped deck and are versatile enough to cruise down hills or along the boardwalk.

    • Color: Blue Diamond/White
    • Brand: GLOBE HG
    • ASIN: B00IBF5XQM
    • UPC: 608145265751

  • Magneto Revolution Electric Skateboard - Premium, High Performance Electric Skateboard - 20MPH | 12 Mile Range | 15% Grades - Assembled in the USA - Carbon Fiber & Maple Deck - Wireless Remote

    The first high quality, no frills electric skateboard ever. The Revolution Electric Skateboard was designed for 1 reason, performance. Every piece of the design was highly scrutinized. If it didn't make the board better, it didn't make the cut. You won't find useless cost adding features here. Powerful performance and slick styling in an affordable package!

    • Brand: Magneto
    • ASIN: B077DWHV8F
    • UPC: 866346000469

  • MightySkins Skin For Inboard M1 Electric Skateboard - Carbon Fiber | Protective, Durable, and Unique Vinyl Decal wrap cover | Easy To Apply, Remove, and Change Styles | Made in the USA

    Do You Want Your Inboard M1 Electric Skateboard To Look Different Than The Rest? You're in the right place because we've got exactly what you're looking for! This Carbon Fiber skin is the perfect way to show off your Skateboard! Or with hundreds of other MightySkins designs, you can be sure to find one that you'll love, and that will show off your unique style! Do You Want To Protect Your Inboard M1 Electric Skateboard ? With MightySkins your Skateboard is protected from scratches, dings, dust, fingertips, and the wear-and-tear of everyday use! Cover your Skateboard with a beautiful, stylish decal skin and keep it protected at the same time! Easy to apply, and easy to remove without any sticky residue! Make your favorite gear look like new, and stand out from the crowd! Order With Confidence - Satisfaction Guaranteed! MightySkins are durable, reliable, made in our state-of-the-art production facility in the U.S.A., and backed by our satisfaction guarantee!Product Details: Vinyl decal sticker NOT A HARD CASE Matte Finish Ultra-Thin, Ultra-Durable, Stain Resistant Hundreds of different designs Inboard M1 Electric Skateboard is not included.

    • Color: Carbon Fiber
    • Brand: MightySkins
    • ASIN: B07CHS7JQ5