• Royal Marriage Secrets: Consorts & Concubines, Bigamists & Bastards

    From royal babies to royal marriages, not all are what they seem—this book exposes the hidden skeletons of England's most famous rulersWere the "Princes in the Tower" illegitimate? Did Henry Viii really have six wives? How virginal was "the Virgin Queen?" Was James, Duke of Monmouth, the heir to the throne, or just one of Charles Ii's bastards? Did George Iv marry a German princess or a Catholic widow? Was Queen Victoria "Mrs. Brown?" These questions are explored in the context of two broader stories: love and marriage in the English royal family, and the evolution of marriage practice in England. How were royal consorts chosen? Did royal brides use witchcraft? Where did people get married in the past? The answers to such questions provide the fascinating context within which the six disputed royal marriages must be understood.

    • Brand: Brand: The History Press
    • ASIN: 0752487264

  • England Royal Coat of Arms Embroidered Emblem British Lion Shield Iron On Sew On Patch

    EmbTao PatchEmbroidery is a kind of art. Tao is the art of balance between design, technology, quality and details. EmbTao is the top embroidered patch. EmbTao patch can be iron on or sew on to any garment. The backing has heat seal glue. It is very easy to iron on the garment. The glue is safe and non-toxic. Meanwhile, it has good wash performance. The ironed-on patches will not come off. Only 15 seconds, you can have your special DIY grament with EmbTao patch. Package: 1 pcs embroidered patch packed in moisture proof bag.

    • Brand: EmbTao
    • ASIN: B076D9768H
    • UPC: 712396045373

  • Colour Your Own Medieval Alphabet

    Before the invention of the printing press, books were written out by hand, and were priceless objects. The most precious books were illuminated with gold or with bright colors. Initial letters were often highlighted either as decoration or to mark an important passage. This new coloring book is packed with a series of intricate letters carefully selected from the extensive collection of the British Library. Each original letter is reproduced in color, so you can decide whether to choose your own colors, or to use the colors that the artist intended. With key facts about each of the letters and their source, this is the perfect book for history buffs and coloring fanatics alike.

    • Brand: imusti
    • ASIN: 1911216007

  • The Royal Family: A Year By Year Chronicle of the House of Windsor

    Follow the lives of Britain's royal family with this full-color book packed with images and history. With a special focus on recent history (including the famous wedding of William and Kate), this book is the perfect history for anyone interested in the rich background and key events of one of the most storied families in the world.

    • ASIN: 1445470799

  • Science and Art: The Painted Surface

    Science and art are increasingly interconnected in the activities of the study and conservation of works of art. Science plays a key role in cultural heritage, from developing new analytical techniques for studying the art, to investigating new ways of preserving the materials for the future. For example, high resolution multispectral examination of paintings allows art historians to view underdrawings barely visible before, while the use of non-invasive and micro-sampling analytical techniques allow scientists to identify pigments and binders that help art conservators in their work. It also allows curators to understand more about how the artwork was originally painted.Through a series of case studies written by scientists together with art historians, archaeologists and conservators, Science and Art: The Painted Surface demonstrates how the cooperation between science and humanities can lead to an increased understanding of the history of art and to better techniques in conservation. The examples used in the book cover paintings from ancient history, Renaissance, modern, and contemporary art, belonging to the artistic expressions of world regions from the Far East to America and Europe. Topics covered include the study of polychrome surfaces from pre-Columbian and medieval man...

    • ASIN: 1849738181

  • A Sniper's Conflict: An Elite Sharpshooter’s Thrilling Account of Hunting Insurgents in Afghanistan and Iraq

    "I could make out the head and shoulders of the insurgent as he was firing in the prone position. I aimed for the centre area . . . removed the safety catch and held that point of aim. Then I slowly and deliberately operated my trigger squeezing it gently to the rear. The round impacted into the target just below the shoulder. The target seemed to slide down disappearing out of sight, the rifle muzzle remained pointing uppermost in the air."The author sets the scene with action on a 2004 tour in Iraq where hard lessons were learnt. Next stop Helmand District, Afghanistan, after rigorous training. By now he had been a Sniper Instructor for eight years and his depth of knowledge makes this almost a sniper’s manual. This, combined with his descriptions of the sniper engagements experienced during his Battalion’s action packed tour, make this a thrilling and instructive read. He describes not just the operational background moves and tactics but his emotions—taking life even from distances of a kilometer is traumatic. Intense though the action was, there were long periods of watching and waiting—called Enduring Patience). Snipers work in pairs so relationship and trust are all important. Snipers are elite soldiers and clearly the author is among the best of the best.A Sniper's ...

    • ASIN: 1629146838

  • Black Water: By Strength and By Guile (My Secret Life in the Special Boat Section)

    Don Camsell joined the men in black of the SBS in 1974. From the deserts of Oman to the hills of Port Stanley, from the bottom of Gibraltar harbour to the deep, cold, black waters of Loch Long and from the QE2 to the back alleys of Belfast, his new role demanded that Don fought in just about every theatre of war - overt or covert.

    • ASIN: B0080K3RTS

  • England Royal Coat Arms Patch British Lion Shield Embroidered Iron-On

    This brand new embroidered patch depicts the Royal Coat of Arms of England. Heat-seal backing allows buyer to iron this patch onto virtually any fabric.

    • Color: Black, Red
    • Brand: Cypress Collectibles Embroidered Patches
    • ASIN: B00KAMX1LS
    • UPC: 813606016661

  • Warlord: An Alex Hawke Novel (Alexander Hawke Book 6)

    “Hawke is…strong, shrewd and savvy, with an aplomb not seen since James Bond tore up the pages of Ian Fleming’s novels….Warlord stands tall....A first rate thriller.”—National Public RadioThriller fiction of the highest order, Warlord by Ted Bell returns British-American MI6 counterterrorism operative Alex Hawke to the field, as he races to stop a plot to murder Great Britian’s royal family. This latest spellbinding installment in the New York Times bestselling series is filled with twists and turns, shocks and surprises, ever-escalating peril and ingenious spycraft. Warlord “puts a capital A in adventure” (Madison County Herald) and offers further proof why Ted Bell deserves his position on the A-list along with Clive Cussler, Robert Ludlum, Brad Thor, Vince Flynn, and Daniel Silva.

    • ASIN: B003V1WVHK