• Midwest Homebrewing and Winemaking Supplies French Cabernet Sauvignon (World Vineyard)

    French Cabernet Sauvignon (World Vineyard). French Cabernet Sauvignon (World Vineyard), Country of origin - Canada, Manufacturer name - Midwest Home brewing and Winemaking Supplies.

    • Color: Silver
    • Brand: Midwest Homebrewing and Winemaking Supplies
    • ASIN: B074Q5Z6W5

  • Ixsir Altitude Ixsir Altitude Red Blend 2013, 750 Ml Cabernet Sauvignon, 750 Ml

    Ixsir Altitude Red Blend 2013 is a Lebanese red blend wine. With a soft and complex character. Its final silky taste makes it a pleasant and accessible wine, to share in a relaxed environment

    • Brand: Ixsir Altitude

  • Cabernet Sauvignon Vinegar - 8.8 Oz

    The name "Vinegar" is reserved for the product obtained exclusively by the biological process of the double fermentation; alcoholic and acetic, from foodstuffs and drinks of agricultural origin or of their aqueous dilutions. Delouis is known as one of the best French brands in producing vinegars and was founded in 1885 by Georges Delouis. The grapes used for their wine vinegars grows in the same regions as wine grapes in France which are famous for making the best quality of French Wine. Delouis complies with the strictes quality and environmental requirements. They are accredited grade A from BRC Global Standard and higher level of IFS (International Food Standard).

    • Brand: Delouis
    • ASIN: B0787CFVC9
    • UPC: 062505190136

  • Cabernet Sauvignon Wine Making Kit

    Grand Cru brings together the advantages of varietal grape juice with the convenience and value of a 10-litre, 4-week wine kit. From the first swirl to the final sip, you will truly appreciate the enhanced bouquet and aromas that Grand Cru wine kits offer. Whether you seek full-bodied and hearty or light and refreshing wines, you'll surely discover a style to suit your individual taste. All of our Grand Cru wine kits are made with exactly the right amount of the best varietal grape juices and grape concentrates gathered from around the globe. In just 28 days, you will have a wonderful, ready to enjoy wine of character and distinction that will gain in stature with further aging. We are proud of these wine kits, and are convinced you'll savour the marvellous wines you will create with them. Grand Cru sets the global standard for 10-litre wine kits through the blending of top quality varietal grape juice and grape concentrate. Like our other award winning wine kits, it comes complete with easy-to-follow instructions, all the additives including premium European and American Oak to deliver a wine of finesse and balance in just 4 short weeks. Sauvignon Blanc A clean, refreshing wine offering a light, fruity aroma with green, herbal flavours and a touch of mint. A unique F...

    • Brand: Learn To Brew LLC
    • ASIN: B000ZPMWHY

  • World Vineyard French Cabernet Sauvignon

    All of the classic associations with this well-known grape variety used in France's famous and brilliant red wine blends are here in this Cabernet from France. It exhibits rich intense aromas, deep berry fruits, healthy tannins, and a smooth lingering finish. With the proper tannin astringency and premium French oak evident throughout, this is an elegant wine that offers body and complexity when aged. Sweetness: Dry Body: Medium Oak Intensity: Medium The 10 liters of varietal juice makes 6 gallons, providing approximately 30 bottles of wine. About the World Vinyard Series: The Vintners Reserve World Vineyard Series gives winemakers the opportunity to make wines from around the world. The kits contain 100% varietal juice and concentrate from some of the finest international wine growing regions.

    • Brand: Wine Expert
    • ASIN: B00DJTVJ8G
    • UPC: 629181003138

  • Red Star Premier Cuvee

    Red Star Premier Cuvee (Davis #796) a strain of Saccharomyces bayanus, of French origin, is a special isolate of Lesaffre. This yeast has good tolerance to ethanol and free sulfur dioxide, and ferments to dryness. Premier Cuvee is noted as a very low producer of foam, urea, and fusel oils. It is recommended for reds, whites, and especially sparkling wines. This yeast is reported to perform well restarting stuck fermentations. Winemakers have remarked that Premier Cuvee is the fastest, cleanest, and most neutral fermenter offered by Lesaffre. Ferments best between 7degree 35degreeC (45degree 95degreeF) although best around 68degreeF. Red Star Active Dry Wine yeast is grown on cane and beet molasses under highly aerobic conditions, which assures better survival of live cells toward the end of the fermentation than yeasts grown in must under anaerobic conditions. All of Red Star wine yeast strains have been adapted to perform well in the presence of normal levels of SO2. Red Star yeast is dried under carefully controlled conditions in an airlift drier to assure a high live cell count and to permit ease of rehydration. Shelf life of unopened vacuum pack at room temperature (20degreeC, 68degreeF) is up to 2 years. If kept refrigerated (4degreeC, 45degreeF), shelf life will exceed 2 ye...

    • Color: Red
    • Brand: Northern Brewer
    • ASIN: B0064OBJGK
    • UPC: 899246001298

  • O-Med Cabernet Sauvignon Vinegar - 2 LTR

    Tasting Notes: Intense deep purple colour, smooth acidity and well rounded fruity flavor with noticeable hints of fine oak

    • Brand: O-Med
    • ASIN: B00N9KH84O

  • Marques de Valdueza Red Wine Vinegar - 8.45 fl oz

    In 2007, the Marques de Valdueza Estate set aside 3000 liters of their own wine (made from a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Syrah) to begin the production of this new exceptional vinegar. The traditional Orleans method is utilized in the fermentation. The process begins in stainless steel tanks and is monitored until the alcohol content reaches 2%. The developing liquid is then transferred to four year old French oak barrels, for a minimum aging of 20 months. 2012 marks the first year of this vinegars release, and it is a complement to the Marques de Valdueza renowned wines and extra virgin olive oil. 

    • Brand: Marques de Valdueza
    • ASIN: B00AYTTC9W

  • Goose Liver Mousse with Sauternes | Mousse Royale au Sauternes by Les Trois Petits Cochons - 8 oz (Pack of 6)

    Les Trois Petits Cochons, or Three Little Pigs is a small, New York based charcuterie├┐that took a lesson from its name sake and instead of building its house of hay or stick, instead opted to build its house and reputation on the classic styles and flavors of French cuisine. Their attention to detail and tradition has paid off as they have been in business since 1975, only expanding and becoming more popular over that time.

    • Brand: Trois Petits Cochons
    • ASIN: B007QSMWBY