• MagStrength 50 Piece Round Ceramic Disc Magnets for Bottle Cap Magnets, Arts and Crafts and Science Projects

    Specifications: Diameter: 18 mm or approx. 0.709" thickness: 3 mm or approx. 0.118" magnet type: Ferrite/ceramic strength: Medium strength y30, grade 5, these are not neodym magnets. Qty: 50. Extras: Beveled edges to prevent scratching, dimple to indicate polarity direction. Explore your artistic potential: Build personalized bottle cap magnets, fridge magnets, locker magnets, whiteboard magnets, classroom magnets, decorative storage/jewelry boxes, bags/purses and all kinds of arts and crafts. Organize your tools, make-up, jewelry, kitchen, office, school, classroom. There's so many ways to use magnets. Best value: Compared to expensive rare earth or neodymium magnets, these medium strength ferrite magnets offer much better value for all your magnetic project needs. Vary your magnetic power by simply adding or removing magnets. Smooth even surface and beveled edges prevents scratches. Corrosion and rust resistant. Affixes well to all types of glue.

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: MagStrength
    • ASIN: B018QGZ6Z8
    • UPC: 713807389062

  • Tozz Pro  2.36 Inch Round Magnetic Bottle Cap Catcher Come with One Screw

    Powerful mini bottle cap catcher. Has a small profile for that tight mounting area. Can hold up to 35 caps.

    • Brand: Tozz Pro
    • ASIN: B010G8UUGO
    • UPC: 703430169292

  • Tozz Pro Round Magnetic Bottle Cap Catcher ?Porter - 60 Caps?

    Powerful mini bottle cap catcher. Has a small profile for that tight mounting area. Can hold up to 60 caps.

    • Color: slvier
    • Brand: Tozz Pro
    • UPC: 703430169063

  • Round Magnetic Bottle Cap Catcher by Starr

    Powerful mini bottle cap catcher. Has a small profile for that tight mounting area. Can hold up to 20 caps. l

    • Color: Silver
    • Brand: STARR
    • ASIN: B0049OVSMM
    • UPC: 078362610953

  • Tozz Pro ® 1.96 Inch Round Magnetic Bottle Cap Catcher Come with One Screw (1.96 Inch Round Magnet)

    Powerful mini bottle cap catcher. Has a small profile for that tight mounting area. Can hold up to 30 caps.

    • Color: 1.96 inch Round Magnet
    • Brand: Tozz Pro
    • ASIN: B013ZA2900
    • UPC: 703430163184

  • Personalized Wall Mount Bottle Opener Magnet Cap Catcher - Custom Engraved Groomsmen Wall Mounted Magnetic Gift (Walnut, Cavalier)

    This beautiful custom wall mounted bottle open is perfect for any bar and house! The bottle opener comes in premium light or dark wood with powerful magnets to hold and catch the bottle caps. The bottle opener measures 8" x 3.25" x .5" making it great in any space! Comes with all the mounting screws or just put it on the fridge!!

    • Color: Brown, Beige
    • Brand: The Wedding Party Store
    • ASIN: B074833784
    • UPC: 096647730844

  • Master Magnetics 07581 Magnetic Bottle Opener and Cap Catcher,Brushed Stainless Steel,5" Wide, 10.5" Height(Box of 1)

    Your guests won’t have to search for a keychain bottle opener during the annual barbecue. With the Master Magnetics’ Stainless Steel Magnetic Bottle Opener and Cap Catcher they will have an easy place to open their bottles and hold their caps. This magnetic bottle opener can travel with you while camping and fishing, or can hang outside with the grill master. This powerful bottle opener and cap catcher has a 5” wide X 10.5” height steel body with four powerful ferrite magnets. These rubber covered magnets are strong enough to remain during use but offer an easy to move, scratchproof mounting to refrigerators, RVs, tailgates, toolboxes, and other magnetic surfaces. If you would prefer this bottle opener to remain stationary, use the two, 0.20-inch diameter pre-drilled holes to mount it to the wall of your man cave or deck. The stainless steel opener provides easy leverage to quickly quench your thirst with your favorite soda or beer. The strong magnets will catch the metal cap as you open, even if you only have one free hand. The magnetic plate is strong enough to catch and hold up to 100 steel bottle caps. Pop open a glass bottle with this convenient opener, and it will hold the cap until you are ready to recycle the steel caps or reuse them in a craft. This bottle opener...

    • Color: Silver
    • Brand: Master Magnetics
    • ASIN: B00OBES33W
    • UPC: 095421075812

  • Bruntmor, CAPMAGS Strong Magnetic w/ Zinc Alloy Beer Opener & Cap Catcher - Epitong Wood Hand Painted

    The Bruntmor CapMags wall mounted magnetic bottle opener has become a top choice among homeowners bars, restaurants and beer enthusiasts nationwide. The CapMags Bottle Opener is hand crafted from Pure Rubberwood, with a high quality 100% Zinc Alloy opener, protected by a water resistant lacquer finish, and houses a mind-numbing super powerful magnet that holds a plenty amount of beer caps. Functionality meets superb design; all CapMags Magnetic Bottle Openers are ready to magnetically mount out-of-the-box and mounting screws are included in each package if you choose to secure the CapMags to the wall. Be ready for everyone to crowd around your CapMags at the next dinner party, tailgate, or barbecue.

    • Color: Epitong
    • Brand: Bruntmor
    • ASIN: B01N6BGGBH
    • UPC: 658700443070

  • CracknCatch Magnetic Bottle Opener for Refrigerator with Hoop and Magnet Cap Catcher - Stainless Steel

    The Crack n' Catch magnetic bottle opener comes equipped with a hoop cap catcher that prevents any pesky bottle caps from falling on the ground. No need to spend hours the next morning cleaning up bottle caps. The body is made of a heavy duty, smudge free stainless steel and has a powerful magnet covering the entire backside. Easily mount the Crack n' Catch to any refrigerator, toolbox, tailgate, etc.

    • Color: Red
    • Brand: CracknCatch
    • ASIN: B079FCY8TD
    • UPC: 640716278043