• Fuller Brush Electrostatic Carpet & Floor Sweeper - 9" Cleaning Path - Red

    Why drag out that heavy, bulky vacuum cleaner or fumble with your dustpan and broom to clean up a little mess? Keep it in the cleaning closet until you really need it! The Fuller Brush Electrostatic Carpet & Hard Floor Sweeper is the simplest method to take care of all your small cleanups and touch-ups on the carpeted and hard floor surfaces of your home. Lightweight and quiet, the cordless carpet sweeper creates an electrostatic charge as it gathers up all sorts of messes. The natural bristle rotor brush can pick up pet hair, crumbs, dust, paper clips, glass, and more. An extra vinyl blade rotor is ideal for cleaning up messy food, making this ideal for any home or restaurant! Make your clean ups quick and easy with this awesome Fuller Brush quality Electrostatic Carpet & Hard Floor Sweeper! Fuller Brush, is focused on providing modern remedies for today's cleaning needs. With over 100 years of cleaning experience, we have the know-how and expertise to provide you with cleaning supplies to make home cleaning much faster, better and easier. Whether you're looking for cleaning tips or the specific cleaning products to do the job, chances are you'll find them here.

    • Color: Red
    • Brand: Fuller Brush
    • ASIN: B00M9Z2URU
    • UPC: 008370117052

  • Bissell Natural Sweep Carpet and Floor Sweeper with Dual Brush Rotating System and 4 Corner Edge Brushes, 92N0A

    A cleaning classic, the BISSELL Natural Sweep Dual Brush Sweeper's simple, yet effective, cleaning method dates back over 140 years to Melville and Anna Bissell's introduction of one of the first carpet sweepers. Now perfected for today's cleaning needs, the BISSELL Natural Sweep is great for quick, quiet cleanups on carpets, area rugs, and hard floors in between regular vacuuming. Its Dual Rotating Brushes work on both forward and return passes to pick up large debris such as cereal, beads, and crumbs plus fine particles such as dirt, dust, and pet hair. In addition, the Natural Sweep has small brushes placed in the 4 corners of its foot to capture dirt and debris along edges and in corners. Its compact, durable, yet lightweight, design is environmentally preferred, containing no PVC, and contains parts made of 100% recycled plastic. It also requires no electricity to operate and no wasteful disposable products. BISSELL Natural Sweep comes with a lifetime warranty.

    • Color: Silver
    • Brand: Bissell
    • ASIN: B001GL1NXU
    • UPC: 011120008104

  • Push Broom Extra Long Handle Rubber Bristles Sweeper Squeegee Edge 55.1 inches Scratch Free Bristle Broom for Pet Cat Dog Hair Carpet Hardwood Tile Windows Clean Water Resistant (Grey)

    One Broom that can clean your entire house effortlessly! Floors Sweeping & Scrubbing, Carpets Cleaning, Water Wiping and even Car Washing. This durable NO ash and hair sticking rubber bristle broom is the best cleaning tool for you to do all the daily cleaning. 【Performances between LandHope Rubber Broom and other brooms】 Normal Besom: Little and lightweight dust like powder, ash and pet hair are hard to be collected. They flying everywhere while sweeping them. LandHope Rubber Broom: Easily collect all the tiny dust on the floor that you even never noticed. Nothing will fly in the air while sweeping. Normal Push Broom: Bristle brush may branch off and be stuck with hairs after several times of use. Hard bristle might produce scratch on hardwood floors and windows during cleaning. LandHope Rubber Broom: Hair will never stick to the rubber bristle and dust can be easily washed off by water. The premium rubber will stay in shape like new even after long times of use. Soft bristle protect the surface of floors, carpets and windows while scrubbing. Vacuum: Heavy and need electric to use. LandHope Rubber Broom: Pick up dust and hair from carpet as great as a vacuum. When picking up long hair from carpet it performance even better than vacuum. No electric or wire needed, clean c...

    • Color: Grey
    • Brand: LandHope
    • ASIN: B0758C3H78
    • UPC: 698775055754

  • Bissell Sweep Up 2101-3 Cordless Sweeper

    The bissell sweep up cordless carpet sweeper picks up lint crumbs and dirt on the forward and return motion. Its a multi-functional sweeper with edge cleaning and can be used on all floor surfaces. No cord no broom no dust pan to deal with! Product warranty: 365 day on parts Bissell Carpet Sweeper Manual Warranty Card Product Features: Quick and easy clean-up on all floor types 7 brush system No cord to plug in Edge cleaning Handle lies flat for cleaning underneath furniture Easy to use- just sweep and empty!

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Bissell
    • ASIN: B00AAHXUO6
    • UPC: 011120008197

  • BPG Spin Broom/Sweeper, As Seen on TV.Lightweight Cordless Spinning Broom for Sweeping Hard Surfaces Like Wood, Tiles and Concrete. 3-In-1 Non-Electricity Lazy Push Dust Collector. (Green/Red)

    HOW IT WORKS: Manually push sweeper FORWARD to collect dirt and debris. No bags, filters, batteries or electrical cords required. - Three rotating brushes loosen, lift and channel dirt into the dustpan, even along edges such as baseboards, walls, furniture or toe kicks. - Easily empty the dustpan by lifting back door and dumping into the trash can. WHAT IT WORKS ON: Works on all hard floor surfaces: Wood, Tile, Marble, Linoleum, and Vinyl - Works on all dirt and debris (wet, dry, big or small): Kitty Litter, Pet Hair, Food, Crumbs, Dirt and MORE!

    • Color: Green / Red Random
    • Brand: BPG
    • ASIN: B07F1X7KDS
    • UPC: 652267601201

  • Bissell 2101B Sweep-Up Sweeper

    Bissell 2101B Sweep up- a cordless Sweeper from Bissell who has been making quality Sweepers since 1876

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Bissell
    • ASIN: B0001WW1P4

  • Swiffer Sweeper 3 in 1 Mop and Broom Floor Cleaner 1 Sweeper, 6 Dry Sweeping Cloths, 4 Wet Mopping Cloths, and 1 Swiffer Duster by Swiffer Sweeper

    Thick dry cloths conform to the surface of your floors and grout lines to trap and lock dirt Starter kit includes 1 Sweeper, 9 dry sweeping cloths, 3 wet mopping cloths, and 1 Swiffer Duster Leaves Floors Up to 3x Cleaner Dust-Lock Adhesive Sweeping Mopping Dusting

    • Brand: Swiffer
    • ASIN: B01AO5YX4E
    • UPC: 037000945024

  • Bissell 28806 Perfect Sweep Turbo, Grey

    Troubleshooting steps for a “No Charge” Issue. * Ensure that the unit is being plugged into an outlet with power * Ensure that the unit is not plugged into a bad (worn) outlet, where the charger no longer makes good contact * When charging, make sure the units power switch is the “off” position * Check that the consumer is using the correct charger. The consumer can check the Product Reading Label (PRL) to identify correct model of charger. * If the unit has been in storage for more than a year, it may take longer to charge.

    • Color: Black/Gray
    • Brand: Bissell
    • ASIN: B00K316IB6
    • UPC: 011120223712

  • BISSELL Swift Sweep Sweeper, 2201B

    • Color: Red
    • Brand: Bissell
    • ASIN: B0001WW2G2
    • UPC: 885275386857