• Vermont Lanterns Brass "Equinox" Hurricane Oil Lamp - 19" (Antique with Shade)

    Vermont Lanterns Equinox Series Hurricane Table Lamps in solid brass. Choose from Brass or Antique finish, with 9" matching brass shade. Hand made solid brass, crafted after classic oil burning lamps. Equinox series Hurricane lamp measuring 19" to top of the globe, the large 7/8" wick is bright. Pedestal design Oil Lamp, perfectly suited for dining rooms, living rooms, kitchens, mantles and bedrooms since it has the power to light a large area. A charming Hurricane Lamp with old world appeal. Weighing almost 3 pounds of solid brass and standing at a tall 19" and high quality clear glass chimney. Matching Brass shade is 9" in diameter. This lantern will be the focal point of any table at home, a wedding, or restaurant. Great for decor, ambiance and emergency lighting. Burns standard Lamp Oil or Kerosene. Comes with a wick installed and glass chimney.

    • Color: Antique With Shade
    • Brand: Vermont Lanterns
    • ASIN: B00LH66PZK
    • UPC: 095225745379

  • Nautical Lamps - Brass Masthead Lantern - 10.5" - Oil Lantern

    Handcrafted Nautical Lamp Our Nautical Lamps are Handcrafted functioning reproductions made of solid brass, which does not rust or corrode. Due to their enclosed design, these lamps provide fantastic emergency storm lighting, and do everything the hurricane oil lamps do and more. Ship's Masthead Nautical Lamps stand 10.5" tall without the handle and are 6.5" wide. Each has a thick clear glass lens which shows an illuminated arc of 225 degrees. The Masthead Lamp contains an interior silvered brass reflector and a flat wick type burner to direct the light forward. You can also choose to wall mount your lantern. The back is fitted with one thick cast brass mounting bracket which is riveted to the body of the lamp for extra support. The oil burning tank and wick are serviced from the bottom of the lanterns and can be converted into an electric fixture with great ease for use in a Nautical theme room, or perhaps even a dock, restaurant, or tavern. Ideal gifts for people who love Nautical Memorabilia. Comes with a wick installed, burns standard Lamp Oil or Kerosene.

    • Color: Brass
    • Brand: Vermont Lanterns
    • ASIN: B008VWB4BI
    • UPC: 858813003912

  • Vermont Lanterns Brass Chiefs Oil Lamp - Nautical Lantern (15", Antique Brass)

    Vermont Lanterns Chief Series Oil Lamps. Classic Carriage style lantern available in two sizes and finishes. The Chief series can be used on a table or hung from its carry handle to create a unique wall lamp. This Ship Lantern is a beautiful working handcrafted reproduction in heavy brass hardware of an old Chief Lanterns. It was originally designed in the 19th century for the Chief mate to find his way throughout the dark deck of the sailing ship during evening hour topside inspections. It still can be used out on the open sea, but also they are fantastic for emergency and ambient lighting. And when not in use, they are great decor accents, and conversation peices. Great for your Home, Patio, Boat, Bar, or Office! Ideal gifts for the Chief in your life who loves nautical memorabilia. This Chiefs series lantern stands 15" tall (19" tall with the handle) and is 7" wide. The oil burning tank and wick unit are serviced from the hinged door on the front, and wicks are replaceable. Solid Brass Construction, Comes with a wick installed, burns standard Lamp Oil or Kerosene.

    • Color: Antique Brass
    • Brand: Vermont Lanterns
    • ASIN: B006MHQZJU
    • UPC: 858813003264

  • Hurricane Oil Lamps - Brass Mini XL Wall Lamp 7" - Lantern Sconce

    Small Wall Mounted Oil Lamp Mini hanging lamp is an elegant yet practical addition to your dining room, den or bedroom. Using the same base as the classic mini lantern, the 7" model has a 1/2" flat wick for more light output. The bracket easily hangs anywhere and the solid brass is a classic touch. This makes the wall oil lamp ideal for ambient lighting, very useful in restaurants, taverns, and around the house. Our lantern sconce can be taken out of its bracket to be used as a table lamp as well. Hanging on the wall makes them easy to find when you lose power! Solid brass lamp and hanger. Burns standard Lamp Oil or Kerosene. Comes with a wick installed.

    • Color: Brass
    • Brand: Vermont Lanterns
    • ASIN: B00I1OTIDW
    • UPC: 095225746147

  • Dietz Hurricane Lamps - Brass No. 76 Kerosene Lantern - 10" with Care Pack

    Dietz Original #76 Cold Blast Kerosene Lantern *Rare find in solid brass, limited stock available* The Dietz Brass Hurricane Lantern is a classic choice for non-electric lighting. The Cold Blast design creates a brighter flame than a traditonal oil lamp of equal wick size. Perfect for ambient and emergency lighting. Use them indoors or out on the deck. Great for camping and outdoor adventures. The solid brass Hurricane Kerosene Lantern, named most appropriately for its resistance to high wind, is ready for any emergency. Safe and economical to opperate, and the solid brass will not rust or corode for long term durability. The Dietz Original Lantern stands at 10" in height, holds up to 8oz of Lamp Oil or Kerosene, and has a long burn time of up to 12 hours. Features a rising cone burner for easy lighting. Comes with a wick installed. Use Lamp Oil for indoor use.

    • Color: Brass
    • Brand: Vermont Lanterns
    • ASIN: B007K172RQ
    • UPC: 858813003738

  • Godinger BRASS HURRICANE LAMP Style 8505 GLOBE


    • Brand: Godinger
    • ASIN: B002C7KTFK
    • UPC: 028199085059

  • Electric Oil Lamps -Antique Brass Cargo Lamp 15" - Patio Lantern

    Electric Antique Lantern Before there was electricity, sailors used brass cargo oil lanterns to check their cargo that they were hauling. On the old tall ships or clippers, even early steamers, they would attach the cargo lanterns to ropes which were attached to the sides of the cargo holds. This would allow them to run the cargo lanterns up and down the ropes. The sailors would then hoist these oil lanterns up and down the vessel's hold to check on the state of their cargo at sea. These oil lamps were built specifically for the inner space of the ship. The nautical lamps burned standard lamp oil to create a light bright enough to be able to navigate the holds of the ship. Sometimes referred to as hurricane lanterns, they had to be strong enough to withstand the violent conditions out at sea, while providing the most amount of light created from its flame. Like all the old ships anchor lanterns, port and starboard lanterns, cargo lanterns were made of solid brass. Our electric ships lamp reproductions are made in solid heavy brass and look, feel and work like their mates of old. This Cargo Lamp stands 15" tall without the handle and is 6"-9" wide. The standard 60w electric socket is serviced by unhinging the front of the lantern and flipping it backwards. Popular for its ease of ...

    • Color: Bronze
    • Brand: Vermont Lanterns
    • ASIN: B00C5TNC1I
    • UPC: 095225745447

  • Vermont Lanterns Brass Mini XL 7" - Small Oil Lamp (Antique with Amber Glass)

    Mini Oil Lamp by Vermont Lanterns. Now available in 4 finishes, all solid brass. Choose from Polished Brass, Antique, Nickel Chrome and brushed Pewter. Wonderful and unique table accent lighting. Our mini XL Oil lanterns work anywhere. Using the same base as the other mini oil lamps, the XL series uses a 1/2" wick for more light output. Great for ambient and emergency lighting. Small in size, the brass Mini XL can fit almost anywhere, and the classic style of this lantern can brighten up any room. Solid brass construction, comes with a wick installed, and glass chimney. 7" tall with the glass, 3" in diameter at the base. Burns standard Lamp Oil or Kerosene.

    • Color: Antique With Amber Glass
    • Brand: Vermont Lanterns
    • ASIN: B00MI5BJ5A
    • UPC: 755702022637

  • Shop4Omni S4O Hanging Hurricane Lantern/Elegant Wedding Light/Table Centerpiece Lamp - 12 Inches (2, Antique Brass)

    No need for electricity or batteries - simply fill with standard Kerosene Oil and have a lantern that will provide light during an emergency. These are great for camping, emergencies and decorative pieces (a favorite for outside parties and weddings).

    • Color: Antique Brass
    • Brand: Shop4Omni
    • ASIN: B076GH5LC3
    • UPC: 724696416319